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How we are using the House System at
Combe Martin School



A few years ago we began to look at how the House system at School could be used positively in our new school curriculum. It was only being used by teachers for Sports Day and the children, with the exception of some families, did not have any real sense of belonging to their House.

When we discussed the Houses with community and family groups it was clear that around half of our stakeholders were keen to keep the House system.

So that the house system benefits the way school operates now, we have made some small changes. We have had to redistribute some children into new houses. This was because the numbers of children in the Houses were very uneven. We have also decided that the Houses children belong to will no longer be 'family' groups. There are some significant reasons for this that we can't go into here. 

The main use of the Houses will be for the children to contribute towards their House competing for the Albert George Collacott Trophy. The trophy will be awarded to a House at the end of each half-term.

As you know we have been working hard on the development of learning behaviours and are always developing our behaviour value system. You will also know we use Dojo Points to let parents know how their children are doing at home and to give parents a 'way in' to discussing work at school. This year the children are being given Dojo Points in line with learning successes. For example, if a child shows the teacher they have been resilient in their learning they will get a Dojo point. The picture below shows the points they could get...
As you can see there is a different value for some of the awards. One point for class based rewards, three for getting a Super Learner Certificate and 5 for being so continuously good that they are invited to have a Hot Chocolate with the Head during 'Hot Chocolate Friday'.

The rewards that the children in each House receive are added together and then averaged out according to the number of children in their House. That total is then multiplied by the average attendance for all of the children in the House... giving a grand total for the House. The totals will be worked out weekly and presented to the children during their assembly on a Monday. At the end of the half term the House with the highest average Dojo points and the best average attendance will win the trophy. This week's scores are...
We hope that the House Points will create a 'duty' to do well for the House while stopping individual classes or children from being identified as 'responsible' for low points.

During the School year we will also have events as Houses. This could be art days or sporting events. They will add points onto the totals.

Your child should get Dojo points regularly. At home, please talk to your child about what they got their Dojo point for. Make a fuss and clearly link the point to the effort they have put in. "Well done, you must have thought very hard about that problem!" for example. 

Please remember that the importance that a family put on education and aspiration is one of the single biggest factors in a child having a successful education. We really do want the children to be proud of themselves for the effort that they put into their learning!

We will keep you up to date with our scores on Instagram and Twitter!
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