RPT Course Registration Deadline!
Want to try a session before the course? Amazing offer!
The Reg
The Registration deadline for the course is approaching! September 12th will be the last day to be able to register for the only RPT course in Europe in 2018!

The Course will be held in Florence in a Hotel in the centre.
RPT 1 will be held in Florence, Italy RPT1 from the 12th to the 14th of October and RPT2 from the 19th to the 21st of October
RPT1 lasts 3 days + 1 whole day dedicated just to practicing the skills
RPT2 lasts 3 days

The investment for both levels, which are intended to be taken together is 950 euros including the practice day
900 euros without the practice day. If you only want to take RPT1 (including the practice day) the cost is 650 euros. Payments via Paypal and credit cards.


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Are you unsure whether to do the RPT course?
Do you have a specific issue you would like to solve?
Just until the 12th of September and only for you on my mailing list I am offering one RPT session at the cost of 46 euros instead of 65, which is the cost of a first session with me, or 120 euros the cost of following sessions!! 

RPT sessions will be done over Skype (a stable Internet connection is essential, video is not, but it is helpful)

Skype account to contact is Anto75uk

RPT sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes with a follow up of 15 minutes after two weeks

To Book your Session please write me at describing your issues and at least two dates and times that would work for you in the next 7 days

RPT can help you in reaching:

Permanent resources  (A Resource is a feeling you would have access to when free from issues. Examples include love, joy, calm, or abundance.
It’s how you were meant to feel, how a truly healthy person feels.)

Your life goals and improving quality of life

Self confidence

Success in business

Healthy relationships

States of happiness

RPT also removes fears, phobias, blockages to an abundant state

RPT can help clear even physical problems that stem from an emotional issue

What results can you expect from an RPT session?

You can expect full resolution of your issue especially if it's very context specific, i.e. I am nervous when I have to talk to my boss, or I have this trauma in my life, or I get really insecure when I have to talk to the other sex.
A complex issue with many factors may take more than 1 session, but you won't leave the first session without definite changes!
Even if you have been struggling for the issue for years with other modalities I can guarantee it will disappear, permanently.
You will leave the session with new inner resources that will improve your quality of life
I, Antonella Ercolani am an Level 1&2 RPT Practitioner and an alternative healing practitioner, and I work only with people who would like to change and taking responsibility of their life. I don't work with mental illnesses

What happens in a sessions? What do I have to do?

I will guide you to feel emotions and to imagine different scenarios and I will help you clear the issues, regain the inner resources, your job is to want to solve the issue,  feel the emotions and follow my guidance. It's not hypnosis at all, you will not be in a hypnotic state, although a light alpha/relaxing state is common.
The important thing here is that you should be able to feel emotions and body sensations easily for the process to work. In case that is an issue for you, the first session needs to be about helping you clear this block to feeling emotions and sensations in your body.

How can I be sure that the issue won't come back and that the resource states are permanent?

The issue gets cleared at the deepest level possible, so your specific issue, in the precise context we will work on won't come back, and the new state is likely to be permanent.
RPT has a 95% rate of success, but if, in the extremely unlikely event the specific issue comes back a session free of charge will be offered to find out why that happened and what secondary benefits there may be.

Is it painful? Is it like talk therapy?

Unlike other kinds of therapies RPT doesn't ask you to go back fully in the problematic experience, but to feel some emotions and sensations and then it takes you out of the memory. You don't even need to talk about the issue if you don't want to, it's still effective.


There is also a process called Re-conception (which usually takes a session) You will be led to change and raise the level of consciousness at your own moment of conception. The results from this are astounding: more coherence in your minds (less conflict between what the head, the heart and the gut say), happiness, raised level of awareness and clarity emotionally mentally and spiritually, and resolution or lessening of a range of issues.

In fact I encourage you to compile a list of issues and rate them before the Re Conception session from 0 to 10 according to how severe they are for you and after this process the severity of the issues will diminish or be a zero at the end of the session. Some of these issues will be gone forever, some will need a short followup if some charge or self-sabotage is still present.
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