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Volume 2, Issue 7

December 31, 2017

It is frustrating to spend hours looking for the best academic resources and support and still end up struggling with inefficient routines, inconsistent results, time-consuming efforts, and stress.
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Second week monthly
Log in from anywhere! Join online workshops designed to yield palpable, long-lasting academic results for students and clients as well as support cognitive and speech-language development.

You will receive a Verification of Attendance form for your records, which can be used for Continuing Education credits. (Member Agencies: Staff members with a current caseload participate free of charge.)

Registration: Click here
Ongoing workshops
The NYC DOE Literacy Department offers day long workshops for teachers and administrators on a wide variety of key topics in literacy instruction.

Registration: Click here
Recordings Available
Watch recorded parenting classes about topics such as:
  • Riding the Waves of the Teen Years
  • The Skill of Healthy Communication
  • Building Character, Confidence, and Self-Esteem in Your Children
  • Setting the Stage for Discipline that Works
Recordings: Click here

Does your family or a family you work with need a mid-year performance review?

Mid-year performance reviews allow companies to proactively evaluate the quality of their products and procedures, and the role each employee plays in this process. Your family is your own personal enterprise. Could your family use a mid SCHOOL-YEAR performance review? As your kiddos prepare to go back to school after the holiday break, it might be time to sit the family down and ask yourselves:


Is our schedule working?

Make sure everyone is getting enough sleep. Balance your days with healthy amounts of have-to’s and want-to’s. Set an alarm for daily “Learning Time” at home, including homework, reading, helping siblings with homework, etc. This should be separate from “Technology Time”. Even bathroom schedules may need reevaluating (that’s for those of you with 5 or more people in the house).

Is our scheduling tool working?

Use a family calendar in a common area or use individual planners (paper or digital) to keep track of tasks and events. I recommend having weekly meetings to review the week’s activities ahead of time. A little planning goes a long way.

Do we have enough "Family Time"?

Make sure there is daily time dedicated to sharing as a family. From having breakfast or dinner together to playing games or reading aloud before bed, these interactions will plant the seed for a stronger family bond. Also, give your kiddos a voice; they should get a chance to choose family activities or even pick the dinner menu. Show them that they're a valued member of your Team.

Is our support system working?

You may need to consult with professionals that can support your household, such as an after-school sitter, a specialized tutor or therapist, or even a Family Lifestyle Coach. The opposite may also be true. You may not need that tutor as many hours a week; your kiddo may be ready to take on greater responsibility. Sit down and discuss your kiddo's current skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

Are we supporting wellness?

Encourage and model habits for a healthy and fulfilling life: good nutrition, exercise, adequate sleep, positive thinking, growth mindset, meditation, strong social ties, etc.
Examine your family enterprise and help your clients and their families do the same. It's easier than you think. A few insightful discussions, support in implementing a few tools, and your family could be on its way to academic success and beyond. As a family, discuss some strategies to target 1-2 problem areas at a time. School performance is affected by more than just academic factors. Take a holistic look at your family’s strengths and needs.
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