Introducing the Transformational Package: 3 to 4 RPT sessions or 3 to 4 years of therapy? The choice is all yours!
Also BodyTalk Packages to clear even chronic issues!

What if you could solve your major emotional issues (and physical issues if they stem from emotional issues and traumas) in 3 to 4 sessions instead of 3 to 4 years of therapy? The technology is here, the choice is yours!

Introducing the Transformational Package
3 1 to 1 hour and a half sessions of RPT with a free follow-up up to 1 hour if you were to need additional help

The first session is always a Re-Conception
This is because one of the most important, defining moment of our lives is our conception, followed by our gestation.

Before this first session compile the list of issues (from 2 to 5 issues) and rate them before the session from 0 to 10 according to how severe they are for you. After the session the severity of the issues will diminish (or sometimes be a zero) at the end of the session.
In this session you will be led to change and raise the level of consciousness at your own moment of conception.
The results from this are:
more coherence in your minds (less conflict between what the head, the heart and the gut say),
more happiness,
raised level of awareness and clarity, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and
lessening of a range of issues.


In the second session, according to your issues we will clear the trauma in one or two of the times during your gestation, to make more massive changes, quickly and permanently.
We will then focus in the second and following sessions on the issues that still have some charge for you.

If ReConception by itself has cleared the issues you listed or you don't want to clear any other issue in your life you have the choice of
1)working on other issues in the other sessions, or
2) getting a third of your package refunded!!

Investment: 150 euros via Paypal after booking

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Tell me about your issues, and at least two dates and times (and time zone) that would work for you in the next 7/10 days

All RPT Sessions are carried out through Skype  (anto75uk)
(a stable Internet connection is essential, video is not, but it is helpful)
Discover what RPT can do for you today!

describing your issues and at least two dates and times that would work for you in the next 7 days

BodyTalk Packages

Do you have a chronic physical condition?
Would you like to solve it?
Do you have many physical and emotional concerns you would like to clear?
If your issues are primarily physical and if you prefer an energetic approach where you just have to relax and lie down for a session while I work on your body/mind complex to help clear the causative factors of your problems then book a package of BodyTalk sessions!
One session "miracles" happen with physical issues, but since BodyTalk is Energy Medicine and not miracle cure, and your body needs time to adjust, I prefer to do sessions in a package of at least 3. I can guarantee that within 3 to 5 sessions max your main physical issue will be cleared, and that even other minor issues that you had, physical and non will be better or cleared as well!


3 BodyTalk Sessions at 150 euros instead of 300
5 BodyTalk sessions at 240 euros instead of 500

BodyTalk Sessions are done distance and the results of what has been treated energetically will be sent by email to you after each session, with a list and explanation of all the energetic links performed and the time in which to expect the results of the session.

To Book your BodyTalk Session please write me by clicking here or by writing at

Have you ever worked on a belief with the techniques out there, only to find it creeping back on you an hour or a month later?
It was never gone in the first place.
A trauma, an experience created that belief, and it's held in place by emotions and instincts that need to be cleared for that belief to change or go away. Sometimes the belief doesn't even come from your lifetime but from your ancestors!

Work at the deepest level with RPT for permanent results!

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