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July  2016
Yokie* Message
by LauraLynn Jansen
Yoke Founder & Executive Director

Seva: The Path of Karma Yoga 

During my travels over the last couple months I picked up a copy of Peppermint, an Australian magazine focused on style, sustainability and substance. It drew my eco-conscious fashionista and artista into its’ pages. One of the clinchers was an article about “Super Role-Model,” Seane Corne.  I have never taken class from her, nor met her. I have however observed her multiple times in various Yoga venues. In this issue of Peppermint the author, Emily Lush, keyed in on Seane’s “two seemingly disparate interests in Yoga and social change” and how these two strong aspects “dovetail[ed]“ into Seane’s life’s work. In reading this description I gained clarity of my own path and what drew me to observe Seane (over countless other Rock Star Yoga Teachers) in large Yoga venues from Florida to Hawaii – the similarity of our paths.   more...

*Yokie - someone who provides seva (service) through theYoke. 
 Karma Yoga               

theYoke is dedicated to expanding the conversation of what is Yoga. If you think of Yoga as putting your body into a set of twists and turns, or maybe it is also the mysterious practice of meditation. You are right these are practices of "Yoga."

However, they are just a very small portion of this life encompassing practice set forth by this ancient science. Yoga emerged from India as a means to transcend suffering somewhere between the fifth and third centuries BCEThe original practitioners were called shamans, munis and yetis. They considered it to be an art of transformation.

All of theYoke's offerings promote a chance to expand the understanding of what "Yoga" is its' fullest spectrum. You can explore the many paths (margas) called Yoga at: www.theYoke.Yoga.

Not sure where to start? Start here and Learn more about the Karma Yoga path.

*for more information on a Yoke Yoga professional membership

What theYoke is Up to....

Along The Path *

2016 - Summer
The June Oahu pop-UP workshop with Kristalena and LauraLynn was held under the massive mango trees of Kahumana Farm. The gorgeous Waianae mountains backdrop inspired our practice to celebrate the summer solstice and international Yoga day. This was a donation based gathering that benefited theYoke and Kahumana Organic Farm and Cafe.

LauraLynn will be in Wisconsin in August offering donation based classes and workshops across the state. Would you like to attend or know more contact us.


2016 - Fall
STAY TUNED: Fun"raising" events will be taking place across Oahu with donation based Yoga at each of them. Each event will be different from the other. Would you like assist with our Seva action associated with clothing homeless individuals?  Contact LauraLynn for more information.

* Delve Deeper *

Yogi Book Club
The reading and sharing of our last book of the summer is about begin. You are welcome to join us
This is a complimentary offering.
Write us for more information
Yoga Folk Book Club on Facebook.


Living Yoga Series
The second offering of this ever-evolving series will be available shortly. It is for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the many aspects of "Yoga."

This one is entitled,
Seva: A Random Act of Kindness. It provides prompts for developing an awareness of the role of seva in your life. Send a message if you would like to learn more or participate. You can also see prompts on our Facebook page: It's All Yoga.


The Root of the Lotus 

 A 5-month intensive study of the Yoga Sutras. Deepen your knowledge of Self through the study of this ancient Yoga text.
Led by
LauraLynn Jansen,

Bhagavad Gita
Coming this fall a new study group opportunity based on the Gita. A deeper understanding of this infamous text that has inspired great thinkers from Emerson to Steve Jobs. Together we will learn of ourselves and the infamous story of Krishna and Arjuna.

  Both of these courses qualify for CEUs upon completion.

* Supporting theYoke
Do you believe what theYoke stands for in the Yoga world is important? Appreciate the resources provide at theYoke.Yoga hub? 

You can support theYoke in multiple ways:

1. Smile at Us on Amazon.   
step 1: go to -
Be Sure to bookmark this site.
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step 2: click on: "Your Account"
step 3: scroll down to "change your charity."        if you  don't have an organization already you will be prompted to set one up when you come onto the site.
step 4: type "Yoke inc." into the search box & select the one associated with Kapolei HI.

 2.) Become a Kula Member :
participate  & support Yoke programs created to  serve Yoga professionals, the communities they serve, and all Yoga folk. 
3.) Donate by being part of the Poṣaka Circle.
Poṣaka means to nourish, feed, support, and keep in Sanskrit. We are deeply grateful for the gifts of individuals, organizations, and companies who support theYoke mission to Serve, Unite and Sustain. 
Thank You!!

Our mission is to offer a hub for Yoga folk to unite, serve each other, and create sustainability on their Yogic path.
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