November 2019

Dear Colleague,

Being the second last month of the year, we hope you are well and making good progress with your teaching and research projects in this last quarter of 2019. As we share updates below, we hope that it has been helpful to you in one way or the other.  

  • Special call to participate - Workshop on 4th Industrial Revolution

  • Facilitating Online course - Join the waiting list for 2020!

  • Upcoming events - future online events by e/merge Africa and friends

  • e/merge Africa Arabic - Arabic language webinars launched since August 2019 and on going

  • Notable events and call for chapters, article of Interest, applications for Studies

  • MOOCs: Offered at Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching at the University of Cape Town in partnership with Future Learn

  • Publication of interest

  • Ways of getting involved in e/merge Africa Network 

Call to Present/Participate: Workshop on 4th Industrial Revolution

Do you care about the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Over the last year the term "Fourth Industrial Revolution" (4IR) has become pervasive. We are exhorted to catch up and get with the programme but what does this mean in African Higher Education where we are still grappling with the dynamics of the Third Industrial Revolution across our varied contexts?

The e/merge Africa team is planning a series of online events to inform, facilitate and provoke critical engagement with the implications of 4IR (as both emerging reality and as hype), for higher education in Africa. This will need presenters who think way beyond the hype or even describing how our institutions will need to change. Please let us know if you think you should present in this series or have someone else who you would strongly recommend who is willing to be part of a panel about university responses to the 4IR. 

Send us an email or contact us via Twitter (@emergeafrica) or Facebook (


Facilitating Online Course 2020

Submission of applications for the last 2019 run of the Facilitating Online course is now closed. Iffacilitating online you would like to join a cohort in 2020, please register here to receive more information about course dates when available.

Do you want to become an effective online facilitator? We invite applications to our fully online 8-week online facilitation course. 

Facilitating Online provides a solid foundation for facilitating online events and courses. It is registered as a short course at the University of Cape Town (UCT). Facilitating Online was developed by the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) at UCT and is funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York as part of its support for e/merge Africa network. This course is aimed at change agent educational technologists and educators within the African Higher Educational sector. 

Please apply early as spaces are always limited. We offer up to two FREE places per African higher education institution subject to constraints on the class size. Please get in touch if you want to involve a larger group of colleagues from your institution for a fee. To see if a fee may apply to your application please refer to our fee information here. Further info and online application available here.



e/merge Africa events 

14 November: Report back from the 2019 AECT (Association for Educational Communications and Technology) convention

Presenter: Dr. Nicola Pallitt, University of Rhodes

Date and Time:  Thursday, 14 November 2019, 3:00pm SAST

Description: Dr Nicola Pallitt is just back from the AECT International Convention in Las Vegas and has a lot of valuable information and experience to share from the conference including some in-depth insights from the best workshops and presentations at #AECT19.

The theme for this year’s AECT (Association for Educational Communications and Technology) convention was “Inspired Professional Learning, Inspired Learning Professionals”. The convention took place in Las Vegas from 21–25 October. Over the past couple of years, the AECT has made a significant effort to promote scholarship, best practices, and leadership in the creation, use, and management of technologies for effective teaching and learning. In 2016 e/merge Africa became an affiliate organisation of AECT. This report back is also a virtual celebration of the collaboration between the two organisations. 

For Registration and more information please go here

For information on how e/merge Africa members can become AECT members and associated benefits, please click here


Tuesday, 19 November 2019: 19th eLearning Africa Conference report back

Presenters: Irene Maweu, Dr Alice Barlow-Zambodla, and Ralitsa Debrah

Date and Time: Tuesday, 19 November 2019, 1:00pm SAST

Description: This year three members of the e/merge Africa team, Irene Maweu, Dr Alice Barlow-Zambodla, and Ralitsa Debrah are back home in Kenya, South Africa and Ghana from eLearning Africa 2019 in Abidjan. #eLA19, from eLearning Africa conference in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, from 23rd to 25th October.  This team attended various sessions including a one day workshop. In this report-back from eLA2019 they will talk about their experiences, what they learnt and impressions of the conference as well as share highlights and insights about the state of e-learning in Africa and ways to improve it.

For Registration and more information please go here

Thursday, 28 November: The Dilemma of Teaching with Digital Technologies in Developing Countries; Experiences of art and design teacher educators in Uganda

Date and Time: Thursday 28 November 2019 at 1:00pm SAST

Presenter: Dr. Wycliff Edwin Tusiime

Description: In this webinar, I report from a case study that thought to understand how teacher educators use digital technologies in teaching Art and Design (A&D) in Uganda. The study employed semi-structured interviews and non-participant observations to gather qualitative data from teacher educators in selected teacher training institutions in Uganda. The findings indicate an occasional use of digital technologies in the classroom and that majority of A&D teacher educators face an ongoing dilemma in teaching without proper access to digital technologies (hardware, software and the Internet) and low digital competences. The findings further confirm teacher educators’ limited awareness of the relationship between technology, pedagogy and content in the teaching of Art and Design subjects. These findings suggest that desired learning outcomes mediated by the use of digital technologies may greatly be impeded. 


