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ISSUE NO. 18   |   MAR 6, 2018


What a wonderful time to engage and plan for the future at the APTA CSM 2018 Conference! 

At this meeting we had a successful Bylaws proposal and vote; a generative and impassioned conversation about our name; a connection of several committees through many face to face meetings, a well attended Board at the Bar; a sell-out at the WCS Breakfast; strong engagement with our Nominations Committee; kinetic engagement with our student members and early professional members throughout the sessions and at our booth; time to honor and award our volunteers and leaders; we swore in new Board Directors and a Nominations Committee member; we had amazing Pre-Con sessions, main sessions, posters and platforms; we honored an outgoing President (love to Pat Wolfe); we ushered in a new President (yay! Carrie Pagliano); we thanked industry partners; and we connected with each other face-to-face. 

As our leadership transitions, we are pausing to acknowledge that SoWH exists to support our members and to advance our mission "to advance global excellence in abdominal and pelvic health through evidence-based practice, innovative education, research, and social responsibility."

Thank you for your membership, and we look forward to serving you!

-2018 SoWH Board of Directors


Dear SoWH Member Community,

What an honor it was to meet so many of you in person for the first time at the 2018 APTA CSM meeting.  I want to continue the engagement and conversations throughout the year. I love your stories about why you chose to join the PT/PTA profession, how you chose the Section on Women's Health as your professional development foundation, why you are engaged as volunteer leaders, and the passion you hold for our global community.

Please continue to reach out to share your stories through the SoWH Member Care & Share form.  Please also take the time to nominate yourself or a fellow member to apply for the SoWH Board of Directors. Nominations are open until March 31, 2018. The details for the open nominations can be found here:


Meet D. James (Jim) Ballard, PT, DPT, GCS, WCS

Jim has been a faculty member in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Utah since 2004. He is a clinical assistant professor and the clinical director of the University Balance and Mobility Clinic. In the entry level physical therapy curriculum he teaches: management in geriatrics, men’s and women’s health and wellness and assists in teaching vestibular rehabilitation.

Jim is a board certified clinical specialist in geriatric and women’s health physical therapy. His chief clinical interests are Parkinson’s disease rehabilitation, balance training, vestibular rehabilitation and male and female pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation. He is a member of the Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Team at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  |  August 28-31, 2018

2018 International Continence Society Programme (ICS) [Include ICS Banner Image] Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | August 28-31, 2018 We invite all experts in the field of Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction to Philadelphia for ICS 2018. The ICS annual meeting brings together the most renowned international experts in the research and the treatment of pelvic organs and pelvic floor dysfunctions, with particular regard to incontinence. We expect to present a scientific programme that will attract a multi-disciplinary group of professionals including urologists, gynaecologists, neurologists, nurses, physical therapists, basic scientists and physiologists.

Abstract Submission: 1 March 2018 - 3 April 2018
Early Bird Registration: 15 March 2018 - 12 June 2018
Early bird registration ends: June 12.



During the SoWH Business Meeting at the 2018 APTA CSM there was a very engaging conversation about the name of our organization, our history (1977 - Section on Obstetrics and Gynecology & 1995 - Section on Women's Health),how our members describe their practice and profession, and how we engage with the partner communities and the patient communities. 

The decision is down to defining ourselves as WHO we are (adviocates for physical therapists treating patients with pelvic and abdominal health issues worldwide, with a foundation as advocates for equal access to women's health care) or WHAT we treat (physical therapists treating patients with pelvic and abdominal health issues worldwide). 

The Board promised you our members to a final name proposal by July 1, 2018.  In the interim, we have heard and learned so muuch from CSM, and we want to extend the conversation to the entire membership.  
We encourage you to share your questions, feedback and ideas on the SoWH Name Change process through the SoWH Member Care & Share form.


My CSM 2018 Experience and 5 Tips for DPT and PTA Students Attending CSM 2019!

