The OCULUS Myopia Master in action

In this edition powered by OCULUS, we explore the OCULUS Myopia Master with practical tips on measurement and communication. Check out our new Q&A format, where we discuss the OCULUS Myopia Master with optometrist Max Aricochi from Austria. We also present you with case studies on how to discuss axial length with parents, and using this invaluable metric in clinical management.
The OCULUS Myopia Master In Action – Q&A With Max Aricochi
Our new Q&A format is designed to explore a particular clinical topic, intervention, product or research paper with an expert. Here, we explore the OCULUS Myopia Master with practical questions of how optometrist Max Aricochi uses it in his clinic in Austria. We also provide you some additional tips to help you put Max's recommendations to use in your own practice.

Clinical Cases

Communicating With Parents About Axial Length
In this case, parents finally agreed to myopia management once they understood their child's axial length measurement. Read how to communicate with parents about axial length, to support your recommendations.
 Axial Length Growth At An Extraordinary Speed 
A child with myopia appears to have progressed 2.50D in a year. Axial length measurement provided invaluable data to validate this refractive shift - read more about the case and how the patient was managed.

Science to apply in practice

How We Can Identify Future Myopes
The axial length growth trajectories modelled in this study revealed that regardless of a child's age, a myopic shift of at least -0.85D and/or 0.74mm suggests future myopia development. Read more about specific risk factors for younger children, and other ocular component findings in this large study of white European children. 

Helpful Resources from OCULUS

 The Myopia Upgrade: New growth charts and eye analysis module
In this free Online Seminar with Prof Padmaja Sankaridurg and Stefan Schwarz, learn more about the latest OCULUS Myopia Master® upgrade of growth charts and ocular power component reports, from the perspective of a researcher and a practitioner.
 Best Practice: Operations with the OCULUS Myopia Master
Dr Sal Jivraj explains how the multiple functions of the OCULUS Myopia Master® provide a comprehensive approach to myopia management in his practice, from measurement to reporting, in this free PDF download. 

Myopia Profile Resources to help you in practice

Courses Our world first, FREE Myopia Management in Practice course will get you started on your learning journey. Check out our newest course Atropine for Myopia Management, plus our other courses Communicating the Myopia Message; Mastering Refraction for Kids; Binocular Vision Fundamentals; Orthokeratology Fundamentals and Contact Lenses for Kids.
NEW Informed Consent Form Template
This FREE downloadable MS Word template resource can be edited as you prefer, for your own printing. It is designed to provide you with comprehensive, evidence-based and parent-suitable information, to tailor to your needs.
Managing Myopia Guidelines Infographics Designed to support your clinical communication with parents and young patients, our hugely popular infographics are FREE to download and available in ten languages with various options based on your region and scope of practice. Our public awareness website supports your in-room communications with fast facts, a risk survey, a detailed blog and 18 How-To videos to explain myopia to parents. All are FREE for you to link and share to your own website and social media accounts.
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