February 2016 Newsletter
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Redefining Depth and Time Limits

Benthic landers are a reliable and cost-effective means of going to any depth for extended periods of time independent of surface support and surface conditions. The NanolanderTM is a small but fully functional transport vehicle. Nanolanders are good for technician training, equipment testing, and real science sampling or data collection. A number of sensor and sampler options are currently available to be carried by a Nanolander including the Sea-Bird MicroSeaCAT and General Oceanic water sampling Niskin Bottles. A number of release systems, including Edgetech’s acoustic BRT Board or Global Ocean Design’s dual countdown timers, are available to manage required duration on the seafloor. A Global Ocean Design Beacon Board provides a direct-to-ship range-and-bearing system useful in any weather you care to be out in, night or day, rain or fog.  

Earlier this month, Kevin hardy spoke to engineers, faculty and students at Scripps Institution of Oceanography's Applied Ocean Sciences Program about the new generation of Benthic Landers.

Benthic Landers may be used in numerous configurations, and larger Benthic Landers, using 13" or 17” spheres, are also available.

Use the Deck Purge Box and Leave the Nitrogen Behind
The objective of a vacuum purge system is to get the interior dry, not remove the oxygen. The much safer, smaller and simpler Global Ocean Design Deck Purge Box is replacing the old method of backfilling a housing with compressed dry nitrogen. A universal power supply adapts to any AC power. Use a 12vdc inverter to run the DPB off a car or boat battery. There’s even a fitting to provide +5psi to help move a sticky endcap. The DPB safely pulls a vacuum and dries the interior air of your housing, including those on the Nanolander. Use with our self-sealing purge ports for maximum operational control. Optional adapter fittings are also available for most Edgetech releases. TSA Approved for check-on.
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