It's hard to believe that we are already into the second month of the new year. This issue we are featuring Lez Talk contributor, K.A. Smith, and sharing news about upcoming releases, the Lez Talk Books radio show, and our latest call for submissions.  Next issue, we'll share details on our upcoming Lez Talk Tour. We hope to see some of you there!

On March 1, 2016 the Lez Talk anthology will be available for pre-sale at  Please be sure email us at for a special discount code to purchase your copy before the April 5, 2016 publication date. 

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Meet K.A. Smith!
K.A. Smith
A North Carolina native, K.A. Smith first received recognition for her poems "In the [Rearview]" and "A Woman’s Day." Seeing those poems published made K.A. believe in her writing even more. Recent stories and poems have appeared in Ladylit Publishing’s Summer Love Anthology and in Sappho’s Corner Poetry Series Tulips Touching as well as on her own blog. She’s also the author of several lesbian short stories including "Get At Me" and "Gina’s Do-Over." 

Today K.A. writes stories about queer women of color for queer women of color and readers who enjoy stories about women, relationships, and desire. “I didn’t have access to the types of stories I like to write now when I was coming up. No women of color, no gay/lesbian/queer people. I had to relate to characters in other ways, but I still wanted to see myself in stories too.” Several of K.A.’s stories have an erotic element to them, but she feels everyone can relate in some way. 

K.A. currently resides in the Piedmont-triad area of North Carolina with an adorable pug and a playful orange tabby cat. As a Gemini her interests are wide and varied. Knitting, baking brownies, and of course reading and writing are just a few things that give K.A. great pleasure. When she’s not working on her short stories, she manages a storage facility and does freelance work on the side.

“My goals for the future include writing full time, traveling a bit more, and spending more quality time with the people who are important to me. I think it’s key to do something you love and maintain a strong connection to the people who bring you joy.”
Connect with K.A.:
Twitter: @authorkasmith 
Lez Talk Books Radio
Have you listened to our radio show? Every other Tuesday Stephanie and Lauren chat with Black women writers about their work.  Listen to archived episodes on our YouTube channel.  

Our next guest is author and Lez Talk anthology contributor K.A. Smith. Her show will air February 16, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. To listen live, visit
Call for Submissions:
Solace: Writing, Refuge, and LGBTQ Women of Color

Deeply troubled by recent acts of violence against Black and Brown lesbian, bisexual, and trans bodies, BLF Press and Resolute Publishing seek submissions for Solace: Writing, Refuge, & LGBT Women of Color that explore the ways in which LGBTQ women find solace: in each other, in their communities, and from within themselves, as they traverse the dangers of living as LGBTQ women of color in the United States.

BLF Press and Resolute Publishing will produce a collection of writing that explores our pain, as well as our attempts to find solace in a world that seeks to destroy us. Audre Lorde writes that “We were never meant to survive,” yet here we are.  What are our strategies for survival? Where do we find solace? We welcome submissions from writers in varying stages of their writing careers, from seasoned to novice.

Solace: Writing, Refuge, and LGBTQ Women of Color embraces the complexities of our lives, revealing the depths of our pain and the artistry of our healing. The editors seek writing that:

  • cross a range of literary genres (creative non-fiction, short fiction, and poetry)

  • merge the themes of WOC and LGBTQ; affirm the interconnectedness of race+gender+sexual orientation

  • express how Black America/America experiences our race+gender+sexual orientation showcase the resilience and strength of WOC and LGBTQ communities

  • affirm our gifts as writers and women of color.

Click here for submissions guidelines
BLF Press