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  • CNYCA’S COVID-19 Economic Update: NYC residents received $30 billion in unemployment benefits from March through October, but those payments will soon shrink as CARES Act benefits expire
  • NYS Announces $4.3 Billion in Budget Cuts
  • NYC Council Hearings: November
  • Mayoral Fireside Chat: Maya Wiley on November 19
  • News, Events & Professional Development
  • Program Recruitment
  • Job Opportunities
CNYCA’S COVID-19 Economic Update:
NYC residents received $30 billion in unemployment benefits from March through October, but those payments will soon shrink as CARES Act benefits expire
COVID-19 Economic Update is a bi-weekly column prepared by economist James Parrott of the Center for New York City Affairs (CNYCA) at The New School, whose research is supported by the Consortium for Worker Education and the 21st Century ILGWU Heritage Fund. Read past installments here
There were an estimated 1.3 million New York City residents unemployed and receiving unemployment benefits as of late October. While the number of new unemployment claims has declined in recent months, it is still about half of the weekly level that prevailed in June and July. Net employment might be slowly creeping back up, but only about half of the jobs lost from February to April have been restored and nearly 25,000 New Yorkers are newly filing for unemployment benefits each week (this is four times the prior year’s level). 

In addition to those receiving regular New York State unemployment insurance (UI) benefits, the 1.3 million number includes: dislocated self-employed workers, independent contractors, and others who don’t normally qualify for UI and who instead receive Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA); and also workers receiving Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC), which kicks in after the 26-week limit on State UI benefits elapses. Both PUA and PEUC were authorized by the Federal CARES Act enacted in late March, with benefits paid entirely by the Federal government. Both programs will expire at the end of 2020.

Finally, there are also displaced workers receiving extended benefits (EB); this is a permanent Federal-State UI program triggered when a state’s unemployment rate reaches a specified average level for the previous 13 weeks. In New York, the EB program provides up to 20 weeks of benefits following exhaustion of regular State benefits. Under the CARES Act, PEUC was designed to provide extended benefits first; after 13 weeks of PEUC benefits are exhausted, a worker who is still unemployed becomes eligible for the EB program.

See the chart below for the number of State recipients from all programs, which also shows the small number covered by “work-sharing” arrangements involving reductions in hours worked in lieu of layoffs.  New York City’s share of statewide recipients has risen in recent months and was about 58 percent of the New York State total in September (the latest month for which data are available).  

Workers losing their jobs at the beginning of the pandemic in March began exhausting regular UI benefits in September and moved to the PEUC program. As the chart indicates, part of the decline in the number of regular UI recipients can be explained by those workers transitioning to the PEUC program. 

Data from the State Comptroller’s office indicate that unemployed workers in New York State received $53.4 billion in unemployment benefits during the months of March through October. New York City’s unemployed workers received about $30 billion of that total. The chart below indicates the estimated monthly amounts received by the city’s unemployed, and shows how total UI benefits fell off after July when the $600 weekly Federal UI supplement – another feature of the CARES Act – ended.

The bump up in the September amount the chart shows resulted from the Lost Wages Assistance program authorized by President Trump, using Federal Emergency Management Assistance (FEMA) funds. This provided for a $300 weekly UI supplement for six weeks, with the bulk of that paid in late September. 

A worker who became unemployed very early in the pandemic may be eligible for up to 59 weeks of UI benefits (26 weeks of regular benefits + 13 weeks of PEUC + 20 weeks of EB), while a worker who lost her job after the first of July will be eligible for a maximum of 46 weeks (26 weeks regular + 20 weeks EB) since the PEUC program will have expired by the time she exhausts regular UI  benefits. 

Federally funded UI benefits accounted for 77 percent of all UI benefits paid statewide from March through September. As CARES Act provisions expire, the total amount of UI payments to city and state residents will start to plummet in January and deprive hundreds of thousands of households of needed income. For example, when the PUA program expires at the end of December, about half of all city and state UI recipients will lose benefits.
NYS Announces $4.3 Billion in Budget Cuts
The New York State Division of the Budget recently announced extensive budget cuts to all programs and agencies, including human services. The released FY 2021 Mid-Year State Budget Financial Plan Update projects a $14.9 billion General Fund revenue decline and a 15.3% All Funds tax receipts decline from the Budget forecast released in February, creating a total loss of nearly $63 billion through FY 2024 as a direct consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pointing to “the absence of Federal funding to offset this revenue loss” in a press release, NYS noted an updated Financial plan showing “the State reduced spending through September by $4.3 billion compared to FY 2020 spending over the same period. The State has done this by freezing hiring, new contracts and pay raises, and temporarily holding back 20% of most payments.”
NYC Council Hearings: November

