The Summit Is Underway...

Orlando, Florida officially became the focal point of the LPAA and aphasia care last night. UCF Aphasia House and Brooks Rehabilitation hosted early arriving attendees at an open house that showcased the innovative work going on at both institutions.

The evening was one part reconnecting with old friends and one part starting to make new connections. In his welcoming comments, Todd Von Deak, Aphasia Access' Executive Director asked attendees to make a point to meet at least one new person while in Orlando. He reminded those in attendance that "the connections you make that you carry on after the summit will serve you well for years to come."

Video and pictures from last night's reception are on
Aphasia Access' Facebook page.

THIS MORNING: Live From the Summit
Each day of the Leadership Summit, Aphasia Access will stream one session over Facebook Live. Both presentations will spend time addressing current questions surrounding Medicare reimbursement for aphasia care.

Join us this morning (Friday), beginning at 9:45 AM (ET) for a keynote panel on "Managing Tension Between Innovation and Sustainability."

Our group of experts 

•    Ellen Bernstein-Ellis – California State University – East Bay
•    Darla Hagge – California State University – Sacramento
•    Maura Silverman – Triangle Aphasia Project, Unlimited

To access the live stream, visit Aphasia Access' Facebook Page at any point during the session. The video from this morning will be available on Facebook for those unable to watch live.
Share Your Summit Experience
If you are in Orlando, you have a unique opportunity to extend the impact of the Summit and benefit aphasia care in the process. By using the hashtag #aphasia, or linking back to Aphasia Access’ Facebook page, you can increase the impact of the Summit in a meaningful way.
ISO: Group Activities
Aphasia Access is looking for your best group activities to include in the upcoming expansion of its Resource Exchange Initiative. The Resource Exchange gives Aphasia Access Members the opportunity to benefit from the experiences of others through a sharing site where you post your examples and download others to use as inspiration or starting point for a new idea. You can pay it forward and share your group activity online at  
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