In this issue: assimilation blues - dehumanization of kids of color at white-majority schools; measuring white anti-racism by impact, not intent; Ramadan etiquette guide for non-Muslims; summer reading for kids and more!

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Welcome (back) to EmbraceRace where we - parents, grandparents, uncles, teachers, social workers, librarians and many others - gather to support each other in matters of race and raising kids. Thanks as always to all of you who submitted posts and recommended articles and resources over these past couple weeks.

Many of you have been in touch about the most recent EmbraceRace webinar, Understanding Racial-Ethnic Identity Development with Dr. Sandra "Chap" Chapman. Find the recording, transcript, related resources, and more about Dr. Chap and her work here.

Thanks to you all for the great turnout and to Dr. Chap for sharing her knowledge and deep experience in this work with the community. The wisdom was hers and the MANY technical difficulties were all ours. (Made us seem all the more homespun, right?) Next month’s webinar will feature … Andrew Grant-Thomas! More on that next time.


Andrew and Melissa

Hello. I am a person. What are YOU?

"All the people complicit in my dehumanization were ordinary people — peers mostly, but also teachers, friends’ parents, coaches — not avowed racists or Neo-Nazis."
Hello. I am a person. What are YOU?
Andrew Grant-Thomas, EmbraceRace
[9-minute read]

Parents of white kids need to do more

"While I’ve wanted to believe that we’ve traveled a great distance from that overtly racist white mother of the 1930s, it’s now clearer to me than ever that that distance can only be measured by the actual experiences of children on today’s playgrounds — not by a playground’s ‘diversity’ and not by our intentions as white parents."
It’s Time for White Parents of White Kids to Bring the Resistance Home
Gayle Kirshenbaum, EmbraceRace
[14-minute read]

When race meets adoption

"Race so often forms a powerful aspect of our stories and being unsure of my racial identity for the first two decades of my life has shaped mine."
When Race Meets Adoption
Andrew Drinkwater, EmbraceRace
[10-minute read]


Richard Spencer isn't the real problem

“Truth is, as a Black dude, I'm far less bothered by the flag wavers in this picture than this town's progressives assuming its race problem has nothing to do with them. The former is a visual inconvenience. The latter could leave my daughters without a father.”

Albe. Co. Farm Owner Offers Insight on Race in Viral Facebook Post
Shaun Cudahy, NBC Charlottesville

[4-minute read]

Ramadan for non-Muslims etiquette guide

“9. You can say ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ ...10. ... but please don't say, "I should fast, too. I need to lose weight"
Ramadan for non-Muslims etiquette guide
Saaed Ahmed, CNN
[3-minute read]

Resources to use with kids


Video: Skin color documentation project  

Every skin tone in the world - and a backdrop to match! Beautiful to watch. Great for helping kids appreciate and talk about skin color differences. Also great for prompting a conversation about the difference between skin color and racial categories. (Kids generally start to understand race as different from skin color between 7 and 9.)

Photographer captures every skin tone in the world
David Wolfe, Facebook
[1-minute video]

Muslim children’s books that delight and inspire

One American-born Muslim mom’s hard-earned list of pre-school through early elementary books featuring Muslim protagonists. Her criteria? “I wanted lively, upbeat bedtime books that would introduce [my daughter] ... to our faith and identity while emphasizing universal values.”

Reading with Maryam – Discovering Muslim Children’s Books that Delight and Inspire
Shirin Sinnar, Patheos
[5-minute read]

Teaching 5th graders to see and counter their biases

"I wanted my students to know this, because I wanted them to stop being so passive, as I have been for too long, in this process. I believe that when we are unaware of how our own biases limit our understanding of what we read, then we are powerless to do anything to change that. However, when we are able to see the limits of our own lenses, then we are able to actively work to push beyond them."

And Then Teaching Our Students That The Biases And Stereotypes That We Hold Affect How We Understand What We Read
Crawling Out of the Classroom Blog
[7-minute read]

Multicultural summer reading list for kids of all ages

“Are you looking for books to add to your summer reading list? Ones written or illustrated by Native Americans or people of color and some that intersect with LGBT+ or disabilities? Take a look at these! We’ve spent the past year reading and re-reading these books to eliminate microaggressions, stereotypes and others instances that work against social justice and inclusion.”

We’re The People: Summer Reading 2017
We’re the People Blog
[4-minute read]

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