Clinical strategies, communication and safety

As we learn more about childhood myopia management, and understand the imperative for putting it into practice, the next challenge is communication. In this content release powered by Johnson & Johnson Vision, we explore how you can approach myopia management suitable to the individual child and their family.

Our two case studies detail common clinical quandaries: how can we ensure parents accept our recommendations on full myopia correction, and how can we make orthokeratology as safe as possible? The latest science and helpful links round out this valuable volume. Click on any of the images or headings to learn more. 

Clinical Article

Considering The Individual In Myopia Management
How can you improve your success and strategies in myopia management? Considering the individual's family situation and risk factors is key to providing the ideal solution that will ensure suitability and compliance.

Case Studies

Communicating With Parents Who Insist On Undercorrection
The majority of parents are unaware of the importance of myopia intervention. What can we do when parents insist on myopia undercorrection for their child? In this case we cover the communication approaches, and also consider the parents' point of view to achieve the best possible outcomes for their child, as our patient.
How Can We Promote Safety In Orthokeratology?
Many orthokeratology-related adverse events are due to poor compliance and hygiene processes. This case demonstrates the importance of patient discussion and provides guidance on key steps to promote safety in orthokeratology wear.

Science Snippets

What Is The Effect Of Uncorrecting, Undercorrecting And Overcorrecting Myopia In Children? This systematic review of 9 studies confirms that under-correction of myopia does not slow and can accelerate progression. There was no benefit found in overcorrection, and the evidence for un-correction was equivocal. This advocates for the full correction of myopia.
How Common Is Microbial Keratitis In Children Wearing Orthokeratology? The risk was shown in a 2013 analysis to be around 14 per 10,000 patient wearing years, but new data found risk of around 5 per 10,000 patient-wearing years, similar to the risk of daily wear soft lenses. This should increase confidence in fitting orthokeratology to children for myopia control.

Helpful links from Johnson & Johnson 

SeeYourAbiliti Website
This website by Johnson & Johnson Vision provides resources and guidance for both parents and eye care professionals to learn about myopia and how it can be managed.
Kids Activity Booklet
Johnson & Johnson Vision have combined education and eye health to provide a resource for teachers and parents alike to share with their kids. Designed to encourage more kids to have eye exams, you can download and print or share the booklet to help kids learn about eyes, vision and healthy habits.
Johnson & Johnson Vision Managing Myopia Guide
This guide is subtitled ‘A Clinical Response to the Growing Epidemic’ and represents a collaboration with leading optometric organizations. It adds to the collective awareness, research and understanding of myopia and provides a research-based rationale for how and why we need to prioritize the eye health of children. It is freely available to download via the link.

Myopia Profile Academy new courses launched

Our world leading, completely free Myopia Management in Practice online course has been updated with a brand new look in our engaging, interactive new text-based format. The content has also been updated to include the latest research on efficacy and outcomes of myopia management interventions. Have you checked it out yet? 

Recently we have also launched two brand new online courses entitled Communicating the Myopia Message and also Mastering Refraction for Kids. Both two hour courses, these are designed to be engaging with animations, interactive communication scenarios, downloads and more to support your clinical skills and practice. Learn more about our courses and try out the first chapter(s) of any course for free here.

Our Resources to help you manage myopia

Courses Our world first, FREE Myopia Management in Practice course will get you started on your learning journey. Check out our newest courses Communicating the Myopia Message and Mastering Refraction for Kids; plus our courses Binocular Vision Fundamentals, Orthokeratology Fundamentals and Contact Lenses for Kids.
Managing Myopia Guidelines Infographics Designed to support your clinical communication with parents and young patients, our hugely popular infographics are free to download and available in eight languages with various options based on your region and scope of practice. Our public awareness website supports your in-room communications with fast facts, a risk survey, a detailed blog and 18 How-To videos to explain myopia to parents. All are freely available for you to link and share to your own website and social media accounts.
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