Below are highlighted City Council hearings taking place in the coming weeks that are relevant to the workforce community. If you would like to sign up to testify via phone or Zoom, you must submit your name at least 24 hours in advance. Written testimony may be submitted through the same link up to 72 hours after a hearing has been adjourned. For more, see the full calendar of hearings.
  • November 12 @ 10 am - Committees on Civil Service and Labor, and Higher Education (details)
    • Oversight - Adjunct Faculty Employment at the City University of New York
  • November 13 @ 10 am - Committee on Technology (details)
    • Oversight - Ethical Implications of Using Artificial Intelligence and Automated Decision Systems
    • Proposed legislation Int. 1894 -  Regulate sale of automated employment decision tools
  • November 16 @ 10 am - Committee on Mental Health, Disabilities and Addiction (details)
    • Oversight - The City’s Mental Health Response to Community Violence
    • Proposed legislation Int. 1890 - Community outreach regarding the availability of mental health counseling in response to violent and traumatic incidents
  • November 17 @ 10 am - Committee on Cultural Affairs, Libraries and International Intergroup Relations (details)
    • Oversight - The New York City Public Libraries and COVID-19
  • November 18 @ 10 am - Committees on Youth, and  Women and Gender Equity (details)
    • Oversight - DYCD Learning Labs
  • November 19 @ 9 am - Committee on Finance (details)
    • Proposed Legislation Int. 2136 - Authorizing an increase in the amount to be expended annually in two business improvement districts
  • November 20 @ 10 am - Committee on Civil Service and Labor (details)
    • Oversight - Workplace Safety in the COVID-19 Era
  • November 20 @ 10 am - Committee on Economic Development (details)
    • Oversight - Brooklyn Navy Yard
    • Proposed Legislation Int. 1839 - Require an annual report on the progress of the Brooklyn Navy Yard master plan
  • November 20 @ 10 am - Committee on Education (details)
    • Oversight - Examining Social-Emotional Learning and Support Staff in Schools
  • November 23 @ 10 am - Committee on Small Business (details)
    • Oversight - Preventing Further Business loss During a COVID-19 Second Wave
  • November 24 @ 11 am - Committee on Environmental Protection (details)
    • Oversight - Offshore Wind Power
  • November 25 @ 10 am - Committee on Contracts (details)
    • Oversight - Reviewing the City's Indirect Cost Rate Funding Initiative During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Mayoral Fireside Chat:  Maya Wiley on November 19

NYCETC is hosting a series of 2021 Mayoral Candidate Fireside Chats to hear about each candidate’s plans if elected to the office of NYC Mayor, and the role of the workforce development community here in New York City. This week we will host our sixth installment with Maya Wiley and hope you will join us - RSVP here

Upcoming Calendar of Events:
  • Thursday, November 19 – Maya Wiley
  • Thursday, January 17  – Kathryn Garcia

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National Skills Coalition

Uneven Recovery Leaves Many Hispanic, Black, and Low-Income Adults Struggling
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Community College Daily

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(Virtual) Events

Securing International Talent: Immigration Law for Nonprofits
Thursday,  November 12  /  10 am - 12 pm  /  Info & RSVP

Breaking Down the Election: Prospects for Skills and Inclusive Recovery
Thursday,  November 12  /  2 pm  /  Info & RSVP

Making Sense of Election 2020: A Reporters' Roundtable
Thursday,  November 12  /  12 - 1:30 pm  /  Info & RSVP

Falling through the Cracks: Implications of AI on employment for individuals with disabilities
Friday, November 13  /  12 - 1  pm  /  Info & RSVP

Policy Matters: Reflections on the Past and Future of Apprenticeship
Friday, November 13 /  1 - 2:30 pm  /  Info & RSVP

Stories That Move Us: A virtual event to listen and engage with the stories of resilience of immigrant women
Saturday, November 14 /  8 - 10 pm  /  Info & RSVP

WPTI Employer Symposium Series: Hospitality Sector
Tuesday, November 17  /  8:30 - 10:30 am   /   Info & RSVP

Developing New and Maintaining Old Tech Pipelines for Women
Tuesday, November 17  /  6 - 7 pm   /   Info & RSVP

Strategies for an Inclusive Recovery - Supporting Low Income Entrepreneurship in Manhattan
Wednesday, November 18  /  10 - 11:45 am   /   Info & RSVP

The Future of New York: New York's Next Comeback - Tom Wright, President, Regional Plan Association (RPA) in Conversation with Travis Terry, President of Capalino
Wednesday, November 18  /  11 am   /   Info & RSVP

