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newsletter #4

From April to June  2016

The transition...

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Who will be the next?

From now on, the youngsters of Musiara, Imani, Nora, and of course those of Malaïka are big. Letting them live their life was difficult for the two scouts, William and Edward. And now, what are they going to do?

The rainy season is ending; the second car, quite new and freshly painted, is just arrived in Mara. The conditions look perfect to monitor cheetah cubs … Yes, which ones ?

That’s what we are going to tell you in this 4th newsletter …

Already one year! … the Cheetah For Ever association was born. And since then, what a long way we have come! 9 cheetah cubs turned into “full grown” cheetahs under the watchful eyes of our scouts.

The new Cheetah For Ever's car

Our protected cheetahs...

Cheetah mother monitored from July, 2015 till April, 2016

- Malaïka, Kike’s daughter, born at the end of 2007
- Imani,  daughter of Amani, born in 2012
- Musiera (alias Rani), daughter of Shakira, born in 2008
- Nora (alias Nolari), daughter of Narasha, born in April, 2012

Their youngsters at the end of June

- the two young adults of Malaïka are 2 years old 
- Malaïka's new litter has a few days 
- Imani has approximately three 13-month-old youngsters 
- Musiara has also three 13-month-old youngsters 
- Nora has one 11-month-old youngster
On the ground... 

At the beginning of April, all the cheetah females continue their back-and-forth between the reserve and the conservancies, but Malaïka and her two subs stay in the Topi plain vicinity.

On April 16th, occurs an unusual event that deserves to be noted: Malaïka and her subs share a prey with a hyena!

At the end of April, Malaïka and her subadults go to the windmill of Musiara marsh. Two members of our team, Sylvie and Elvis, attended a hunting party of the family, less than 4 minutes of the camp!

April is peppered with breakdowns of Cheetah Car which, forced to the fixed asset, does not allow anymore a regular surveillance of the mothers cheetahs. That being, the youngsters are tall enough, and do not require anymore Edward and William’s monitoring: they are fast enough to escape the predators. Edward has the demonstration of it on May 13th while he follows Imani and her three youngsters.
While these are walking quietly on a track heading to the Tanzanian Serengeti, they are surprised and attacked by a lioness popping up from tall grass. Cheetahs scatter immediately in all the directions, leaving the lioness without reaction. A little bit later, Imani calls her youngsters, and the whole family resumes its way.

From now on, Edward and William are going to let them live their life. Let us hope that they will often cross the way of their old protected cubs, can admire them hunting in the blonde savannah of the Maasaï-Mara and will be able to give us some news from time to time! Maybe even our scouts will soon be the angels-guards of the cubs of the young females they watched?

At about the first week of May, began a generous rainy season.
And when it is raining in the Mara, it is not an empty word, it is the flood on an African mode!

On May 22nd, both young adults of Malaïka are spotted without their mother. In two years, they had all the time to benefit from an effective learning thanks to the lessons of their mother. They fend for themselves from now on, and won each a first name: Malkia for the young female, and Mfalme for the young male, meaning respectively "queen" and "king". So we supposed that Malaïka was pregnant and, the delivery approaching, had left them to give birth to her new litter. Since the beginning of June, she makes extremely discreet, what seems to confirm the hypothesis that the delivery was up to occur.
The two Malaïka's subadults hunting

In May, a scientific study was published by Femke Broekhuis, manager of the Mara Cheetah Project led by the KWT. She performed a census of the present adult cheetahs in the reserve of Masai-Mara and some of the conservation areas over three months.

On 2400 km2 covered by the study, there are only 30 ± 2 adult cheetahs. It is what we suspected (we had arrived at a number of 40 cheetahs by being optimistic), but figures are there from now on to underline the urgency and the gravity of the situation: in 10 years, the population would thus have decreased in half, what strengthens the legitimacy and the utility of the Cheetah For Ever program.

The 7 teenagers of Musiera, Imani and Nora, and the two young adults of Malaïka are the living proofs of his efficiency. Let us hope that these new cheetahs will soon come to be added to 30 listed adults.  
Broekhuis F & Gopalaswamy AM. Counting cats spatially explicit population estimates of cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) Using Unstructured Sampling Data. PLoS ONE 11(5): e0153875)

While we write these lines, Malaïka is a mother again. It is the result of two days (March 14th and 15th) spent with Leomom, a beautiful male coming from the Mara Triangle.

The scouts looked for her activally during one week. They have just discovered the place where she hides her cubs: they are well hidden … And the brigade watches now that nobody approaches them.