The Section on Women’s Health General Business Meeting was one of my favorite events of CSM. This event captured the section’s radiant passion, active care for its leadership and goals along with significant membership growth within the past year. Thank you all so much for your gracious welcome to the Section on Women’s Health General Business Meeting! Read more...

New Courses Added!

SOWH Announces $40K Research Grant with Foundation for PT
Recognizing that the intent of establishing the endowment was to support research, your SOWH Board worked closely with Foundation staff to investigate other funding mechanisms. We decided that a $40K grant offered every other year aligned with the SOWH strategic plan of developing and implementing a rigorous research strategy. We believe that partnering with the Foundation, the only non-profit organization in the United States devoted to funding and publicizing physical therapy research, will bring enhanced visibilty to the SOWH endowment and expand the pool of grant applicants... 
Read Post
Bylaws update from CSM!  During our SoWH Business Meeting at CSM, the membership in attendance held a vote and approved 4 out of 6 proposed amendments.  They advised for SoWH to present an updated proposal for the remaining two amendments in the next six months (by August 2018).


These are the 4 Amendments that were approved:

Section 2 = gives PTs and PTAs equal votes at 1 vote each

Sections 1(Annual), 3(Special), 4(Regional) = empowers SoWH Board + Members to hold in-person and virtual (electronic) meetings.  Eases restrictions for Board + Members to call special and regional meetings.

Section 5 (Voting) = confirms equality of PT and PTA voting. Permits electronic voting at virtual (electronic) meetings and at in-person meetings.

Confirms electronic voting. 

These are the 2 Amendments where the members in attendance wanted more review and revisions:

Section 1 = Two new board roles are created: President-Elect and Past President. The board size increases to 12 (between 10-15). 

Section 2 = President-Elect/President/Past President terms are each 1 year in length. President-Elect automatically succeeds President role. 

We will continue to be in dialogue with you our members on this exciting and transformative time, as now our next vote on the remaining two amendments will be an electronic vote by ALL of our eligible SoWH voting members through a virtual/digital meeting. 

In the interim, your resource to all resources on the Bylaws Amendments is available here:
*New version of the Bylaws is available to view here:

We encourage you to share your questions, feedback and ideas on the Bylaws Amendments and upcoming second vote through the SoWH Member Care & Share form.
EPSIG (Early Professional) 
#1 “Are you an Early Professional looking for career development opportunities while giving back the the SoWH? Are you interested in learning more about the evidence related to PT interventions for women with UI?  Become a critical reader for the UI CPG!  Please contact Adrienne McAuley at to learn more.  Thank you and we look forward  to hearing from you!”  

#2 Join the brand-new EPSIG!  EPSIG is a collaborative group dedicated to enhancing the opportunities and knowledge of early professionals.  The EPSIG strives to effectively bridge the gap between student and career professional. Their mission is to best prepare early professionals within the specialization (0-5 years) through mentorship, networking, information, advocacy and leadership.

If interested, please visit:

PPSIG (Pregnancy & PostPartum)
Join the brand-new PPSIG!  The PPSIG will provide a forum to connect physical therapists from a variety of clinical disciplines that promotes networking and cross-leveling of information about musculoskeletal evaluation, treatment, and wellness during and after pregnancy.  

If interested, please complete this PPSIG volunteer interest form:

SSIG (Student)
#1 - Join the SSIG! The Student SIG is a diverse and welcoming community for PT Students interested in abdominal-pelvic health, and a place to connect and grow professionally.     

