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April  2016
Yokie* Message
by Celina Granato 
Yoke Advisor Council, Member 

After nearly two decades working in social service, I’ve come to see time and again how productive relationships are fundamental to every success I have observed.  When it comes to a life of serving, relationship is like the breath; without it, there is no service.  And no matter what you do, you are in some way providing a service for others. As fast paced as life seems nowadays, there is a way to create a little “breathing space” in what you do and who you do it with.  This is through a Mentoring, one of the most valuable interactions that can occur in relationships. more...

*Yokie - someone who provides seva (service) through theYoke. 
  Marvelous Mentors               

Historically, a student of Yoga, learned orally from their teacher over many years. Sometimes teachers-in-training would live with their mentors so the subtle nuances of the Yogic principles were assimilated through daily life. Most modern models of training teachers are far more condensed. The person-in-training often will not see their teachers after the initial instruction. Though the acquiring of knowledge doesn’t stop (hopefully), it is likely to come from a wide range of sources. Sometimes this can lead to confusion and can leave a teacher feeling a bit solitary on their path.

When LauraLynn (executive director & founder of theYoke) sits in conversation with Yoga professionals a desire for support and overwhelm (especially new teachers) are common themes. Pay-It-Forward is a mentor program for Yoga Professionals. It is complimentary to all Yoga professional members.* Mentor and mentee meet every month (or as they arrange). "The power of being heard is so important.. and then being able to have supported action with follow up is the icing on the cake," Jansen says. She has been a co-active coach for over 10 years and is excited about what this program offers to both Yoga teachers and individuals heading up Yoga programming.

*Click here for more information on obtaining a Yoke Yoga Professional Membership 
what theYoke is up to...

Along The Path *

2016 - April

Living Yoga Series
A new Yoke program was launched this month. It is for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the many aspects of "Yoga." Send a message if you would like to learn more or participate.
*************************          *************************
Wake Me UP! is the first offering in this series. 
Imagine if each time we spoke we were aware, completely attentive? Each time we put something out into the world a conscious intention and energy is provoked? How would it shift our individual lives? Those we interface with each day? Others connected to our ripple affect? Begin this exploration through a week of daily 

2016 - end of Summer
theYoke is extending our donation based events this summer to other communities. We are looking for studios or other venues/partners who would be willing to host an event with
LauraLynn in Wisconsin, Minnesota or IllinoisContact her if you have an idea.

popUP Oahu   is coming up at the end of the month. Keep an eye on the popUP Facebook page for details, or drop us a line.
Do you live on the island of Oahu? Would you like to co-host a popUP donation based offering? Have an idea of a fun venue or something a little different?
Contact LauraLynn.

* Delve Deeper *

Yogi Book Club
Join other Yoga folk in exploring modern and ancient books based on Yoga's many facets and themes. This is a complimentary program for anyone interested. Next month we will start our first book of the club's season.
Check it out.

 A 5-month intensive study of the Yoga Sutras. Deepen
your knowledge of Self through the study of this
ancient Yoga text.

The Root of the Lotus 

 led by LauraLynn

* Be Part of the Making Change Crew
Do you believe what theYoke stands for in the Yoga world is important? Appreciate the resources provided at theYoke.Yoga hub? 

Your annual membership supports programs created to serve Yoga professionals, the communities they serve, and beyond. 

 Kula memberassist us in continuing to    spread the meaning of Yoga out into the world.  Inspired to give a bit more? Poṣaka Circle may be your place in theYoke community as well.

Our mission is to offer a hub for Yoga folk to unite, serve each other, and create sustainability on their Yogic path.
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