Can Investing in Workers Support Small Business Resiliency Through the Pandemic?
Wednesday, November 18  /  3 - 4:15 pm   /   Info & RSVP

Learning and Leading: Effectively Leveraging Experiences in the Pandemic to Promote Recovery
Wednesday, November 18  /  2:30 - 3:45 pm   /   Info & RSVP

Mobilizing Capital: Artists’ Impact on Community Health and Wellbeing
Friday, November 20  /  1 - 2:30 pm  /   Info & RSVP

National Immigration Forum Leading The Way 2020 Conference
November 16 - 19  /  Info & RSVP

Behavioral Design for Effective Communications

Tuesday, December 1  /  10 am - 12:15 pm   /   Info & RSVP

Best Practices for Diversifying Talent in Tech within the COVID Context
Tuesday, December 15  /  6 - 7 pm   /   Info & RSVP

Women Run Businesses Using Tech to Create Stronger NYC
Tuesday, January 12  /  6 - 7 pm   /   Info & RSVP

Please send updated program schedule and communications for employment and training programs to

Columbia University's Justice Through Code
Justice Through Code (JTC) is a coding intensive for formerly incarcerated individuals that teaches the fundamentals of programming in Python. Python is a popular programming language used by companies like Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, and Reddit. In addition to learning technical skills, students will also work to develop the interpersonal skills necessary for a career in the technology industry. Interpersonal skills development will involve workshops and lessons in business communication, resume writing, interviewing skills, networking, and personal narrative development. Applications are due November 22. 

KindWork x BWI: Customer Experience Fellowship
6-week, full-time, remote training program for young adults (ages 20-26) seeking an entry point to the tech sector. Students will learn the skills needed to work as a Customer Experience or Customer Support Specialist at a tech-enabled company. This is a great entry-level role with lots of growth potential. Graduates will be provided with job placement support and one year of career coaching. Recent program graduates are thriving in full-time CX roles at companies like Google, Capsule, Revel, Great Jones, and Justworks. Now accepting applications for the next cohort beginning in January 2021. More info here.

Grace Institute
The Grace Institute’s employer-driven workforce virtual training programs help women develop the professional skills employers have identified as being needed by today’s administrative and customer service professionals. Grace offerd two programs starting on February 1st, 2021: 10-week Virtual Administrative Professional Program and 8-week Virtual Patient Service Representative Program. Learn more and apply here.

Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation
Recruiting young adults between the ages of 18-24 for its Careers That Care health sector training programs. In addition to the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program provided through CUNY Kingsborough, Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation has also partnered with Royal Learning Institute to provide additional trainings for high demand health/medical sector careers including: EKG Technician, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Medical Billing and Coding, Pharmacy Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician. Candidates must have a high school diploma or an HSE. See flyer for information and complete this interest form.

Project Renewal
Project Renewal is hosting info sessions from November 30 to December 4 for its next cohort for its Next Step Internship Program. This 8-week training program gives participants a combination of classroom and paid on-the-job training in a New York City Homeless shelter or Supportive Housing facility.
As part of the program, trainees will gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as frontline essential workers in homeless shelters.  The training is a combination of virtual instructor-led training and paid internships in homeless shelters.  Trainees will have the opportunity to earn industry-recognized credentials and will receive job placement services upon graduation.  Trainees must have a High School Diploma or Equivalency.  Also must be available to work flexible hours. RSVP for Info Sessions

StreetWise Partners  
Currently recruiting for the 13 week virtual mentorship program that assists participants who are un/underemployed gain the tools, skills and resources needed to obtain and maintain employment. Participants receive individualized support from 1 or 2 mentors while learning about career planning, resume writing, interview techniques, networking, LinkedIn, and workplace culture. Participants gain access to a network of thousands of volunteer professionals, mentees, and alumni graduates; as well as, ongoing professional development opportunities and job updates. Program starts on January 5th. To sign up for an info session click here.

Manhattan Educational Opportunity Center (MEOC)
MEOC is offering FREE Career Training programs, including EKG, OSHA 30 Hr. for Construction and Security Officer Training. NYS residents who are 18 or older and who possess a HS Diploma (or its equivalent) can reserve a seat for one of our Virtual Admissions Sessions or apply online directly from either a laptop, tablet or mobile device. Upon completion of programs, students will receive industry certifications that can improve chances of gaining employment.  The MEOC is working remotely at this time.  Additional updates and information for potential applicants can be found here.

YouthBuild is a 5-month long high school equivalency and vocational training program for NYC young adults between the ages of 17 and 24. YouthBuild will be offered virtually this year. Participants will receive high school equivalency instruction, business skills and entrepreneurship training, employment readiness and life skills classes, and a stiped. Apply here.