If interested, please complete this SSIG volunteer interest form:

#2 - Apply for Scholarships & Student Discounts! 
Section on Women's Health encourages SPTs (3rd year and 2nd year students currently enrolled in a DPT program) to pursue continuing education and offers a special discount for 3rd Year and 2nd Year SPTs on their full course registrations for the following courses:
- Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Level 1 (PH1) | $100 OFF Discount
- Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Level 2 (PH2) | $100 OFF Discount
- *Bowel Dysfunction* Version (PH2-BD) | $75 OFF Discount
- *Pelvic Pain* Version (PH2-PP) | $75 OFF Discount
- Fundamental Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy (OBF) | $100 OFF Discount
- Advanced Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy (OBA) | $100 OFF Discount
- Considerations & Preparation for Intrapartum Support (OBI) | $100 OFF Discount

There are also Student Scholarships for the following courses: 
- Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Level 1 (PH1) 
- Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Level 2 (PH2) 
- *Bowel Dysfunction* Version (PH2-BD)
- *Pelvic Pain* Version (PH2-PP) 
- Fundamental Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy (OBF) 
- Advanced Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy (OBA)

If intereted, apply for these student discounts and scholarships at:

The American Physical Therapy Association is writing a Clinical Practice Guideline to help with the care of women with urinary leakage.  We would like your opinion.  All women are welcome to complete the survey.  You do not have to have urinary leakage to do the survey.  The responses will help us to better understand how women think and feel about urinary leakage and the available treatments.   The survey will take about 15-minutes to complete. Thank you.
**Note: This survey is focused on the patient/general public community.**

Take Survey
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 OPENINGS    SoWH Governance Committee

 We are seeking a PTA member to join the SoWH Governance Committee!
This committee shall assist the Board by: (a) keeping the Board informed of current best governance practices and trends in corporate governance; (b) advising the Board on the skills and experience that should be required of potential board members; (c) developing and recommending to the Board a set of Governance Guidelines; (d) developing standards by which the Board can annually review its own performance; and (e) undertaking such duties as may be delegated to it by the Board from time to time. Check out the Governance Committee charter here. The committee will hold 1-2 meetings and 8-10 conference calls per calendar year. 

If you or anyone you know is interested in this opportunity, please submit a position statement and resume via the application link below.
Apply Now
 OPENING    Clinical Practice Guidelines Core Member

Would you like to help develop a new Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG)? The Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Physical Rehabilitation CPG Team is looking for an additional Core Member with literature review and publication experience.  This unique CPG includes elements of chronic disease; pre- and post operative strategies; pelvic floor; aerobic and strength protocols; bone density and scar tissue management.  Therapists from all specialities are welcome to apply. The CPG’s objectives include:  (1) reviewing existing literature related to IBD, exercise science, and rehabilitation, (2) examining practical applications of IBD rehabilitation strategies, and (3) identifying gaps in the literature, elucidating future directions for IBD and Physical Therapy research.
E-mail Jessica Elia for Info / Application
 OPENING    Clinical Practice Guidelines Reviewer  *NEW* 

Interested in working with a dedicated group of PTs and in giving back to the profession?  Are you interested in learning more about the evidence related to PT interventions for women with UI?  Well, we have we just the right opportunity for you!  Led by Mary McVearry Austin and Adrienne McAuley, our Guideline Development Group is now recruiting full-text reviewers to help appraise the research on PT interventions for UI.  We will provide you with the full-text articles and train you in using the Critical Appraisal Tools (CATs).  Contacting us is not a commitment so please reach out if you are interested.  Those who do decide to join our team will be asked to complete a minimum of 10-15 articles/CATs.
E-mail Adrienne McAuley for Info / Application

What is the #1 Reason to Advertise with SoWH?
Our multi-channel communications reach over 3,000+ physical therapists, researchers, organizations, practitioners, and website visitors. If you access to this influential group, please contact the Section on Women’s Health Director of Financial Development, Alexandra Hill, at
If you are interested in getting more engaged, please complete the SoWH Member Care & Share form here
How do you apply for consideration to the SoWH Board of Directors and/or Nominations Committee?

A) Complete the online nominations form
B) Create a prom-posal to the Board President
C) Take out a Facebook Ad

Answer = A.  The online nominations form is available here:
Nomination Application
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