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3 de diciembre de 2015
SEK Weekly - Las Américas

La Navidad también nos trae los exámenes semestrales.
El hábito de estudiar es como practicar deporte, si queremos ser campeones, si queremos ser “SER MEJORES” debemos practicar todos los días. No debemos confundir “hacer tareas” con estudiar.

Hacemos tareas cuando algún profesor quiere afianzar un contenido y manda trabajo para hacer en casa. Pero estudiar es algo que debemos hacer a diario.

Al llegar a casa, después de merendar y descansar un rato, nos retiramos a la habitación, sacamos los libros y apuntes y comenzamos el proceso de memorizar y asimilar los contenidos dados en el Colegio.

Para asimilar los contenidos que estemos estudiando, debemos concentrarnos por lo que debemos apagar el celular, la tablet, la computadora, la tele y demás aparatos tecnológicos. Si así lo hacemos, seremos unos excelentes estudiantes, siempre mejores.

Hagamos un esfuerzo, nos quedan 7 días para que comiencen los ya no “tan temidos” exámenes semestrales.

Ánimo, siempre esperamos lo mejor de nuestros alumnos.
José Enrique Navas
Director General

St. Thomas Soccer Cup

As usual every year November is the month of St. Thomas Soccer Cup, this year celebrating its 16th edition. We as a school, got invited in the 7th grade male category. We had our first game Friday, November 14th versus Colegio Mundo Integral. READ MORE...
15 Minutes of Fame
On Wednesday, November 25th our School’s choir had the amazing experience of performing on a live T.V. and radio show.   READ MORE...
Jornada de limpieza de costas

El pasado 21 de noviembre un grupo de estudiantes, integrantes del Club de Alumnos del Colegio, acompañados de varios profesores y personal del Ayuntamiento acudimos a la playa de Guibia para colaborar en las tareas de limpieza y mantenimiento del entorno. LEER MÁS...
El pasado viernes 27 de noviembre nuestros alumnos de Preescolar tuvieron la ocasión de compartir una clase de natación con sus padres y mostrarles sus grandes avances en la piscina. LEER MÁS...
2015 PYP 6 Exhibition
-How We Organise Ourselves 
Hout Bay International School-
South Africa

As part of their final year within the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) the PYP 6 students carry out a in depth project called the PYP Exhibition. The aim of the Exhibition is to encourage the students to work collaboratively whilst conducting an in-depth inquiry into a real life issue or problem. The students must use the 5 essential elements whilst also demonstrating the Learner Profile. The 2015 PYP 6 Exhibition looked at the Transdisciplinary Theme ‘How we organise ourselves.’ There were 6 groups exploring the descriptor – ‘an inquiry into the interconnectedness of human-made systems and communities; the structure and function of organisations; societal decision-making; economic activities and their impact on humankind and the environment’.

Each group devised their own Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry. The following Central Ideas were explored:
• Children can play a role in how a community develops.
• Emergency services contribute to the well-being of a community.
• The impact of social media affects people in their daily lives.
• The cost of food production determines its price and quality.
• Charitable organisations impact the lives of people in a community.
• Economic status determines ease of access to medical care.

Each group included all 5 elements of the Primary Years Programme (Concepts, Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Action) and have produced work of a very high standard. We were very impressed with the way the students confidently presented their work and have involved themselves in Community Action, we are extremely proud of their achievements! Please enjoy the attached video, which gives a brief introduction to the PYP 6 Exhibition.

Well done, PYP 6 and best of luck for your first year in the High School in 2016.

Mrs Sehested-Larsen & Ms Scholtz
Hout Bay International School

-Grantham Preparatory School-
United Kingdom
 ISA Swimming Gala, Walsall

This week our Junior swimming team took part in their first Swimming gala of the season.  This is traditionally the furthest away, longest to conclude and biggest event we take part in with over 30 schools attending.  Our team performed their individual races over 33m which is 8m further than any other competition - now they know why they have been training hard over the last few weeks!  Each event is run over 4 or sometimes 5 heats and it is always difficult to work out official scores.  The PA system does not help in any way and so we must wait patiently for the official results to come through before we know if anyone has qualified to swim in the Olympic Pool in London at the National ISA Championships. 

What we did witness were some fantastic performances from Captain Lottie - 1st in Breaststroke, 2nd in Backstroke  and "probably" the fastest time in the Freestyle.  This set of results has guaranteed Lottie a place in the team for January, where she will attempt to right the wrongs from last year!  Olivia won her Breaststroke heat, Phoebe was 2nd in her Butterfly and Freestyle heat and coupled with some fantastic, competitive swims from everyone else, the season is looking promising from the water babies. 

Sometimes events like this brings out the true character of our children and none more so than Phoebe (Class 5) who ,when asked to swim in the Butterfly event for the Year 6 race, was heard to state "Yes, I will swim the Butterfly Mr Park, I'll take one for the team" - priceless.
Well done everyone who swam, some their first ever experience of competitive swimming.

Mr. Park
Grantham Preparatory School

Felicidades a nuestra alumna Yubelis Cabrera de 2do de Bachillerato, por haber sido coronada, este pasado 28 de noviembre "Teen Queen of the Continents RD".

Yubelis, tendrá ahora la labor y el honor de representar a la República Dominicana a nivel internacional. 

¡Estamos muy orgullosos de ti!
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