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2017 Brings New GPU Connectivity, Faster AI, and Cross-Platform HPC Software Tools
New NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU Solutions

The Tesla P100 GPUs are available in powerful new HPC platforms, including:

These systems bring stunning performance and capabilities not possible with previous generations of GPU-accelerated HPC clusters. If you'd like to validate and test these platforms before making a purchase, read below. Many are available in our free GPU Test Drive offering.
NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU Test Drive 
Wondering what all the hype is about? Take advantage of Microway's GPU Test Drive. We offer the latest NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs, Intel® Xeon® and IBM® POWER8 processors for you to try for FREE! Whether you're planning a GPU cluster upgrade or trying out GPUs for the first time, you can remotely test your code on our Test Drive cluster. If offers a suite of libraries and compilers to best fit your needs. Our specialists will advise you on achieving the best performance.

Our featured systems include: 
  • NumberSmasher® 1U with 4 NVIDIA Tesla P100 NVLink GPU Accelerators
  • NumberSmasher® 4U with 4 NVIDIA Tesla P100 PCIe GPU Accelerators
  • Microway's OpenPOWER® Server with dual POWER8 processors and 4 NVIDIA Tesla P100 NVLink GPU Accelerators
Deep Learning Benchmarks
New applications and frameworks are poised to transform how deep learning is performed on high performance computing platforms. One community effort, the DeepMarks deep learning benchmark suite, has provided developers with performance numbers on the Titan X "Maxwell" GPUs. However, production projects typically run on enterprise-class Tesla GPUs. In this blog post, we test Tesla GPUs to determine the performance of the DeepMarks benchmarks for several deep learning frameworks. The GPUs under review are the Tesla P100 16GB PCI-Express, Tesla K80 and Tesla M40 GPUs.  Speedup factors over CPU and absolute runtimes (msec/batch) are reported for TensorFlow, Torch, Caffe, and Theano using the AlexNet, Overfeat, GoogLeNet, and VGG network architectures.
PGI Community Edition 
In November, PGI released a free community edition of their Fortran, C, and C++ compilers and tools suite. This suite has broad feature support and is used on HPC systems worldwide. An important feature is OpenACC support, which allows developers without CUDA experience to boost code performance (via multi-threaded CPUs and/or GPU accelerators).

The PGI Compilers & Tools are supported on both x86 and OpenPOWER CPU architectures. This aids in the development of high-performance, portable applications.

For more information on OpenACC, click here.

To download PGI Community Edition, click here. Commercially-supported editions are also available.
Microway HPC Tech Tips Articles 
Learn how NVIDIA's NVLink interconnect compares to traditional PCI Express. Also discover which platforms take advantage of this new technology, the different connectivity configurations, and the performance implications of each. 
Learn how the NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU is disrupting technical computing. We provide an overview of the performance enhancements as well as device performance data for both the SXM2 and PCI Express form factors. 
How much does GPU performance really cost? Here is a clear price analysis of the three versions of the NVIDIA Tesla P100 and comparisons with previous Tesla generations. Making an informed decision allows you to increase productivity and lower your HPC costs.
Field Guide to NVIDIA GPUs
Microway's Field Guide to NVIDIA Tesla GPUs
Unsure which GPU would best suit your needs?
Our Field Guide to NVIDIA GPUs will help you make your decision.
Microway designs and builds fully-integrated clusters, servers, and workstations. For 35 years, we have produced high-performance compute systems for scientists, researchers and engineers. Leverage our experience - Microway's experts are happy to offer advice and share their technical knowledge.
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