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ISSUE NO. 19   |   MAR 20, 2018


Most leaders highlight volunteer leadership as the best leadership training in their entire career!

"Leading volunteer teams has been a humbling experience for me. All CEO’s (or any leader) can benefit from this experience as the workplaces of the future move from command and control hierarchies to networks of alliances within and outside organizations.  The experience of leading volunteers created powerful paradigm shifts for me. These shifts are critical to engaging globally dispersed work forces, virtual teams, and millennials in what has become a 24/7 work culture in danger of burnout." -Henna Inam of "Ted X Centennial Park Women"

We are looking for our next group of leaders for the open SOWH Board & Nominations Committee positions. 

Open Positions:  

  • Vice President (Term 2019-2022)
  • Director of Communications (Term 2019-2022)
  • Director of Practice (Term 2019-2022)
  • Nomination Committee Member (Term 2019-2022)
March 21
CSM 2019 Session Proposals Due

March 31
2018 SoWH Nominations Due

April 1
2018 Research Grant Applications Due

April 6-8

OBF Course, Lynchburg, VA
April 14-15
PH2* Course, Portland, OR

April 20-22
OBA Course, Longmont, CO

April 28-29
PEDS Course, Chapel Hill, NC

May 15
CAPP Case Reflections Due
Meet Natalie Kiefer, PT, DPT

Natalie Kiefer, PT, DPT, has been practicing as a physical therapist for just over one year. While in graduate school at Pacific University in Hillsboro, Oregon, Natalie participated as one of a handful of PT students in the country receiving a scholarship from the Indian Health Service scholarship program. Through her commitment to this program, Natalie began working after graduation for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, a Native American community in Central Oregon. Natalie had a passion for women’s health for a while, stemming from her previous experience working as a Fertility Care Practitioner, educating women on their health and fertility. Read about her CSM Experience here: Delving Deeper into Women's Health Physical Therapy at CSM 2018.

SOWH Announces $40K Research Grant with Foundation for PT


ICS 2018 | August 28-31, 2018 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


During the SoWH Business Meeting at the 2018 APTA CSM there was a very engaging conversation about the name of our organization, our history (1977 - Section on Obstetrics and Gynecology & 1995 - Section on Women's Health),how our members describe their practice and profession, and how we engage with the partner communities and the patient communities. 

We also have had very engaging feedback from our membership through the Member Care & Share Form.  This week we are sharing a word cloud showing the words and phrases that have been most prominently featured in comments received from July 1, 2017 to February 20, 2018.

The Board promised you our members to a final name proposal by July 1, 2018.  In the interim, we have heard and learned so muuch from CSM, and we want to extend the conversation to the entire membership.  We encourage you to share your questions, feedback and ideas on our future name through the SoWH Member Care & Share form.

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Delving Deeper into Women’s Health Physical Therapy at CSM

In my early-professional career, I often come across cases that do not fit neatly into my “box” or paradigm of diagnoses . Read more...

Call for CSM 2019 session proposals closes March 21, 2018
View submission guidelines

Have a Course Idea?
SoWH is committed to promoting quality education for our members, led by members. We are accepting Course Proposal Applications and CVs/Resumes from members that would like assistance in developing and teaching a course, with the benefits of being mentored by an experienced and knowledgeable SOWH member. If you have a solid course idea and want to become an emerging educational leader, please click here to tell us about yourself and propose your course! 

Student Scholarship
Section on Women's Health encourages SPTs (3rd year and 2nd year students currently enrolled in a DPT program) to pursue continuing education and offers a special discount for 3rd Year and 2nd Year SPTs on their full course registrations for the following courses:
- Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Level 1 (PH1) | $100 OFF Discount
- Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Level 2 (PH2) | $100 OFF Discount
- *Bowel Dysfunction* Version (PH2-BD) | $75 OFF Discount
- *Pelvic Pain* Version (PH2-PP) | $75 OFF Discount
- Fundamental Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy (OBF) | $100 OFF Discount
- Advanced Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy (OBF) | $100 OFF Discount
- Considerations & Preparation for Intrapartum Support (OBI) | $100 OFF Discount