General Assembly
Applications for 2021 Adobe Digital Academy are now open, and include scholarships for General Assembly's Software Engineering (SEI), User Experience Design (UXDI), and Data Science Immersive (DSI) courses. Interested applicants should begin their application process by November 6, with applications due on November 13. More details on the application process and flow can be found below.

CUNY School of Professional Studies
Families Forward, a time-limited Office of Child Support Services' (OCSS) workforce development program, is actively recruiting participants who owe child support for its free job training programs.  Families Forward is part of a study that includes occupational skills training in several industries: cable installation, construction, cybersecurity, IT Support, transportation, and woodworking. Job placement and advancement, financial counseling, and child support navigation services are available to participants.  All training programs are full-time and meet Monday through Friday. Visit for additional information, or contact at or 929-221-5015.

St. Nicks Alliance - Financial Service Training
Requirements include:  At least 6 months customer service experience, cash handling experience is a plus, and an HSE is required.  Bilingual English/Spanish is a plus. See flyer for info.

Commonpoint Queens
- Pre-HSE classes: Mon-Thurs remote daytime schedule (synchronous and asynchronous); $150 weekly stipend for 20 weeks
- HSE classes: Mon-Thurs remote daytime schedule (synchronous and asynchronous); $15/hour paid internships for up to 250 hours
- Advanced Training classes: Mon-Fri hybrid daytime schedule (synchronous); $15/hour paid internships for up to 250 hours
See flyer for information: English and Spanish.

The HOPE Program
Currently offering two remote career training programs that provide job placements in various different industries such as construction, maintenance, food service, clerical work, customer service, retail, and many other industries. HOPE is also offering industry certifications such as OSHA-10, OSHA-30, flagger, scaffolding, drug and alcohol awareness, fall prevention, and more. Interested candidates can attend a virtual information session via Zoom that HOPE holds every Tuesday and Thursday at 1PM to learn more about the program and apply.

Building Skills NY
BSNY is currently virtually recruiting candidates for full-time entry level construction jobs throughout NYC. Candidates that meet BSNY minimum requirements are invited to complete an application online to begin the process and receive an invitation to an upcoming virtual recruitment event. BSNY holds virtual events on Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30AM via Zoom. More info here and upcoming events here.

CUNY School of Professional Studies
The Career Development Center at the Early Childhood Institute is committed to facilitating the connection between early childhood educators and programs serving young children and their families, especially during this time of uncertainty. Early childhood programs in need of teachers and support staff can learn more here, and early childhood educators or a recent graduates looking for work can learn more here

NYC Adult Literacy Programs Accepting New Students
See full list here. Request to be added by completing this form.

The Actors Fund
The Career Center offers a comprehensive suite of online programs and services that help entertainment industry and performing arts professionals identify and find sideline work and discover new careers outside the industry. See workshop calendar.

Nontraditional Employment for Women
Nontraditional Employment for Women is now conducting information sessions on-line! Every Tuesday at 10 am and Wednesday at 6 pm. Register for an info session. Requirements include: eligible to work in the US; HS Diploma or HSE; interested in hands-on training to join a career path in the construction field.

Upwardly Global - Immigrant Professionals Employment Program
Upwardly Global supports Immigrant and Refugee New Yorkers to navigate the U.S. professional job search process through a free online Job Search Training Program, customized job coaching, invitations to network and practice interviewing with our employer partners, access to reskilling and training opportunities, and more. Currently all services are provided virtually. More Info

The Hispanic Federation
Economic Empowerment Program Coordinator

The HOPE Program & Sustainable South Bronx
Chief Program Officer    •     YouthBuild - HOPE Program Coordinator

Manager, External Affairs

Project Director, Policy and Impact

Mosholu Montefiore Community Center
Coordinator for Academics


Manager of Workforce Development

The Door
On Call Overnight Assistant   •   Health Center Coordinator  •    Supervisor of Data, Reporting, and Evaluation  •   Part Time Tutor  •    Receptionist

LaGuardia Community College
Vice President of Adult and Continuing Education

Project Renewal
Employment & Vocational Specialist

Job Developer  •   Bilingual Insurance Navigator (Cantonese & Mandarin)  •   Bilingual Insurance Navigator

St. Nicks Alliance 
Skills Training Program Coordinator

MediaMKRS Instructor

Medgar Evers College
Student Career Program Specialist - Tech Talent Pipeline

Little Island
Line Producer   •   Audio/Lighting Supervisor

The Doe Fund
Child Support and RAP Sheet Specialist  •   Career Development and Graduate Services Instructor
NYC Employment & Training Coalition (NYCETC)
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