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Issue 78, August 23, 2017

Elizabeth Shassere
You don’t have to suck as a manager

We all know (and probably work with) less than perfect managers. The Peter Principle and Death-by-MBA work against many new managers. Three small things you can do immediately are:

  • Create a mission statement and establish and set goals with your team.
  • Run monthly (or weekly) 1:1s and annual reviews
  • Review the building blocks of your teams functionality. This includes skill sets, access to information, and their physical environment.

Small actions can open communication and align the team.

Reading Time: 4 minutes


Claire Lew
The 3 types of bullshit feedback — and what to do about them

Your reaction to the feedback sets the tone of honesty within your company. This includes feedback that is true, but poorly delivered, and feedback that may or may not be true. Address feedback that is untrue, rude, or vague, to insure it doesn't become accepted behavior. For untrue feedback, thank them for their feedback, verify, and let them know how it was false. For poorly delivered feedback, thank them and plan to act immediately, but let them know how they could better deliver feedback in the future.  Address ambiguous feedback with clarifying questions to understand specific examples. Feedback is important for the success of a team.  Work to keep it productive and healthy.

Reading Time: 5 minutes

The most important skill you’re not interviewing for (and how to look for it)

Grit is a better indicator of a candidate's success than their prior roles, skills, and qualifications. You can test for grit, but you're best option is to focus on stories from a potential candidate. Ask about time spent on extended projects, goal setting, and facing and overcoming challenges. Personal interests also offer insight into grit. People who stick with an activity (any kind), for more than two years, show grit. In our rapidly changing technical landscape, grit, not current skills, are the best indicator of future success.

Reading Time: 6 minute

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