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Welcome to the AI-NURECC PLUS initiative newsletter! 

AI-NURECC PLUS is an Initiative aimed at involving local and regional authorities, as well as other stakeholders, to support entrepreneurship, transnational clusters, and digital innovation hubs activities in the Adriatic and Ionian Region. It is capitalising on the results of the AI-NURECC project and is contributing to the implementation of the main objectives and pillars of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR), operating in the fields of Sustainable Tourism, Cultural and Creative Industries, and Circular Economy. AI-NURECC PLUS pays a special attention to Youth.

This project is coordinated by the CPMR in partnership with four stakeholders from the area: the Adriatic Ionian Euroregion (AIE), the Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities (FAIC), the Forum of the Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce (FORUM AIC), and the Association of Universities of the Adriatic Ionian area (UniAdrion).

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Creative and Cultural Industries in the Adriatic-Ionian Region | A FOCUS ON CINEMA & FILMS
6 April 2022 | MOSTAR (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

This event was organised by the Forum of the Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce (Forum AIC) in the framework of the International Economic Fair of Mostar, held from the 5th to the 9th of April 2022, as a follow up of the of the two Conferences held on the 1st December 2021 and on the 28th February 2022 which have started mapping the variety of Creative and Cultural Industries existing in the Adriatic and Ionian region and observed the latest developments and trends at EU level that contribute to the implementation of the Cultural and Creative Regional Ecosystems (CCRE-S3). With interventions from experts and representatives of the sector, this Side-Event focused in the Audiovisual sector, analysing the evolution of the former Yugoslavia to date, with the aim of understanding how to make the sector more attractive at European and international level, and contribute therefore to support growth and job creation. 
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High-Level Conference on Circular Economy in the Adriatic Ionian Region
11 April 2022 | Online event

Organised by the Adriatic Ionian Euroregion, the second High-Level Conference on Circular Economy in the Adriatic Ionian Region discussed the uptake of circular principles in the context of multi-actor and multi-level governance. Key stakeholders of the Adriatic Ionian Macroregion such as the OECD, national-level governing structures supporting the EUSAIR, the EUSBSR and the EUSDR provided their inputs. Representatives of Western Balkan youth organisations presented their concrete actions to create awareness, facilitate community engagement in embracing circular economy and sustainability. A round table explored how the circular economy works for Adriatic Ionian local and regional authorities and paved the way to present two case studies of industrial symbiosis to explain how waste or by-products in one industrial sector can become raw materials in another.
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7th EUSAIR Forum
16-18 May 2022 | TIRANA (Albania)

In the framework of the 7th EUSAIR Forum, the AI-NURECC PLUS partners had a very active participation and organised a series of events under different thematic areas. The events in Tirana were an outstanding platform for Adriatic Ionian stakeholders to network and discuss momentous topics such as the revision of the EUSAIR, the role of youth and youth engagement in the Strategy and Cultural and Creative Industries as key to cross-border cooperation.
The Adriatic Ionian Euroregion (AIE) organised the third Adriatic-Ionian Youth Organisations Forum (AIYOF3) “Youth building a common vision for the future of the EUSAIR” and the High-Level Conference “Cultural and Creative Industries as key to cross-border cooperation in the Adriatic Ionian Region”. The first event saw the active participation of young people and representatives of youth organisations from 9 countries in the area, who discussed youth engagement in macroregional strategies and in particular in the EUSAIR, as well as their own commitment in facilitating the establishment of a EUSAIR Youth Council.
During the Conference entitled: "Cultural and Creative Industries as a key to cross-border cooperation in the Adriatic-Ionian Region", a panel of prestigious speakers illustrated the state of art of CCIs in the area and showed examples proposing innovative ways of making the sector more appealing internationally. The necessity to map the current situation of the CCI sector was highlighted in order to provide the right resources to boost the industry and attract new talented professionals from all over the world. The event allowed for some inspiring best practices and the opinions of professional of the CCIs sector, who - with passion, dedication and expertise - are making the difference on a daily basis.

Speakers' Corner was organised by AIE in collaboration with the European Commission and the Albanian EUSAIR Presidency. The event was hosted at the EUSAIR Networking Fair and was managed by the Adriatic Ionian Youth Network (AIYN). Through the Speakers' Corner the AIE collected young people’s ideas for the revision of the EUSAIR.
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The 7th EUSAIR Forum was an inspiring experience, offering exchange of good practices and opportunities in the Adriatic Ionian region. Some of the highlights of the event were the very active participation of youth, the concerns about climate change and the importance of developing sustainable tourism. A revision of the EUSAIR Action Plan was also launched during the Forum. The Presidency was handed over from Albania to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Discover the conclusions of the event
Online - 5-9 September
ANCONA (Italy) - 12-16 September

UniAdrion Summer School on Sustainable Tourism aims at introducing students to the concept of sustainability and sustainable development in the tourism and hospitality sectors. The course meets the increasing demand for the use of creativity and innovation to address development challenges and reach the SDGs goals. Students will develop the ability to critically evaluate the impacts of tourism development on the Adriatic-Ionian Region natural resources and the local community.  The natural and cultural environments of communities and destinations will be explored to enable students to critically interpret the changes and development of domestic and international tourism policy and train them on possible solutions to overcome crises.
More information
A fair and a conference on sustainable tourism on 16 of September will close the Summer School. The events, organized by FAIC, will be held both in the Faculty of Economics of Ancona, in the heart of the City center. The fair will host associations, young companies, start-ups and projects from all EUSAIR Countries that deserve to be reported for their sustainable policy: the aim is to have the best representation of projects, from each of the 10 EUSAIR countries, that try to reduce the negative impact of tourism and to enhance the positive impact in rural areas and off-the-beaten track, by offering environmentally conscious holiday solutions.
Call for expressions of interest
If you are or know of a "sustainable tourism provider" you can write to to suggest a project to be presented, with low-impact solutions, during the fair.  

The economy of the sea in the Adriatic-Ionian region: the value and development of nautical tourism

BRINDISI (Italy) and online - 29 September

The Forum of the Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce in cooperation with Brindisi Chambers of Commerce and Assonautica Italiana, will organise an AI-NURECC PLUS event focusing on the value and potential developments of nautical tourism. The event takes stock on the increasing importance of coastal, maritime and nautical tourism, and the momentum to promote initiatives in favor of a new and more developed nautical tourism.
More information & registration here

AI-NURECC PLUS @ Blue Hackathon

ATHENS (Greece) and online - 18 March 2022

The CPMR participated in the Blue Hackathon of the NAVS Project, coordinated by the Eugenides Foundation (EF) (Athens, Attica Region, Greece), further to an invitation of the University of the Aegean (CPMR's partner). The AI-NURECC PLUS Coordinator presented the AI-NURECC PLUS work on the Blue Economy, and focused on the CCRE-S3, an AI-NURECC deliverable open to all EUSAIR countries. NAVS project is mentioned in the CCRE-S3 website.
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#Youth4Coop : Youth building a common vision for the future of the EUSAIR at the Annual Forum

The event “Youth building a common vision for the future of the EUSAIR” organised by AI-NURECC PLUS in the framework of the 7th EUSAIR Annual Forum was featured in the REGIO FLASH newsletter. 
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