Wycliff Edwin Tusiime is a PhD student at Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway and a lecturer of Art, Design and Education Technology at the Department of Art and Industrial Design, Kyambogo University in Kampala, Uganda. He has previously won research grants and published research papers and a book chapter in the areas of art and design teacher education, education technology and vocational education. Currently, Wycliff collaborates with Prof. Monica Johannesen from Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway and Prof. Greta Björk Gudmundsdottir from the University of Oslo, Norway. Their current research project is 'Developing Professional Digital Competence for Art & Design Teacher Educators in Uganda'.




For Registration and more information please go here


e/merge Africa events in Arabic


Led by e/merge Africa team member Dr. Mohamed Ahmed of Mansoura University, Egypt, we have so far piloted seven (7) online seminars (webinars/workshops) in Arabic. These sessions have been very well attended already. We have planned for colleagues located in the Middle East and Arabic speaking Africa to present mainly on Friday afternoons 4–5 pm (Cairo time – see your local time zone here). This time slot is subject to change in the future and individual events may also be scheduled for other times. For more details for Arabic events and to sign up please go to e/merge Africa Arabic. Once signed up, we will send you details on how to attend. 

For questions and thoughts about this initiative we welcome your comments. If you wish to present in Arabic please use the Presenter’s form which is available via the e/merge Africa Arabic website.


Friday, 15 November 2019: Augmented Reality, 3D Production and their Use in Educational Products


Presenter: Badr Alaa Ahmed, CEO ETS Academy, Egypt

Date and Time:  Friday, 15 November 2019, 4-5pm SAST/Cairo Time

Description: In this workshop, you will learn how to create content based on augmented reality technology and the use of 3D models and use them in educational content. 

Registration and more information here

Friday, 22 November 2019: Making Websites More Accessible for Persons with Disabilities as a Social Responsibility


Presenter: Engineer Nabil Eid, ACCESS+ABILITY=INNOVATION, Egypt

Date and Time:  Friday, 22 November 2019, 4-5pm SAST/Cairo Time

Description: Make websites more accessible for Persons with Disabilities is a social responsibility 

  • What is digital accessibility?

  • Are your website and digital content accessible? 

  • Accessibility and the UN-CRPD

  • ICT accessibility policy to implement website

  • Web content accessibility guidelines

  • Web accessibility evaluation tools

  • Test your website for accessibility


Eng. Nabil Eid is a Researcher and international expert on accessibility and assistive technology for persons with disabilities.  An independent consultant with the United Nations on Disability, ITU, Arab Region Office in the Middle East and North Africa,        Partner with Ruh Global Impact, USA, Partner with David Banes Access and Inclusion

Services, an international speaker and Author of five (5) books on disability inclusion strategies in English & Arabic  


Registration and more information here


Friday, 13 December 2019: Digital Transformation in Higher Education



Presenter: Yasmin Youssef, CEO & Co-Founder of EduMinds Consulting

Date and Time:  Friday, 13 December 2019, 4-5pm SAST/Cairo Time

Description: This webinar will look at gains and challenges of digital transformation in higher education as witnessed at Ain Shams University and other institutions of higher learning in Egypt.

Yasmin Youssef is CEO & Co-Founder of EduMinds-Consulting and Certified education and ICT expert for interactive education technology.  She is also Internal Assessor for the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), a Lecturer for master students at the German Excellence Center, Faculty of Pedagogy at Ain Shams University.  A Certified trainer for higher education in the field of e-learning and Institutional Development at the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).   

Yasmin supports leaders in managing technology, also in transforming and innovating their institutions to provide education for sustainable development and helps educators in integrating technology in an interactive, meaningful and effective way. She wrote many research and conference papers in integrating Technology in educational Institutions and has recently published a book in Germany about “Blended learning and reforming education in Egypt”. She holds a Master’s Degree in International Education Management from both PH Ludwigsburg/Germany and Helwan University/Cairo. 


Registration and more information here

As we are having more events confirmed these will be announced on both our English and Arabic language platforms.




Call for contributions in co-edited book on ‘Co-teaching/researching in an Unequal World: Using Virtual Classrooms to Connect Africa, and Africa and the World’


The Centre for Innovative Educational Technology (CIET) blog

Are you co-teaching undergrad or postgrad courses across the African continent? Are you co-researching with colleagues from the African continent and beyond? Please consider submitting an abstract to this co-edited book project. The editors are looking for empirical research, conceptual or theoretical contributions. Submission of abstracts (250-500 words), author(s) details and key words by 30th of November 2019. Click here for more information.

