August 2016 Newsletter Vol. 1, #5
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The Pressure Activated Switch triggers at a depth of 2-3 atm yet can survive over-pressure to 1,100-atm. The super-strong Ti-6-4 switch body is also corrosion proof. It comes in several versions: for glass spheres (G-120), end caps (G-121), or in-line (G-117).All switches have the initial option of “OFF” at surface, “ON” at depth; or “ON” at surface, “OFF” at depth.

The G-120 comes with a standard Titanium Grade 5 (Ti 6-4) body for use in glass spheres or the in-line version, but the G-121 can be made of other materials to match a specific endcap material to avoid galvanic corrosion. Each switch is individually serialized and tested to their design limit. The G-120 and G-121 are rated to 18,000psi. 
Read more about our newly patented Pressure Activated Switches here.

Watch the Nanolander Deploy an Entrained Anchor

The video, shot from below the Nanolander with a GoPro camera, shows the anchor deploying to its proper position below the unmanned vehicle. The optional Anchor Entrainment Pod is designed to hold the weight secure within the Nanolander frame until the vehicle is launched and on its way to the seafloor. This is helpful when the slide ramp can’t be used, and the deployment is easier without the anchor swinging around. See the action here!
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Please join us at Oceans 2016 MTS/IEEE Monterey

Monday, September 19, 9-4
 (T1) “Free Descent/Ascent Vehicle Applications, Technology and
Operations”, Kevin Hardy, Global Ocean Design, with Rob Morris, EdgeTech, Ronan Grey, SubAqua Imaging, and Brock Rosenthal, Ocean Innovations 

Town Hall:
Wednesday, September 21, 2016, 1:30-3:00PM
Marriott: Ferrante Bay Room

Topic: “Ocean Innovation and Unique Partnerships
The co-moderators, Zdenka Willis, US IOOS, and Kevin Hardy, Founder, Global Ocean Design and Co-Founder of the International SeaKeepers Society Discovery Yacht Program, will lead a Town Hall to engage the audience and extraordinary panelists in a discussion that will spotlight and examine recent transformational technologies and collaborative partnerships for ocean research, from free ship time to ocean-applied robotics in all its forms. Please join us to share your experiences and ideas.

Thursday, September 22, 10:30-12:00PM
Portola: Bonsai 3

Topic: “Enabling a New Era of Ocean Discovery and Research”, in Section 3.3 
Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors, Kevin Hardy and Julienne Beblo, Interim Director of Programs, The International SeaKeepers Society

Exhibit Hall:
Tuesday - Thursday, September 19-22
Ocean Innovations, booth 75, 76
Global Dynamix, booth 65

Please check conference program for dates and times. We hope to see you there!

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