Thanks to the support of the LUSH Company and the Beauval Nature Foundation, a new car (a Suzuki Maruti Gypsy) was acquired and delivered to Mara on June 23rd. It is customized with the logos of Cheetah For Ever, the Beauval Nature Foundation and the Or Mara Eramat association.
One of the Reserve rangers between Edward and William

Other actions led on the ground... 
In April, a session of tree planting was organized with the "Cheetah Club" of Mararienta, a village bordering the reserve.
Sessions of tree planting and shrubs are regularly organized by Cheetah For Ever with schoolchildren motivated by the conservation of the fauna and the ecosystem.

Maasaï-Mara suffers from a massive deforestation. This deforestation facilitates the access of the numerous and enormous herds of Maasaï cows to the plains of the reserve into which the herders penetrate in a totally illegal way. To transplant trees in border areas will allow to regenerate some wooded area, area into which cows do not venture.
Furthermore, an essay of setting-up hives was realized...

The purpose of this project is double:

1/to supply a revenue stream other than cows to the Maasais, and

2/to exercise an effect of estrangement of the elephants who are many in this zone of Maasaï-Mara and who are afraid of bees. They venture into the cultures, at the risk of provoking accidents and human/wildlife conflicts.

Rendez-vous in a while for the first results ...

Our two scouts William and Edward are very happy of these last births, as is all the team. They work hard to preserve the safety of the cubs during this period when they are so vulnerable.
In the mean time in France...


Our request of subsidy with the Brigitte Bardot Foundation was accepted, what is going to allow to acquire very quickly the third car (which will wear naturally the logo of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation). We are very happy and extremely proud to have the support of this Foundation which works effectively at the animal protection and of which everybody knows the dedication of her founder for this cause.

The financing application with the Virgin Company continues.

On May 27th, is kept the first Ordinary general meeting of Cheetah for Ever for year 2015 exercice. Over the 185 members of the year 2015, 53 of 191 members (27 %) were present or represented. The moral report and the accounts were approved.


It is through various media or several exhibits that we were able to make to know the association and to promote its program.

Tony Crocetta is interviewed on April 11th in the middle and directly from the savannah of the Mara by Laetitia Barlerin, veterinarian, author, animal journalist and columnist who co-leads the weekly broadcast " Your animals " on Radio Monte-Carlo.

At the beginning of may at the Spot -nature Festival of Octeville-sur-Mer, the Cheetah For Ever's team has the possibility of explaining its action to the microphone of the local radio station " Radio Vallée de la Lézarde ".
Le stand Cheetah For Ever au festival de Montier en Der
Bernard Thomas de la société CANON France remet deux kits photo pour les brigadiers sur le terrain

After the magazine "Trente Millions d' Amis" in March, two magazines for children speak about Cheetah For Ever: "Wakou", first of all, who publishes a special issue about cheetahs, then "Wapiti" which dedicates a double spread to Cheetah For Ever's action in its issue of May, 2016.

We are listed from now on in the column "Protéger/Les acteurs / structures étrangères" of the very good website named "Faune Sauvage".

On June 9th, 10th and 11th, 2016, Cheetah For Ever is present at the French "Festival d’Art Nature Coeur de France" which is held in the castle of Ainay-Le-Vieil. The children of the IME (MEDICAL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE) and the adults of saint Amand-Montrond's APEI did a favour to us by visiting us on our stand with their educators Isabelle and Christine. It was the opportunity of a nice photography session with the authors of the book "Douma", that met a big hit! Another book is in preparation.

Supports and initiatives of our members

On April 7th, was the inauguration of an exhibition of light frames initiated by Frédéric Lesné, presenting his photographies to the farm of Bressieux in Bassens (Savoy, France).
A second exhibition, organized by the French association "Solidarité savoyarde" on the initiative of Agnès and Frédéric Sanchez, was inaugurated these days. Light frames are presented at the restaurant “L’aumonerie” in the village of Bassens.

The profits of the sales of these two exhibitions go to the association Cheetah For Ever. One thank you to all three!

Another initiative touched us a lot: the students of the 1st year of the High school of the city of "Le Raincy", made key rings which they sold for the benefit of the association.

Finally, one of our members made figurines of cheetah cubs (or other big cat cubs) which she models and hand-paints (one "Made in France " insured!). Named "mini-cubs", they will be for sale on Cheetah For Ever's stand, for the benefit of the association, at the festival of the city of Montier-en-Der this autumn. Thank you Anne!

The Cheetah For Ever association counts 261 members today whom we thank for their confidence and their support, and collected approximately 70 000 euros of donations. 
We also thank the 2211 Facebook likers which follow our Facebook page and share our publications to make our program and our actions known.

Thank you for the cheetahs!

And soon...

Cheetah For Ever will be present at the 20th Wildlife Photography and Nature Festival in the city of "Montier en Der" (in the Champagne region) from 17 till 20 November 2016 on the stand of the Tony Crocetta exhibition.

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