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Issue 88, November 1, 2017

First Round Review
First Round Review's 6 Must Reads to Run Fast, Efficient Meetings

Meetings can slow an organization, add momentum, find change, reinforce transparency, and maintain alignment. Understanding the value of a meeting, particularly recurring meetings, by eliminating them. Try to find temporary solutions to address the underlying purpose of the meeting. Run your 1:1s at the same time weekly, and schedule extra time (book 45 minutes for a 30 minute meeting). Come with questions to push your direct reports beyond status updates. For managers-of-managers, skip-level meetings can be a great source of actionable feedback. Ask people to identity the top one or two changes they'd like to see their manager make. Take notes, and provide feedback to your direct reports following the meetings. With purpose, meetings can help a team move faster.

Reading Time: 12 minutes

John Cutler
Faster. Faster. Faster.

The build-measure-learn loop, which optimizes for learning, can appear slower from the outside, than the build-build-build loop, which optimizes for output. Focusing on output in product development adds features and complexity with less value. It means slower learning, longer feedback and fewer wins. Focus on moving a key metric, allowing a team to try different options to learn how to achieve the desired result.

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Ryan Carson
How you can build an amazing Talent Pipeline

It's expensive to recruit, hire, train, and integrate software engineers into an organization. Often they leave for more money, better benefits and/or a more prestigious company. A radical alternative is to invest in your gritty, non-technical employees, looking to grow. Offer online education, outside work hours, and invest in mentorship by senior engineers. This creates mentorship opportunities, growth, and access to a pool of talent.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

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