Ever Wonder...

What's Inside a Handbell?

Join us on Saturday for Pizza & Polish to Find Out
Every year, the members of Chime In! gather to disassemble all 131 handbells, polish the castings, clean the mechanisms, replace parts, and put them all back together again. And, we have great conversation, lots of laughs, and pizza and salad to boot!
Everyone is Welcome to Join In
You are welcome to come join the party, give your elbows a workout, and have a bite to eat. Or just stop by to see what's inside those bells.
We will be at First Church of Bethlehem
from 1:00 - 8:00 p.m.
on Saturday, March 11.
If you would like to join us for pizza, please email to let us know your pizza preference (Cheese, Pepperoni, or Veggie).

Ever Wonder...

What It's Like
to Be a Ringer?

"I have been ringing for over 20 years and it has always been a joy of some sort or another.  I have been brought to tears by pieces that were so moving they took my breath away - like Fantasy on Kings Weston - or broke my heart - like Reflections on the Plains.

I have also cried over pieces that I just couldn't ring correctly.  I don't take myself that seriously anymore and "the best I can do" is satisfactory for me.  I have learned when it's better to withhold a ring I'm unsure of rather than deliver a strong sharp that should be a natural.

I have rung with my daughter, always a bonding experience to share music.  I have made friendships that are bell-based to add to the other friendships in my life.  Bell people “get” other bell people and it's a welcoming group to belong to."
~ Jane Pittari ~

Ever Wonder...

Where All Those Sounds
Come From?

Bells, Chimes, Tubular Chimes, Boomwackers, Cymbals, Drums, and a large variety of other things to hit populate our storage closets and our concert stages.
We like to experiment with all kinds of sound combinations. For a real treat for the ears as well as the palate, be sure to join us for

Bells & Berries
Sunday, June 11, 2017
3:00 p.m.
First Church of Bethlehem

And be sure to try them all out for yourself!
We're not just in the pink or purple...
Ever Wonder...
Why So Many Colors?
Handbells are different than most other instruments. Our full range of bells spans almost the entire piano keyboard range. It takes 14 or 15 ringers to play our "instrument" for most of our music.

Fortunately, there are not 15 identical people who could do that. We are all different, with a wide range of experiences and interests and abilities. But when we work together for months on the music for a concert, we reach a point where we do indeed become one together in the music.
The colors our of shirts, each chosen by the individual,
represent our individuality.

Our music represents our oneness.

Chime In!

Our Invitation's in Our Name
A Fond Farewell

Steve and Karen Prince have been ringing with us since we started 22 years ago. At our Ring In the New Year: Dinner & Bells this year, we wished them well as they retire and move to Rhode Island to be close to family and the ocean.
Steve rings with gusto and has been a prime mover when it comes to getting us from one place to another. He served as the first president of Chime In! as we made the transition to non-profit community music organization and he served as a strong role model for many young ringers.
Karen learned to read music for the first time when we started in 1995, practicing at home with the notes plastered on the refrigerator and a set of plastic spoons marked as bells.
She created many new ideas for how to dress us up and she was always a friend and counselor to the many children who grew up in our ringing family.
Steve and Karen always opened their home and pool for our gatherings.

Here's what Karen has to share:
"As I prepare to leave Bethlehem and Chime In! I'm only beginning to appreciate all that I have gained by participating in this bell choir. Both my children and my husband were ringers too and I like to say that I'm one of the few people who can say that I knew where my teenage children were every Friday night. They were at rehearsal with me.

For the past 20+ years, Chime In! (specifically The Messengers) has been much more than a bell choir; Chime In! has been my family. As a bell choir we've traveled all over New England, attended bell festivals together, and celebrated birthdays, weddings and new babies. Even if I can't come to rehearsals each week or participate in events like our trip to Carnegie Hall, I will always be a Messenger and a member of ChimeIn! Music with a Mission.

As I said, it's about family."
~ Karen Prince ~
Thank you Karen and Steve!
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