Bylaws update from CSM!  During our SoWH Business Meeting at CSM, the membership in attendance held a vote and approved 4 out of 6 proposed amendments.  They advised for SoWH to present an updated proposal for the remaining two amendments in the next six months (by August 2018).
View Results & Amendments to Be Reviewed by August 2018
SoWH has three active SIGs: Early Professional SIG (EPSIG), Pregnancy & PostPartum SIG (PPSIG), Student SIG (SSIG). *Note: SoWH is developing tech platforms that will allow for ease of communication within these SIG communities. Stay tuned for new updates!*
Pregnancy & PostPartum (PPSIG)
The PPSIG is a SoWH community of professionals having a common interest in the evaluation, treatment, and wellness of pregnancy and postpartum women.  PPSIG will be holding Executive Committee elections in Fall 2018 for the roles of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Vice President.  In the interim, if you are interest for any volunteer engagement, please sign-up here.
Early Professional (EPSIG)
All SOWH Members within the first 5 years of their career are automatically members of the EPSIG. The EPSIG mission is to best prepare early professionals within the specialization (0-5 years + last semester of DPT) through mentorship, networking, information, advocacy and leadership.  EPSIG will be holding Executive Committee elections in Fall 2018 for the roles of President, President-Elect, Director of Administration and Vice President.  In the interim, if you are interest for any volunteer engagement opportunity, please sign-up here.
Student SIG (SSIG)
All SOWH Student Members attending an accredited PT program are automatically members of the SSIG. The SSIG is a diverse and welcoming community for PT students interested in women's and men's health, and a way to connect and grow professionally.  SSIG will be holding Executive Committee elections in Fall 2018.  In the interim, if you are interest for any volunteer engagement opportunity, please sign-up here.

From International Organization of Physical Therapists in Women's Health (IOPTWH): Consultation with Membership on Changing the Name of IOPTWH

Note: IOPTWH membership is a benefit of your SoWH membership.

The first delegate survey on changing the name of the organisation resulted in 72% of the members voting in favour of a name change. These results were shared with all members in the June 2017 edition of our Newsletter, which is downloadable here.

Subsequently the topic was discussed further at a meeting of IOPTWH delegates during the WCPT Congress in Cape Town in July 2017. Further information was sent out in the January 2018 newsletter.

To facilitate the consultation process further, we are gathering information using a simple online survey to answer 4 questions:
  • What wording does your member group believe should be included in the title?
  • What wording does your member group believe should be excluded from the title?
  • Does your group have any suggestions on what the new name might be?
  • Does your group have any other information, questions or comments they would like the committee to discuss or consider?
As your USA representative to IOPTWH, SoWH wants to hear from YOU, our members on these 4 questions. Please complete this quick online survey and we will compile your responses into the official SoWH Report to SoWH on this very important issue.
Complete the IOPTWH Survey

The American Physical Therapy Association is writing a Clinical Practice Guideline to help with the care of women with urinary leakage.  We would like your opinion.  All women are welcome to complete the survey.  You do not have to have urinary leakage to do the survey.  The responses will help us to better understand how women think and feel about urinary leakage and the available treatments.   The survey will take about 15-minutes to complete. To complete survey, please click here.
**Note: This survey is focused on the patient/general public community.**

 OPENING    Regional Representative *MIDWEST*  *NEW* 

The Regional Representative has the potential to have a profound impact on the Section by facilitating engagement between State Representatives and Section members.  The Regional Representative serves as a primary contact for the Section on Women’s Health State Representatives in their region to exchange information regarding member or state concerns, Section activities, and other issues as requested by the BoD.  The Regional Representative assists in connecting people who have a passion for physical therapy. As the Midwest Representative, these are the states that would report to you. Learn more and apply today
 OPENING    Clinical Practice Guidelines

Interested in working with a dedicated group of PTs and in giving back to the profession?  Are you interested in learning more about the evidence related to PT interventions for women with UI?  Well, we have we just the right opportunity for you!  Led by Mary McVearry Austin and Adrienne McAuley, our Guideline Development Group is now recruiting full-text reviewers to help appraise the research on PT interventions for UI.  We will provide you with the full-text articles and train you in using the Critical Appraisal Tools (CATs).  Contacting us is not a commitment so please reach out if you are interested.  Those who do decide to join our team will be asked to complete a minimum of 10-15 articles/CATs.  Please contact Adrienne McAuley at to learn more.  Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

What is the #1 Reason to Advertise with SoWH?
Our multi-channel communications reach over 3,200+ physical therapists, researchers, organizations, practitioners, and website visitors. If you access to this influential group, please contact the Section on Women’s Health Director of Financial Development, Alexandra Hill, at
If you are interested in getting more engaged, please complete the SoWH Member Care & Share form here
When is the deadline for the Spring 2018 Nominations for VP, Director of Communications, Director of Practice, and Nominations Committee Member?

A) Saturday, March 31st
B) Sunday, April 1st

Answer = A.  
Nomination Application
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