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Thursday, 19th May 2022
News feature

Scant hope for relief as repeated heat waves scorch Pakistan
‘Our crops are under immense stress, and workers on the fields have been coming down with heatstroke.’

Pakistan has faced three heat waves just this year, so why isn’t the government doing more to plan a long-term response?

Fixing Aid | The dangers of border technology for refugees
‘The guards are always watching us. All this technology is not at all making me feel safer.’

How are mass surveillance, biometric data, and other high-tech border measures affecting refugees and migrants?
Closer look
Evacuation challenges and bad optics: Why Ukrainians are losing faith in the ICRC
‘We were all traitors and our volunteers were getting guns pointed at them.’
Moscow says more than 900 Ukrainian fighters have surrendered at the Azovstal steelworks and have been taken to a former prison colony in Russian-controlled Donetsk. Ukrainian officials did not confirm that number but did announce that the combat mission to defend the steelworks, Ukraine’s last stronghold in the besieged southeastern city of Mariupol, was completed on Monday. The battle for Mariupol lasted for months, with recurring evacuations of civilians trapped in the steel plant. The UN’s emergency aid coordination body, OCHA, said joint operations between it and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) are responsible for evacuating more than 600 people from in and around Mariupol. But the ICRC isn’t garnering much support or appreciation inside Ukraine. It’s quite the opposite. ICRC President Peter Maurer’s smiling handshake with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov amidst alleged Russian war crimes incited disappointment and anger at one of the ICRC’s key tenets: neutrality. Some have gone as far as to make unsubstantiated claims that it has been abetting forced civilian evacuations to Russia. Check out this report from Kyiv to learn more. 
In case you missed it

Opinion | African governments must do more to protect citizens caught up in Ukraine’s war
International law isn’t without policy tools to address this discrimination – if leaders have the courage to do so.

Four steps African leaders should take to assist students and citizens facing racism and discrimination in Europe

The Afghans risking violence and dangerous journeys to reach Iran
‘Who likes to be beaten, humiliated, or killed? But it’s difficult to cover the cost of a family here.’

As it gets harder to feed their families, more and more Afghans are attempting risky journeys into Iran via Pakistan to find work.

A kidnapped teacher, a fed up farmer, and a push for dialogue with Mali’s militants
I knew the conflict would affect me again if I did nothing.’

The story of one local leader risking his life to protect his community.

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