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January 2016
Yokie* Message
by Helen Ames
YAC (Yoke Advisor's Council) member
Ego is a universal character trait of all human beings. It gets a bad rap, treated as something we always want to remove or alter. The ego separates us from the oneness of all, allows us to get trapped in fear and anxiety about what other individuals are thinking or judging us for. Ahamkara the Sanskrit word meaning ego is literally translated as the I-maker: I am here, I am alone, I am successful, I am loved, I am disappointing, I am sad, I am happy. The ways we identify ourselves are limitless and ongoing. We developed our ego for a reason; it helps us to identify with the current reality, understand the world around us and in some cases protect us. So how do we balance our ego with our yoga practice? 
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*Yokie - someone who provides seva (service) through theYoke. 
It's All Yoga

Jnana is the Yogic path of knowledge. It looks into the truth about who we are and what we are experiencing. This path is known to bring understanding through the engagement of meditation and study. Philosophical pondering, introspection and contemplation are all part of this deep exploration.
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Yoke Happenings

* There are a few spots left!
March 3-10 2016: Retreat to Hawaii
Join LauraLynn, theYoke founder, and Helen Ames (Yoke Advisor) for a week of yoga, hiking, water adventures and more.
7 nights on an organic farm, unique adventures, Yoga, farm-to-table  meals, and so much more. 
A couple spots remain at $1500. 
Please note there is on devoted Yogi scholar position left, it is to apply for this spot which is financially more accessible contact LauraLynn.
ALL profit is being donated to theYoke.
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* Courses *
Deepen your personal experience of Self & your knowledge of the traditional roots of Yoga.
 A 5-month intensive study of the Yoga Sutras,
The Root of the Lotus led by LauraLynn has revolving start dates. Let us know your interest and we will let you know when the next session begins. 
{CEUS available upon request.} 

$90 for members/$150 for non-members
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Along The Path *
Winter 2015

Yoga LauraLynn, theYoke's executive director, is currently in the San Francisco Bay Area meeting with various Yoga managers, studio owners and other Yoga folk attending one of the largest Yoga conferences of the year to spread the word of theYoke.

www.theYoke.Yoga is being noticed by international Yoga magazines and local non-profits.

continuing: popup Oahu  partnering with other non-profits to offer donation based classes by a wide variety of Yokies (staff, board and advisors’ council members).

Our mission is to offer a hub for Yoga folk to unite, serve each other, and create sustainability on their Yogic path.
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