Myopia Management In Presbyopes

The phrase 'myopia management' typically brings to mind younger patients, but our presbyopic myopes have specific vision and eye health needs which we'll explore in this content release powered by Essilor. 

What should we consider if myopia progression is observed? How frequently do ocular health complications from myopia occur? How can previous history influence the current presentation? Learn all of this and more, below.

Clinical Article

Managing Myopia In Presbyopic Adults
Managing myopia in presbyopic adults has specific goals in achieving good vision correction and best eye health outcomes. What should we consider if myopia progression is observed? This article explores progression, the ideal optical correction and ocular health considerations in presbyopic myopes.

Clinical Case

How Should We Manage A Presbyopic Progressing Myope?
The myopia history in childhood can influence how an adult myope copes with their correction and even how their vision changes over time. Read more about this case of a 50-year-old progressing myope.

Science Snippets

Do Progressive Addition Lenses improve Quality of Life in Myopic Presbyopes?
This study utilized a questionnaire to evaluate the impact of level of myopia and type of visual correction on vision related quality of life (QOL) in a group of 149 presbyopes aged 41-75 years. Highly myopic subjects (SER<-5.00D) had significantly lower mean QOL scores (51.65) compared to low myopes (SER -0.50 to -4.99D) (65.24). Similarly, functionality scores were lower in the highly myopic group than the low myopic group, both with (49.38 vs 57.00) and without (29.12 vs 36.24) glasses. Highly myopic presbyopes wearing PALs had significantly better perception (61.2) than those who wore SVD lenses (46.9), and were less frustrated with their glasses (32% vs 71.4%). Similarly, low myopes wearing PALs had better QOL than SVD users. However, for both high and low myopes, no statistical differences were observed between correction type in all other subscales. Clinically, this advocates for PALs possibly being a superior option to improve QOL of our myopic presbyopic patients of various levels of myopia.

Yang A, Lim SY, Wong YL et al. Quality of Life in Presbyopes with Low and High Myopia Using Single-Vision and Progressive-Lens Correction. J Clin Med. 2021;10(8):1589. 

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