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February  2016
Yokie* Message
by LauraLynn Jansen
theYoke Executive Director

Yes, I believe in L.O.V.E.  I absolutely loved creating a shoebox mailbox for Valentines when I was a kid. I carefully cut out each heart to cover it, placing them ever so carefully. I proudly displayed it on my desk at school. Though I was one of those kids who didn't received a bunch I still loved read each note, admiring the images over and over again.I still send out Valentine cards, even though I am not completely in agreement with the origins of this holiday and modern day commercialism of it today. I DO believe one day focused on LOVE solely is not a horrible thing. So even if you don't have a "Valentine" you can always turn your heart in a loving direction toward someone. A love revolution is in each one of our hands. I dare you to believe in LOVE and spread it around.

BONUS: Check out Lenny saying it like a true Bhakti Yogi.

*Yokie - someone who provides seva (service) through theYoke. 
It's All Yoga

Bhakti     by Robin Renée
contributing writer, pop kirtan artist

There are many profound aspects of yoga, but the one that has always spoken to me most is that there is a way in for nearly everyone. Most are familiar with yogic practices having to do with the body. We take Mountain Pose (Tadasana) or Downward-facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana), make adjustments, and remember to breathe. There is the path of the intellect and study, on which learning scriptures and the focus of the mind are at the center of the practice. While some paths may see the emotions as unreliable and a distraction from deeper truths, the path of Bhakti Yoga dives right in. Bhakti is the Yoga of Devotion, and its expression centers on the heart. read more...

Discover more about Bhakti on theYoke hub.

* currently www.theYoke.Yoga is open for all to access at the Yoga Enthusiast level of membership.

Yoke Happenings

* Join Us!
March 3-10    Aloha: A Yoga Adventure
Is now open for LOCALS to join us for a day or more.  Join LauraLynn, theYoke founder, and Helen Ames (Yoke Advisor) for a day of yoga, hiking, water adventures and more.
Based out of Kahumana organic farm and cafe. $100 per day includes two Yoga classes and whatever the daily activity is, which is different each day. (NOTE: some require a rental fee)
To learn more.
ALL profit is being donated to theYoke.
We would LOVE to have you join us for our monthly donation based class. If you are a FaceBook person you can keep track here, otherwise drop us a note to let us know you would like to stay informed.

* Delve Deeper *

 A 5-month intensive study of the Yoga Sutras. Deepen
your knowledge of Self through the study of this
ancient Yoga text.

The Root of the Lotus
 led by LauraLynn
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Yogi Book Club
Join other Yoga folk in exploring modern and ancient books based on Yoga's many facets and themes. This is a complimentary program for anyone interested.
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Along The Path *

2016 - January  popup Oahu was a sunrise session on the east side of Oahu in Kailua. We are grateful to Koa Asom for sharing his regular beach Yoga class with our executive director, LauraLynn Jansen to raised funds for theYoke.

Our mission is to offer a hub for Yoga folk to unite, serve each other, and create sustainability on their Yogic path.
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