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Why are BodyTalk and RPT the answer to your physical, emotional and psychological issues? What makes them different?

BodyTalk and RPT take different routes to heal your issues.

Let's talk about BodyTalk in this monthly newsletter.

In BodyTalk, (through an in-person or distance/remote method of muscle testing that goes further than the usual kinesiological muscle testing), we contact the Inner Wisdom that each and everyone of us has, which is deeper than the subconscious mind. We ask the Inner Wisdom what you need in order to heal on all levels, AND the order, the priority in which each change needs to happen.


Often this is very important. Let's say you do a liver cleanse, but you haven't done a colon cleanse first, you will probably feel terrible, and you would attribute that to a “healing crisis”, which it isn't, you just haven't done the cleanses in the proper order or priority.

Sometimes also, your body prioritizes the healing of some matter that you consciously don't think it's urgent or you don't think it's possible to heal.

For instance you may come to a session for an eczema, but you also have a long standing arthritis issue. Your body may prioritize working with the arthritis, and although sometimes, if the body can cope with all the different changes, it's possible to do a second parallel session specifically for the eczema, most of the time the eczema issue will be dealt with after the main issue is healed.


After finding the items that we need to treat in BodyTalk, which may be many, we build or uncover a “formula” (not unlike a mathematical formula to solve a problem, but in this case the problem is your mind/body imbalance, and the formula is items and techniques that need to be treated and implemented)

Then we use a gentle tapping on the head, the heart area and the navel area, here as well either in person or at a distance, to implement the changes.

You may be familiar with EFT tapping, but this is completely different. We don't tap to stimulate acupuncture points, we tap to tell energetically the the brain to implement the changes, the heart to store the changes and make them permanent, (since the heart pumps energy and information to all the cells of the body and helps them store the changes) and the navel to further “digest” and integrate the changes at a “gut” level, so that they can become more fully embodied.

Using BodyTalk, asking the Inner Wisdom and tapping on the three main brains of the body, (head, heart and gut) we bypass the conscious mind and blocks and we achieve deep permanent healing changes to the body/mind.

This is the basic explanation of how BodyTalk works, For the more scientific minded (inquiring minds wanna know!) among you, a more in-depth.

Our world manifests according to how we observe it, a basic principal of quantum physics. Once we focus or intent on the holistic model of dynamic system theory, then the changes (the BodyTalk formula) that we have found with our testing will be implemented with a temporary energy matrix that represents a new probability for the better function of the bigger energy matrix we call the bodymind.

By having intent, focus, and awareness we are now able to collapse that formula of probability into the energy body of the patient. To help this along we use a focusing tool of nature we call the standing wave or soliton. This acts as a catalyst to initiate and focus the collapse. We create the wave by simply tapping the head, the sternum and the navel area of the patient. Such a simple concept for such incredible results. Experience shows us time and again that, in nature, the simple routes are usually the strongest. Tapping also provides the energy for the reorganization of the molecules to the changed energy body. In Physics, the law is that energy comes first, then matter follows, the changes are done to the energy body, and the physical body follows the new blueprint for health.


The initial changes may take a day or two to manifest, while the complete results of a formula may take from a week to a month to manifest in my experience.

It is vital to stress the fact that the BodyTalk System, although more powerful than other therapies is still a Therapy, not a miracle system. Although there have been cases in which a session is all that was needed for a big shift and healing to take place, as with all other therapies a series of sessions are needed for the healing to take place fully. After all most of your issues took time to manifest and their healing may take some time as well to take place. Usually 3 to 5 sessions are needed to address the main issues you may have and a session per month or two (as directed by the Innate Wisdom which also tells us when it's the best time for another session) for addressing the issues left or for health maintenance and prevention. An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of healing!

Next month we will talk about RPT, how and why it works, and why I studied this therapy even though I already have the BodyTalk
System as an amazing tool for healing.

Thank you and Stay tuned!

If you have any issue, for a FREE consultation please feel free to contact me at anto75uk on Skype, and at

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BodyTalk Sessions are doing remotely and the results of what has been treated are sent by email after the session
BodyTalk is therapy, and as any therapy it can need more than one session. Usually 3 to 5 sessions are usually all it takes to solve your main complaints
Additional sessions can be done as a form of preventative healthcare or to address other issues that remain or that come up in day to day life.
For first-time clients I have this Introductory Offer:

3 sessions for 196 euros instead of 240 euros

My websites:

RPT Rapid Personal Transformation Course Level 1 & 2 in Florence Italy in October!
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RPT sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes                                                  
                                                    with a follow up of 15 minutes after two weeks
                                                    For a limited time, to make RPT known in Europe I  offer the first session at the discounted                                                             rate of 100 euros
                                                    Following sessions are 130 euros each
                                                    As an added discount the price of the first session  can be deducted from the price of the                                                                     next  RPT course in 2018 in Florence in October 2018!

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Like Healing, Permanently, at the Deepest Level (Part 2 of 3) Why are BodyTalk and RPT the answer to your physical, emotional and psychological issues? on Facebook         share on Twitter    Google Plus One Button   Share on Tumblr    
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