Life Coach Prep School
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Have you thought about becoming a Life Coach?
Prep School can help you decide 
 and prepare!

L I F E   C O A C H   P R E P   S C H O O L

4 teleclasses + 2 hours of private coaching = KNOWING
Are you drawn to life coach training but aren't sure if it's right for you?  

Do you want to get the most out of your training?

Would you like to observe coaches
in action 
— and get coached yourself?

If you feel the pull and want to learn on!

(or scroll down for the inside scoop from Prep Schoolers)
Why Life Coach Prep School?
We are Master Certified Coaches (The Prep Squad!) with a passion for helping others transform and enjoy their lives. Prior to life coach training, we each worked with a coach and experienced what a typical client might go through in a session. This wasn’t the case for all of our classmates. Many were learning the tools, yet they hadn't experienced the effects themselves.

Seeing this inspired us... to develop a program that includes coaching and education to help you peek inside life coaching, decide if training is for you, and prepare you.

Enter Life Coach Prep School

We understand one-on-one coaching can be expensive, so we developed a course that is reasonably priced, includes individual coaching, and provides insight on how to successfully navigate the training process.

Life Coach Prep School includes...

  • Two private coaching sessions with a Master Certified Coach
  • Four 90-minute classes
  • Coaching demonstrations
  • Tips on maximizing the training process
  • Guidance on working effectively with your classmates and instructors
  • Insights into entering the coaching world and building your coach community
  • Private Facebook group for support
  • Access to class recordings for reinforcement or in case you can't attend a class
I want in!

Life Coach Prep School will help you to:

  • Decide if life coach training is for you
  • Understand what coaching is 
  • Maximize your experience and investment in life coach training
  • Get coached on personal challenges 
  • Begin or continue your healing path
  • Cultivate relationships with your instructors and peers
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Prep School Schedule
May 18 - Class 1 - Fasten Your Seat Belt
Coaching tool demonstrations. See what REALLY goes on in a coaching session.

May 25 - Class 2 - Enough About Me. What do you think about me?
How to select and work with your coaching partner to practice tools, coach and get coached.

June 1 -Class 3 - It's Ok to Suck
Maximize your training, how to best prepare, study, practice and interact with instructors.

June 8 - Class 4 - Going from Kansas to Oz
What to consider when looking for a coaching program, how to best decide which one's right for you and how to cultivate your new world.  

Private Coaching Sessions Included
Two one-hour coaching sessions with a Master Certified Coach.
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The Prep Squad
Deborah Munies
Deborah is Master Certified Martha Beck Coach, Bar Method devotee, green smoothy addict + former golden handcuff wearer. She helps women and girls to Know+Trust+Create the big life they dream of. Deborah is the creator of Can't Dimmer My Shimmer™ - a movement to be YOU. 
Sarah Papp
Sarah is a Master Certified Martha Beck Coach, spirit junkie, runner girl, Native Portlander + former corporate stress casualty. Sarah cuts to the chase as she helps clients knock down barriers and discover what they really want and how to make it happen.
Wendy Kranz
Wendy is a Master Certified Martha Beck Coach, surfer, pilot, yogi, entrepreneur, adventurer + former worrywart. She works with people who are DAMN THIRSTY for things to be different.  Her specialty is helping people to create meaningful and lasting change. 
Class Deets
  • Class Schedule - Wednesdays, May 18 - June 8, 2016 
    (1-2:30pm ET / 10-11:30am PT).
  • Format - Classes are held via telephone.  
  • Investment - $495
  • Sign up by -  Wednesday, May 11, 2016
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The Inside Scoop
What Prep Schoolers say
What would you tell a friend who is considering Prep School?

"Sarah, Deb, and Wendy are amazing. They generously share their wisdom and grace. Prep School showed me what coaching is like and what being a coach is like. I loved getting to see coaching in action and to experience it myself!"

"To do it - duh! Commit to the time slot. take notes. listen to the recorded calls later. ask questions. be involved. trust. and have fun!"

"I'd say do it! It's a great way to get your feet wet a little to see if life coaching is right for you!"

"Definitely take the course it will help with the decision. And even if it doesn't you'll learn!

"[Prep School is a] Great tool to help decide if coach training is for them."

"I love the coaching demonstrations. They always provide so much!"


How did Prep School  prepare you for life coach training?

"It answered the biggest question of all for me ... I have felt a pull for being a life coach. Dont know why. Doesn't matter. But it is part of my true north."

"It helped me trust my heart and my gut, to believe in myself and in my calling. It helped me decide that I definitely want to attend life coach training--and I know now that Martha Beck's training is the right one for me. It gave me a taste of what coaching itself is like, and also what a coaching paradigm/worldview is like!"

"This course really gave me insight on the hows and whys of coaching. It really helped answer so many questions that are not always easy to get when researching online or being given a sales pitch to join just for more info. It was simple and yet in depth. I feel like I have walked away with new tools, more understanding, and a passion to find out more."

"I feel like I have a much better understanding of what life coach training involves, and what to do or not to do while in life coach training. I liked the inside tips that were discussed. I also feel more relaxed about life coaching. I know I can suck. I know I don't need to know why I'm doing it."

