Volume 5, Issue 1

June 27, 2020

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This month's theme:

Focus on what you CAN control
Hey there, 

We know you've been juggling a few things this year (some expected and some not so much). So we've stayed out of your inbox. I hope it's not too early to come back . . . You'll let me know if it is :)

We're all experiencing frustration, fear, or uncertainty as a result of COVID-19. We're also seeing the fight for Black and Brown people’s right to equality and safety. In one way or another, these struggles have impacted each and every one of us and our kiddos. One big change for us at Semirosas was meeting your academic needs by moving our tutoring entirely online, most likely until 2021.

You're understandably consumed with the pressures of work and day-to-day life. As we work to see the other side of this crisis together, let's ask ourselves What do my community, my family, and I need? 

Get started by working on one, just one strategy below to ensure relationship-care, continue to develop self-care, or plan for academic success next school year.
1.  Keep a gratitude journal. 

For us old timers, that means a notebook. For the youngsters, that could mean a podcast, a blog . . . who knows. Your kiddo may even choose to draw (versus writing) what they're thankful for. However you and your family choose to document what you're grateful for, this diary could help you focus your attention on the positive things in your lives. Sounds good given what's happening outside, doesn't it!

Every day, write down five things for which you're grateful. Don't take it from me. If Oprah says it works, you better do it. 
2.  Create a summer-learning plan to ensure your child is back-to-school ready.  

First, congrats on making it through what was probably your first homeschooling or first remote teaching year!

Although we tried our best (thanks teachers, families, tutors!), remote learning proved to be a challenging task and our kiddos missed out on some learning opportunities. No worries; that just means we have to rethink our summer-learning plan. Our suggestions? Glad you asked . . .

We recommend you and your child collaboratively create a daily schedule of learning for the summer. I know what you're thinking, they need a break. Yes, they should have a 1-2 week break. But, after that, tell them we said there are 24 hours in a day and they have to devote a few to learning. Too pushy? :)

Your kiddos should devote at least two hours a day to exercising their learning muscles. Short and frequent sessions facilitate learning better than extended and infrequent ones. So, they should practice a few subjects daily for shorter periods of time versus studying one subject each day for a longer period. Having to switch between tasks helps the brain retain information long term.

At Semirosas, we'll be making summer-learning easy and fun with our Teacher for a Day summer sessions. Elementary and middle school students will take turns teaching lessons to other students in their online cohorts. They will be assigned a subject matter and lesson topic (based on their areas of need). They'll have one week to prepare a lesson, which they will present on a Zoom video call. I see many discussions about stage fright in my future.

Parents and guardians, you could even organize this yourself with kiddos in your area!
3.  Develop your child's grit and perseverance 

One of the biggest takeaways from the last few months is probably the power of Keep Going! Keep Going! Keep Going! Through fear, frustration, and uncertainty, we had to keep going.

What a great lesson for our kiddos — learning how to fall down and get right back up.

But, let's not stop this lesson here. Let's build on it; life is full of bumps on the road.

One of the families we work with suggested the following; definitely worth sharing it with you guys. Every day, during breakfast, they play a motivational video for the family. It gets them ready for the day by triggering a positive mindset. We suggest adding videos to your YouTube playlist to keep them handy. 

Here's a link to the Semirosas YouTube playlist: Click here
Check this one out. Maybe you need to hear this.
4.  Use free online tools to support summer learning.

If you've been looking for free online learning activities, here you go. You can use these websites or apps during the summer to help your kiddo practice academic skills and get back-to-school ready.

Here are some resources across subjects and ages. Don't forget to add them to your 'favorites' so your kiddos can access them easily . . .



  • Free audio stories online - Elementary school students: Click here
  • Library of Congress - Teens collection: Click here

Additional Activities

  1. Visit 
  2. On the sidebar, choose a category of activities (e.g., math, reading, phonics).
  3. Choose an activity (listed from simplest to most difficult).
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