In this issue: the anxiety I sometimes feel when my kids make white friends; I’m that ‘scary brown man’; the trauma informed classroom; summer reading for kids, and more!

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Welcome back to EmbraceRace, where we gather to support each other in matters of race and raising kids. Thanks to all of you who signed up and participated in Tuesday's online conversation, "Raising kids who EmbraceRace: Why we must, where we begin."

It was our first opportunity, really, to talk about the vision we have for
EmbraceRace; to connect that vision not only to work we're doing but also to some of what we hope to do; and, hopefully, to recruit many of you to that broader vision and work. The nutshell is that we see EmbraceRace as providing information and support in the race-and-raising-kids space and, as we grow, as a vibrant part of the larger movement for racial and social justice. We're delighted to have heard already from some enthusiastic EmbraceRace community members and would love to hear from more of you. As promised, here’s the link to the video recording of that event.

Thanks, as always, to all who wrote or sent posts, articles and resources, some of which you’ll find here. Very much enjoying all your FB commenting as well! You always keep us thinking. If you haven't already, please give us a 'like'!


Andrew and Melissa

Families push back against neighborly racial profiling

“Neighbors share ‘be on the look out’ posts when Black transients are seen in our neighborhood, while a White transient is fiercely protected — a beloved fixture in our community, actually...”

Racial profiling is a problem in my community. Some of us are pushing back.
Shannon Cofrin Gaggero, EmbraceRace
[6-minute read]

Another white friend, honey?

"Why did God give you this gross hair? Why didn't he give you princess hair like mine?" I just stared at her, because I couldn't fathom why she would ever say something like that. But thankfully, my daughter didn't get upset. Instead, she retorted…”
Honestly, Sometimes I'm Uncomfortable With My Children Making White Friends
Margaret Jacobsen, Romper
[4-minute read]

A cartoonist on growing up multiracial in the U.S.

"’I would get a lot of stereotypes about being black or being Asian that would discredit my achievements,’ the animation student told HufffPost. ‘Others would come up and say, ‘Just ignore them. You’re you!’ That latter was a ‘nice thought,’ but not the easiest message to absorb as a little kid, Khansmith said.'"

This Comic Captures What It’s Like To Grow Up Mixed Race In America
Brittany Wong, HuffPo
[4-minute read]

The myth of children as racial innocents

"Or maybe you are one of the parents, like many who enter my laboratory at Yale and like my closest friends and relatives, who explain that your child is DEFINITELY not aware of race—in fact, your child is that very product of Dr. King’s vision—able to treat others based on character rather than skin color."

Are Kids Racist?
Kristina Olson, Psychology Today
[4-minute read]


I’m that scary brown man

"I knew the drill – I’ve been trained since I was a kid: ‘You’re a big brown guy – don’t be too scary. Don’t be too big. Don’t be too brown.’”


The trauma-informed classroom

"Below are some strategies I implement in K-6 classrooms that prepare the brain for sustained attention and reduce distractions. These strategies are beneficial for all students, but especially those who come into the classroom carrying negative emotion. We implement these throughout the day—at the beginning of class, after recess or lunch, or at the end of the day."

7 Ways to Calm a Young Brain in Trauma
Lori Desautels, Edutopia
[3-minute read]

As parents, we need to acknowledge how we routinely perpetuate prejudice and/or racism

"While dismantling systematic racism is a daunting task, here are five ways parents pass down prejudice, which can lead to the perpetuation of racism:
1. We Say One Thing, But Do Another ..."

5 Ways Parents Pass Down Prejudice and Racism
Danielle Slaughter, HuffPo
[5-minute read]

Resources to use with kids

Books featuring black boys for the 10 & under set

"Here are more than 20 picture books featuring Black males as the main protagonist to enjoy with the little ones in your life."

Black Boy Joy: 29 Picture Books Featuring Black Male Protagonists
Charnaie Gordon, Brightly
[4-minute read]

1000 black girl books, searchable by reading level

1000 Black Girl Books Resource Guide. Because we love our girls and boys equally.

1000 Black Girl Books Resource Guide
Grassroots Community Foundation
[7-minute read]

Social justice summer reading

Teaching for Change’s recommendations of new 2016 and 2017 books that are multicultural and have a social justice angle. Early elementary to young adult.

2017 Summer Reading List
Social Justice Books
[7-minute read]

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