Personal Testimonials

"This Prep Course was very valuable to me in so many ways - more so then I could have imagined. It really helped open me up to the reality that this can actually happen. I can actually do this. it took the big bad scary blinders off and helped sort out some what ifs, whys, hows, who thoughts and questions that are far too often hard to get answered when researching. The coaches were so perspective and caring through all the classes. I really appreciated their personal stories and honest candor. I felt like they were really sharing themselves.Before the course I had poked around, dipped my toe in, and saw life coaching from the 10,000 foot level. After the course, I have a good grasp on what it entails, how it works, the training to look for, the questions to ask myself - a real look into the world of coaching.The coaching sessions were utterly amazing too! I felt like I had landed in a safe place to explore what was lying there underneath without judgement or fear. I have a better understanding of myself. And that it is totally ok to not have the answers, to trust my heart as much as my head, and to suck at it! I would have never thought I would walk away feeling like "wahoo! I suck and that's ok!...I got this!" but I did - and I do!
-Marcie, Winter 2016 Prep Schooler

"Sometimes you may not know why you feel pulled or called to do something. It just feels right. Clear.  Not only did this class help me to realize that the pull toward coaching was leading me in the right direction, but that feeling happens a lot in many areas of my life. Each time I paid attention to that feeling, and allowed it to lead me, I always gain something AMAZING.  
Learn what that clarity and peace feels like. And let it take you to places you never dreamed were possible."
-Angie, Winter 2016 Prep Schooler

"I've been thinking about the idea of becoming a Life coach for some time. I've thought, why would anyone want to be coached by someone who continually needs her own life coach? I still have so much to learn myself! Prep School has helped me to relax and see first of all even the best life coach needs a life coach. I now understand that life coach training is just that, training. No one is expected to already BE a life coach. Great overview on what life coach training involves and inside tips on navigating the life coach journey. Thank you Prep School!"
-Christie, Winter 2016 Prep Schooler

"I have dreamed of being a life coach for years. From the moment I heard the term "life coach," something stirred within my soul. Even when I barely knew what coaching was, I sensed that it was to be my vocation. As I trekked along my path, working on my Bachelor's degree in psychology, I absorbed everything I learned with the intention of using it to serve. But when I finished school, I started to doubt myself, to feel discouraged. Was my desire to be a life coach selfish? Was it practical? Would I be taken seriously? I felt anxious about my dream, battling an army of fear and insecurity. Prep School helped me claim my calling to become a life coach. Through the classes, and my coaching session, I was reminded to listen to my heart, to trust my intuition, to pay attention to my own inner knowing. I was encouraged to follow my internal guidance. Listening to these beautiful coaches confirmed what I already knew: this is what I want to do. This is what I'm meant to do. I am so grateful to Deb, Wendy, and Sarah for opening my heart, and for shining their lovely light on my own true path."
-Monica, Winter 2016 Prep Schooler


Feedback from Private Coaching

"Sarah ROCKS!!! I had a great session with her and cannot wait for session 2. Brought me to peace and a clear tune-up of my compass."

"I had my coaching session with Deborah, and I can honestly say it was the best coaching session I've had. She homed right in on one of my most persistent counterproductive thoughts and did the work on it, and it changed my whole perspective. She also asked me a profoundly powerful question, "What choice would you make if you didn't have fear?" I feel so inspired and empowered, and more enthusiastic about coaching than ever! I feel honored to be part of this class and to receive such amazing, generous coaching."

"I loved how Wendy, from a casual conversation, zeroed in on an important point from something I said and built on it, prompting me to think about an aspect that I had not considered (reframing)."
Let's do this!
Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be teaching coaching tools?

No.  Life Coach Prep School will introduce a coaching style and provide coaching demonstrations so you can decide if Life Coach Training is right for you. Life Coach Prep School is an enhancement and not a replacement for Life Coach Training. No coaching tools are taught in Life Coach Prep School.


What style of coaching do you use?

The instructors are Master Certified Martha Beck Coaches. They will be demonstrating tools associated with Martha Beck Inc. training programs.


Is this course affiliated with Martha Beck Institute?

No. We are Martha Beck Certified Master Coaches who are offering this course on our own.


What if I’m interested in a coaching program other than Martha Beck? Can I still benefit from Life Coach Prep School?

Yes. While the coaching tools demonstrated will be based on the Martha Beck Inc training program, you will benefit from learning these tools, being coached, and experiencing the power of transformational coaching.

Do you talk about other coaching programs and what they provide?
Due to the volume and variety of coaching programs, a comprehensive list of programs and summaries is not provided. We reference a few programs and how they differ, but it is presumed participants will do their own research into what programs are out there and how they may benefit them. We discuss the decision making process when choosing a coaching program. 

Why would a future life coach student want to enroll in Life Coach Prep School?

Getting coached is essential to becoming an effective coach. When you get coached you are able to move forward in a cleaner way, and you also have first hand experience of the coaching approach.  You are then better able to submerge yourself into the tool and its intricacies. Life Coach Training is a big investment. If you are unsure and want to test the waters, Prep School can help. 


What results can I expect from Life Coach Prep School?

As with any teaching program, results vary according to the individual. It is our goal to orient and prepare you for Life Coach Training programs so you get the most value out of the training.


Will I get certified faster with Prep School?

The certification process varies by individual. Life Coach Prep School does not guarantee certification nor does it guarantee certification sooner than individuals who haven’t attended Life Coach Prep School.


Got more questions?

Reach out to Deborah Munies


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