Call for Chapter Proposals: Critical Digital Pedagogy – Broadening Horizons, Bridging Theory and Practice

Editors Suzan Koseoglu, George Veletsianos and Chris Rowell invite submissions which explore critical digital pedagogy in context through case studies and/or reflective accounts of practice. Language and style should be accessible to a broad range of readers. To ensure consistency between the book chapters, all proposals should address the following in their submissions: (i) how critical pedagogy is enacted in practice, (ii) the role of digital technologies in this practice, and (iii) lessons learned/implications. Final submissions should be between 3500-4000 words including references. Further guidelines will be provided with notifications of acceptance.

1 December 2019: Proposal submission deadline (one page). Click here for more information. 


Call for applications: PhD in Higher Education Studies (with course work) at Rhodes University 



Application deadline: 14 November 2019. More information and how to apply click here 

Calling All EdTech InnovatorsRequest for Proposals

Does your educational technology (EdTech) product have the potential to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Africa and ensure young people have the skills they need to succeed? The Mastercard Foundation Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning in ICT (the Centre) is seeking innovative growth-stage businesses to submit their solutions through our Request for Proposals (RFP) for an opportunity to scale their ventures and improve access to quality education. 

Deadline to submit Online Application Form is 21 November 2019

For more information  Mastercard Foundation




Offered at Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching at the University of Cape Town in partnership with Future Learn

Some of the courses that focus on teaching and learning:


The Unbundled University, the market and Digital Technology

**In partnership with the University of Leeds, UK

What is the future of universities?

Explore current issues affecting higher education with a course featuring brand new research.



Education for All: Disability, Diversity and Inclusion

Find out how inclusive education can work, 

especially where resources are limited.

Digital Skills for Teachers: Making Technology Work for You

Improve your knowledge of digital technology and increase your confidence using digital tools, with this course for teachers.

Publication of Interest



Our paper 'Seizing Opportunities: MOOC Takers making time for change' is available online by; Andrew Deacon; Sukaina Walji; Jeff Jawitz; Janet Small; Tasneem Jaffer, ALL from the University of Cape Town


Description: “We interviewed people living in African countries who have taken Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) created by the University of Cape Town to ask about their challenges, goals, and value studying online. They are drawn to taking MOOCs in part because of the claims around flexible learning opportunities for people with busy lives. A striking feature in these interviews is the many references to the challenges associated with negotiating time to study online. Here we wish to move beyond simply identifying deficit models of time or time management and rather seek to understand the value of MOOCs to people with work or career transition goals. The MOOC takers’ experiences are quite different to those in conventional degree courses as MOOC participation is voluntary and must be negotiated around existing commitments, suggesting a need for reframing of what is valued by people studying online in their own time.” (source: here)


Academic Writing Month (AcWriMo) 


Academic Writing Month (#AcWriMo) is an annual Web-based writing event challenging participants to meet a self-set writing goal during the month of November. Read more about the history of this global event here. SAGE Method Space have a range of resources and an exciting webinar coming up. See posts here.



November 14, at the time in your zone: In appreciation of the annual Academic Writing Month, the MethodSpace Live! webinar for November is "Write a Book! From Acquisition to Publication." The hour-long free webinar will feature Leah Fargotstein, SAGE research methods acquisition editor, and Eric Garner, managing editor of SAGE’s US book production. These book-savvy experts, in conversation with author and methods guru Janet Salmons, will explain how each step of the process works and discuss best practices for authors or those who want to be authors. Register here


Looking back at Open Access Week… 

During the Open Access week in October lots of people shared many posts, videos and resources that you can find by following




e/merge Africa is a platform for learning and connecting. It provides an opportunity to join a growing Africa-wide network of eLearning professionals. We offer a number of ways for you to get involved and engage with colleagues across the continent:


Propose an event

Whether you are a seasoned lecturer or PhD-student engaged in research you would like to share with our network, please propose a webinar, a seminar or even an online workshop. Perhaps you’ve attended an e-learning related conference recently and willing to share a report back.  


Be part of a peer-assist

Even professionals get stuck at times when facing daunting challenges. If you are one of them, how about considering a Peer-Assist session? Contact us to engage with one of our  online facilitators with your challenge. We will then set up a peer-assist session and invite members of our network to provide feedback on your challenge. Renew your ideas and get a new perspective!


Nominate a presenter

Is there a mentor, supervisor, colleague whose research could  be shared with our network? Please get in touch to nominate a presenter!


Share with us via social media

Perhaps you’ve found or created a useful resource or published a paper of interest to other educational technology professionals? Please share via our Facebook group or via Twitter


Looking for conference and publishing opportunities? Go to opportunities on the e/merge Africa website

Best Wishes

The e/merge Africa team

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