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June  2016
Yokie* Message
by LauraLynn Jansen
Yoke founder & executive director

Diversity … the quality of having many different forms.
Respect ….a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.
The ancient tools of Yoga are able to assist us with the modern day movement toward fully embracing and respecting, that which is diverse from ourselves. The path of Yoga requests us to be fully present to our individual “story.” This same attention and intention shown outwardly demonstrates respect to others. It is beyond an “act of embracing.” The art of  “being present” offers respect for the gifts another possesses. By respecting the variedness of each other we begin to truly allow each of us to be known to the other. This is not a fake it to you make it thing. Continue Reading.


*Yokie - someone who provides seva (service) through theYoke. 
                 Diversify to Unify               

                                             By Kendal Troutman    
                                     Yoke Advisor Council, Member 

I spent quite some time meditating and praying on finding the “right words” to explain why diversity and unite should be important for yoga folk to remember and embody.  As an African American yoga instructor I immediately wanted to list all the obvious barriers that are found in yoga studios that promote a lack of diversity and unity.  I also wanted to list the countless personal experiences that have left me feeling like “I don’t belong” in these spaces.  But why?  As Yogis we all know how we are falling short, not only with embodying diversity and unity, but also the space we create for practice. Read on.

What theYoke is up to...

Along The Path *

2016 - June

LauraLynn, (Yoke ED) uses empowering approaches to personal leadership/self-awareness (which is a huge portion of what Yoga is all about) when working with private clients and students in class.
Over a decade ago she co-created a youth leadership empowerment program based on these principles. She trains others to be a part of this change machine, known as the "Catalyst Crew." This approach holds foster girls at Camp
HerShe as creative, resourceful and whole.
For many of these youth this is the first time in their lives  they experience being seen in a positive light causing many levels of personal transformation. LauraLynn also does asana and mediation with the youth. She is currently developing programs for the youth to participate in with their mentors and home organization, 
HerShe so their new discoveries of self continue to build and be supported.
 "It is some of the toughest work I do, and it is still one of my favorite weeks of the whole year!"  

popUP Oahu  
Last weekend Krissa & LauraLynn hosted a gathering to celebrate the solstice and International Yoga Day at Kahumana Organic Farm and Cafe on the island of Oahu. This donation based gathering to support theYoke and Kahumana.

Do you live on the island of Oahu? Would you like to co-host a popUP donation based offering? Have a fun venue or an idea to add a little something extra?
Contact LauraLynn. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for detail, or drop us a line.

* Delve Deeper *

Yogi Book Club
Join other Yoga folk in exploring modern and ancient books based on Yoga's many facets and themes. This is a complimentary program for anyone interested. More information.
Check it out.


Pay It Forward

theYoke mentor program

We have created five Yoga teacher scholarships as part of the Devoted Yogi Scholarship Fund. Each person selected will receive a year's Yoke Yoga Professional membership. Associated with the membership is a mentor-coach.
A few of these still remain. Please contact theYoke to apply or find out more if you are interested.

*for more information on a Yoke Yoga professional membership

 Be Part of the Making Change Crew
Do you believe what theYoke stands for in the Yoga world is important? Appreciate the resources provide at theYoke.Yoga hub? 

Kula members assist us in continuing to spread Yoga out into the world.  Your annual membership supports programs created to serve Yoga professionals, the communities they serve, and beyond.Inspired to do a bit more? 

oṣaka Circle may be your place in theYoke community as well.

Our mission is to offer a hub for Yoga folk to unite, serve each other, and create sustainability on their Yogic path.
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