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4 de febrero 2016.
SEK Weekly - Las Américas


Días de Convivencia: “crear confianza”
Dentro de las diferentes formas que la Institución Internacional SEK tiene de integrar a los padres de nuestros alumnos al Colegio, destacan “Los Días de Convivencia”.

En estos días, los padres nos visitan en grupos reducidos con la intención de darles a conocer cómo es un día normal en la vida cotidiana de sus hijos.

Al llegar al Colegio son recibidos por la Directora de Admisiones que les acompaña por todas las instalaciones.

Pueden observar cómo se desarrollan las clases, cómo usamos la tecnología, cómo impartimos el deporte (natación, karate, la danza), dónde y qué almuerzan sus hijos, ya que la visita termina en el comedor, donde haciendo la fila como todos, eligen la comida del día.

El Colegio se les muestra tal como es: “cuestión de confianza”.
José Enrique Navas
Director General
Guided Tour
During the months of January and February, the school’s parents have the opportunity to see how is a typical day in our school. Each day is dedicated to parents from a specific class. They tour facilities and classrooms and are able to see what their children are  doing in the class at the moment.  This is important activity, which gives the parents a chance to learn what will their children accomplish during the school year.

Finally, they have lunch in our dining room, just as regular students where they enjoy the menu of the day.
Candy Abreu
Admissions Director
Royal Night 2016
Los alumnos de la promoción Iudicum, por segundo año consecutivo, realizaron con mucho éxito su cena bailable ¨Royal Night¨. Esta actividad es realizada con el objetivo de recaudar fondos para su viaje de estudios y crear un espacio de convivencia entre toda la familia SEK.

La actividad fue iniciada a las 7:00 de la noche y contó con la participación de numerosas familias de nuestro Colegio. Los alumnos se sienten muy agradecidos por el apoyo brindado.
Grey Ysabel
Tutora de 4º de Bahillerato

SEK Las Américas en el TCES 2016
Alumnos de 3º de Bachillerato nos representan en el Taller Competitivo de Emprendimiento Social (TCES 2016).

Es una herramienta ideada por la Universidad UNIBE, la cual pone al alcance de nuestros alumnos el desarrollo de habilidades empresariales que necesitarán dentro de poco tiempo.

En esta primera fase del concurso, los alumnos participaron en secciones de charlas y entrenamientos con otros 37 colegios de la ciudad. Desde ya, deben idear una empresa que sea innovadora, productiva y que cumpla con la labor social.

Contamos con una excelente representación y confiamos en el gran desempeño de los estudiantes.

Grey Ysabel
Tutora de 3º de Bachillerato
Little Doctors
On Thursday, January 28th Pre-K students had the wonderful opportunity of being little doctors. After learning in class interesting things about the human body, the school’s doctor, Dr. Anny paid a visit to them. She explained more and answered some of their questions. In order for the students to have a better idea of the human body, the school’s doctor, brought a surprise visitor Frankie, the school's skeleton! Everyone was very excited to see him!.

In addition, thanks to him, they now have a much better idea how our bones and muscles work to protect all of our important organs and how they work together in harmony, making the perfection that it is the human body.
Candy Abreu
Admissions Director
     Shona McCallin, a member of the England Hockey Team opened our wonderful new building. Shona was a member of the winning team that won the Euro Hockey championships last August, beating Olympic champions Holland 3 - 1 after penalties.  Shona trains full time with Great Britain Hockey and the team have already qualified for the Olympics in Rio in 2016.  We were delighted that she was able to join us alongside Directors Mr. McEwen and  Ms. Fernandez, many parents, teachers and children, past and present.  It was a very exciting day for us all.

     The new building was completed in 7 months by Gelders and has provided us with a dining hall, library, science room, art room with kiln and a dedicated space for our after school club.  It has wide spacious corridors and is fitted with underfloor heating.  It is flooded with natural light and has fantastic views over Grantham.  It will provide space for us to provide the best opportunities for our children.

     During the Open Day the children performed a short concert to our visitors.  The Infants recited “The Night Before Christmas”, the choir sang, and the band played a variety of Christmas music.  Lottie played a violin solo and Christie gave a brilliant solo performance singing with tremendous maturity and confidence.  We are very proud of all our children and our visitors enjoyed their performances.

     After the concert, the children took part in a variety of enjoyable craft and science activities within the new classrooms.  At 1.30 pm we set off helium balloons and a rocket to end the day.   Our visitors were all impressed with the new facilities and our children had fun.  It was a happy day and will provide lasting memories for us all.  It marks an important step in the development of Grantham Preparatory International School, now nearly 30 years on our existing site.  
by Mrs Korc 

Pre-K and Kindergarten showed off their knowledge and communication skills when the two classes came together in January to share how different each culture is when it comes to food, dress, music, traditions, and celebrations.  Pre-K had just completed their How We Express Ourselves unit titled “Let’s Celebrate” and Kindergarten had finished their Where We Are in Place and Time unit titled “It’s A Small World After All”.  Students, teachers, parents, and grandparents came in for an “All Around The World” fair and shared many facts about the countries where their families come from.

The Kindergartners used their research skills to find out the meaning behind their flags, famous land-forms, currency, animals, and many other interesting facts!  The Pre-K students shared some of their favorite family traditions and how their families celebrate holidays. Both classes showed attitudes and attributes of the Learner Profile throughout the units especially that they are enthusiastic, open-minded, knowledgeable, communicators, tolerant, and risk-takers for trying new food!
-Ms. Katie and Ms. Liz 
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