Getting Started In Myopia Management

When getting started in myopia management, there are numerous considerations. In this content release powered by Essilor, we answer WHAT equipment you need to get started, based on the recommendations of the International Myopia Institute (IMI) Clinical Management Guidelines Report. Advice and suggestions are included for a variety of practice settings. Our case study then covers WHEN and HOW to get started managing very low myopes.

Further reading on integrating myopia management into practice and what's next for the IMI is provided with helpful links, below. The time to get started managing myopia is now.
Getting Started In Myopia Management: What Equipment Do I Need?
Here we take you through the recommendations of the International Myopia Institute Clinical Management Guidelines Report, with advice on testing and equipment required. There are also suggestions for how you can get started if you don't have access to all the equipment described, plus what is ideal and what is necessary for best practice.
Should We Start Myopia Control For An Asymptomatic Low Myope? 
This clinical case explores when and how to start myopia control for a low myope, especially if they have no symptoms. What patient factors should be considered, and what myopia control treatment options are most suitable?

Helpful Links From Essilor

Myopia Profile: Integrating myopia management into clinical practice. In this interview, Dr. Kate Gifford and Dr. Paul Gifford, Founders of Myopia Profile, share their success formula on integrating myopia management into clinical practice, tips on encouraging parents to take myopia more seriously and available resources for practitioners on myopia management.
High Myopia: the specificities of refraction and optical equipment. This article describes the visual discomfort and main visual disorders associated with high myopia, and the risks of visual impairment. It discusses refraction and equipment considerations, along with optimal selection of frames and ophthalmic lenses for high myopes.
International Myopia Institute and Essilor: Charting a way forward on myopia management. Dr. Monica Jong of the International Myopia Institute (IMI) and Dr. Gilles Le Saux of Essilor International highlight the urgent need for myopia to be recognized as a global public health issue, discuss IMI and Essilor’s shared vision to address myopia together and lend their perspectives on how the IMI white papers can advance myopia research, education and management in the years to come.

Myopia Updates

International Myopia Institute (IMI) White Papers II Released. The 2021 release of White Papers brings new topics to analysis: the public health impact of myopia, environmental risk factors, accommodation and binocular vision, pathologic myopia, prevention of myopia and its progression, and Yearly Digest updates on each of the original IMI papers published in 2019. 
Two year clinical trial data on Essilor StellestTM released at ARVO 2021. Children wearing Essilor Stellest™ lenses had 0.99D less myopia on average compared to single vision after two years of wear, when worn for at least 12 hours or more per day. Adaptation was excellent with 91% of children fully adapted within three days and 100% within a week.

Our Resources 

Courses Our world first, FREE Myopia Management in Practice course will get you started on your learning journey. Check out our newest courses on Binocular Vision Fundamentals, Orthokeratology Fundamentals and Contact Lenses for Kids.
Managing Myopia Guidelines Infographics Designed to support your clinical communication with parents and young patients, our hugely popular infographics are free to download and available in eight languages with various options based on your region and scope of practice. Our public awareness website supports your in-room communications with fast facts, a risk survey, a detailed blog and 18 How-To videos to explain myopia to parents. All are freely available for you to link and share to your own website and social media accounts.
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