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Issue 85, October 11, 2017

Rebecca Corliss
Stop Managing Your Remote Workers As If They Work Onsite

Working remote works when you can trust your employees. Set specific targets, explain what success looks like, and trust the team to get it done. To see the full impact of remote work, allow it to be an option for all employees. People see improvements in their personal life, feel less stressed, and improved moral when they work remotely. To enable remote work, set clear goals and trust your employees to execute. It will benefit everyone.

Reading Time: 5 minutes

First Round Review
How Facebook’s VP of Product Finds Focus and Creates Conditions for Intentional Work

Success in management requires focus on tasks related to strategic priorities. Start projects with a clear intent. Revisit the goals and objectives to verify the project stays aligned. Review meetings to ensure they align with your priorities, removing those which do not. Assess staffing to make certain resource allocations align with priorities. Being intentional is the ultimate integrity in leadership. It's about clearly stating your values and intentions, and executing.

Reading Time: 12 minutes

Lighthouse Blog
What to Do When You Start Managing Former Peers

Transitioning to managing former peers can sometimes be a challenge. Address any awkwardness head-on in 1:1s. Let them talk (and listen). Use your experience and relationship to your advantage. Look for opportunities to make them successful. Give it some time, but if all efforts fail, you may need to help them find a new role where they can be more successful. Candor and honesty are your best tools for navigating from peer to manager.

Reading Time: 7 minutes

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