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Pressure Activated Switches

As an underwater vehicle transits from the surface to the seafloor, then back again, it can be useful to have a simple switch to turn things on or off. This small pressure activated switch is built around a super strong, corrosion proof Ti 6-4 body and a high reliability mechanical switch rated for over 100,000 actuations. The switch works with either a sphere or a flat endcap, turning a circuit on or off between 2-3 atmospheres depth differential, then tolerating the high over-pressure of any ocean trench. We built them to turn on our recovery Beacon Board as a benthic lander approaches the surface, while other designers saw them as a safety switch for underwater lasers, arming circuits, or other functions. Learn more about our full line of pressure-activated switches, including PBOF models.

Self-sealing Vacuum Purge Ports
Pulling a vacuum on a housing is as easy as filling a bicycle tire when you use a Global Ocean Design self-sealing vacuum purge port. When the vacuum hose is removed an interior spring-loaded valve in the fitting closes, holding up to 10-psi interior vacuum. The technicians have all the time they need to clean, inspect and re-seal the pressure proof cap with a beefy 2-015 o-ring and 7/16-20 thread. Leaving a partial vacuum on the interior also pre-loads the housing o-rings prior to launch. We’ve thought of everything, including a half-dove tail groove in the pressure proof cap that holds the o-ring in place upside down.
Now in Print
Morris, Rob, EdgeTech, and Kevin Hardy, Global Ocean Design, “Unique Applications of Acoustic Releases”, Ocean News & Technology, April 2016.
Aguilera, Mario, “New Agreement Enlists Citizen Scientists in Support of Scripps Exploration at Sea”, Scripps News, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, February 4, 2016.

The story describes a new collaboration, initiated by Kevin Hardy and Patty Elkus, with the SeaKeepers International to provide donated ship time on yachting vessels for innovative science and technology development.
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