¨De nuestras aulas a tu pantalla¨
26 de noviembre de 2015
SEK Weekly - Las Américas

Si algo caracteriza de forma muy especial a nuestros alumnos, son los valores que van adquiriendo desde muy temprana edad en nuestros Colegios, siempre apoyados por los padres.

Dentro de estos valores, la solidaridad es uno de los que más les identifica.

El Club de Alumnos ha iniciado su tradicional Campaña de Navidad con el fin de hacer felices a más de 350 niños y niñas a los que sorprenderán con maravillosos juguetes, riquísimos dulces y divertidos juegos el día 18 de diciembre.
Como es costumbre, la familia SEK se va a volcar para conseguir este objetivo.
José Enrique Navas
Director General 

The advantages and opportunities that the virtual universe offers are clear. The interactive aspect that the web provides generates a horizon that seems limitless. READ MORE...
Jugar es mucho más que diversión
El día 18 de este mes celebramos la tercera escuela para padres. Esta vez con el titulo “jugar no solo es diversión”. En esta ocasión la Licenciada Pilar Rubio nos transportó a nuestra infancia recordándonos cómo jugábamos entonces. LEER MAS...
Welcoming Christmas

It was a great pleasure for all of the choir members being part of "The Singing Tree”, displayed every year at Agora Mall to begin the Christmas season. READ MORE...

PYP 5- Silk Road Math
PYP5 is inquiring into their unit on Exploration. They are learning about early world exploration, including the Silk Road, navigation, Native Americans, and explorers from Leif Erikson and Marco Polo to Conquistadors Hernando Cortes and Francisco Pizarro. In math we are focusing on decimals. The students worked in groups to conduct research projects on the five regions of the Silk Road including: Mediterranean Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, and China. They created products to sell based on their region and what would have been traded during the 1200's to 1400's. Then they created their own Silk Road Festival, where they bought and sold goods, while using their knowledge of decimals to find totals and tax on the items. We turned it into a game for points. Congratulations to Ivan (1st place), Melak (2nd place), and Oscar (3rd place)! What a creative way to practice our skills and enhance our unit of inquiry! 
Mrs. Kurth, PYP5 
Boca Prep International School

Year 5 and 6 outing to the Science Centre
If we had to describe the Science outing in one word, we would say: “Fun!"
The learners were actively involved in all the activities!  They started off by exploring different exhibits on the floor then they had an excellent team building activity!
The learners also listened to an educational speech about space and space shuttles. To make rocket launches more understandable for the learners they had to build their own rockets in pairs with a rope, a straw and a balloon.
After lunch the learners explored the reflection of light! They really enjoyed this activity when observing the outside of the building through a hole made in the roof. Every movement outside reflected in a very dark room on a white table. It was just as some of them said “Cool!"

The outing ended with a magical science show with very exciting experiments like explosions, multiplying foam, interesting sounds from buckets and pool pipes, air compression experiments, just to name a few. It was truly a fun filled day!
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