MARCH 2016
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If you have visited recently, you may have already seen that it has changed.  If you haven't been there in a while, this e-newsletter, which is part of our emergence into the 21st century, will give you an introduction. To see the new website, just click on the link in the first sentence. If you see the old familiar website, try clearing your cache to get to the new site. Give us a call if you have any trouble.  

The web site's look, content and features will make it easier for you to access information: events and offerings at the store and things that we think will be important to people who come to Meadowood.   The main page is still a news page, but it now sports a calendar of events.

The calendar lists our jams, open mics, performances, special clinics for the entire year.  It also lists other organizations' events.  For example, the Berks Early Bird Fiddle Festival, Berks Country Fest and Lyons Fiddle Festival dates will all be in the calendar.  We add events as we plan them and learn of them.  The calendar lists holidays celebrated by our customers.

The new website features cool new products that we have in the store.
On the 'Items of the Week' page, you can see recently added products (like Acoustic Solutions' ASG -150 acoustic amplifier), wonderful vintage stuff (like a 90-year old Oskar Meinel violin) and other stuff that is so cool everyone should know about it (like Godin's Sessions TriplePlay electric guitar that has built in synth functions and wireless capability that 'talks' to Fishman synth software and to Apple's Garage Band).
A page on the new site presents the backgrounds and specialties of the people who perform repairs and restorations on your instruments.  We are grateful for your trust and know that we have to earn it with each instrument on which we work.
The new web site makes it easier to get information about the lessons that Meadowood's studios offer.  The 'Lessons' page presents a table of all of the instruments for which we offer lessons.  Under each instrument heading is a list of the teachers who offer lessons on that instrument.  Clicking on a teacher's name will take viewers to a dedicated page that describes the teacher's background and approach.
Text boxes that show teachers' photos list the instruments on which each teacher offers lessons.  Only four of the teachers'  text boxes appear here, but there are boxes for all of the teachers.

Again, clicking on a teacher's name will take viewers to a page dedicated to that teacher.
We are adding mp3 files of the teachers introducing themselves and playing music to each of the dedicated pages for the teachers.  We have three in place now; one for Gene Cullison, one for Mike Hertzog and one for Donna Lang.  We hope that these audio files will help people feel more at ease as they select a teacher.
The BIGGEST difference between the new and old web sites is that, through the miracle of PayPal, you can now buy things from us through the web site.  All of the instruments, amplifiers and effects pedals that we have in the store are on the web site (strings, reeds, polishes, stands and books are not on line).  You can brows the inventory by Brand Name, Price Range or Product Type.  
Each browsing approach presents captioned photos of all of the items in the category.  The captions briefly describe the item and its price.  Clicking on an item's photo takes you to a dedicated page for each item where you can get more information about it and add it to a shopping cart.
A button at the top right corner of the product pages allows you to navigate to the shopping cart where you can accumulate as many items as you want and make a purchase through Paypal. We still prefer that people to visit us in person, but we know it's not always possible.
The new site has a user-friendly 'Contact' page from which you can email us anytime.  A 'Location' page helps folks get here with an interactive Google map.  A photo of our building and front sign helps folks recognize the place when they've arrived.  The new web site also has a 'Community' page packed with information about the 'other stuff' we do at Meadowood:
With the new web site, we have created this new Newsletter.  In future editions, it will be a mini, individually delivered version of our web site that comes to you as a subscriber.  As you can see at the bottom of the page, you can change how you receive the newsletter or unsubscribe at any time.  

When we moved the subscription list from the old web site to the new one we discovered that some information was out of date.  We would love to make sure we have your current contact information.  If you think that we need a new address or phone number for you or would prefer us to send to a different email address than the one that received this mailing, please email it to us with the words "Newsletter Subscription Update" in the subject line.  We'll make sure your subscription is current and send you a little gift in the mail (if you include your USPS address in the email).
A very cool thing that the subscription list allows us to do is to send you little gifts any time... like the gift certificate below.  All you have to do to use it as $5 here at Meadowood is print it and bring it with you next time you visit.
Print this page of the Newsletter and bring the printout with you on your next visit to Meadowood and we will deduct $5 from any purchase of more than $10.  This coupon is good through April 30, 2016
We can also include electronic coupons in the Newsletter that you will be able to use on the web site when you make purchases on line.  You'll see those in future newsletters.
We hope you enjoy the new web site and Newsletter.  We hope they help keep you informed and make it easier for you to know what we have in stock.  In every future edition, the Newsletter will contain articles, an events calendar, info about newly arrived items and items that are too cool to overlook (and if you MUST have one of those items, let you purchase it from us on line).

This feature links right to the inventory pages for the web site.  You can try it out now to see how it works (it will only lead to a purchase if you continue through the shopping cart to PayPal and confirm).  If you have questions about the items we show in the Newsletter and on our web site, call or visit before ordering and, as always, we will be happy to give you information.
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