Chaturang - Four exquisite Kathak works exploring the versatility of the dance tradition.
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Drishti Dance


Saturday, 11th June 2016, 7.30pm
Pegasus Theatre 

Magdalene Road
Chaturang, or the four colours- a dynamic quartet ofKathak dance work is an exploration of vast breadth and versatility of the traditional Indian form - each varied in characteristics, yet uniquely beautiful.

Tickets: £13, £9 concessions, £6 under 18s, (£1 off for Dancin' Oxford Pass holders)

This production is an experiment with four pieces inKathak, adapting the dance form to not only explore varied narrative styles but also emphasizes its vast breadth and versatility, dipping into the ancient Puranicstory , dramatic in essence, to present a ballad, Mohini.

Laya Anulaya (la-ei Anu-la-ei), an indepth technical study, is an inward facing narrative, a dialogue between the percussionist.

Panchatva, explores the connections between the elements and human senses, re-imagining theNritta (pure dance) aspect of Kathak in tandem with Digital Media.

Antaraal, is a contemporary Kathak work bringing together movement, music and poetry, exploring the journey through time and the spaces between. (First seen at Pegasus in Moving With the Times in February 2016).
Concept and Choreography - Anuradha Chaturvedi
Dancers – Aiyana Tandon, Anuradha Chaturvedi, Anju Rajukumar, Meena Anand, Sonali Sibal Alim, Sarika Shah and Shyam Patel
Poem (Antaraal) - Mohan Rana
Tabla - Amritpal Singh
Santoor - Kaviraj Singh
Music – Malcolm Atkins, Gulshan Bharati
Rhythm Compositions (Laya Anulaya) – Late Arjun Mishra, Vikas Mishra and Anuradha Chaturvedi
Costumes – Shruti Mohan
Images - Anand Muthuswamy
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