Summer has come to a close but naturally welcoming all the wonderful colors of fall that will soon be here.
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Hard to believe we are already headed into Fall. Not sure where this year has gone.

It has, as usual, been a very busy summer, best time to be out on location so no complaints.

After Easton I participated in the Camden Classic Plein Air Event put on by Camden Falls Gallery. Always nice to get together out on location with other painters of like minds.

Charles Fenner Ball

Colin Page and his daughters and I sailed out in the middle of it to get some up close observing.

Howard Gallagher from the Gallery took Peter Yesis and I out the following day to try and get some shots as well.

One of the pieces for the event. "Camden Classic 2018" 12x16 SOLD

Poor child, being dragged out to yet another opening. : )
In late August we saw two of our kids head off to College. House seems a lot quieter now. : (

However the addition of a new hoop helped to ease the pain as well as the quietness, especially when it came to brother on brother.

So between all the B Ball games, one v one, they call them now a days, I did have a couple of great workshops in the general area.

Coastal Maine Workshops had a 5 day Workshop in Rockland Maine, while Rockport Art Association hosted a 3 Day in Rockport MA.

As expected the students were full of enthusiasm and energy, always makes for a very enjoyable teaching experience to say the least.

Thank you to Brian Buckrell for sharing his photos from the Rockland class.

Owls Head Demo

Painting up in Hope.

Always a challenge trying to capture the "Hopper House" in Rockland, but they did great.

Rockport MA.
Managed to grab a shot between teaching but without a guy like Brian, sorry but short on photos.

Color note demo

We spent a day in town in the shadows of Motif Number One before heading out to Pigeon Cove as well as Essex.
Lots of charming subject matter to paint in Rockport to say the least.

Essex Boat Yard

For anyone that may be interested I have one more stateside Plein Air Workshop this November in Jacksonville FL.
A couple of spots are still available.

Nova Scotia Residency

To finish off the summer, I decided to do a residency up in Nova Scotia, Canada. What a lovely area that is to see and paint.

I stayed predominately in Parrsboro but did make it down to Peggy's Cove near Halifax which may be one of the prettiest little coves I have ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on as well as my brush. I could not design it any better then it actually was, charming from every angle.

Peggy's Cove

And when in Rome.... do as the folks in Peggy's Cove do. A smoked Mackrel with coffee, breakfast of champions!

Studio in Parrsboro. Only had one real rainy day so didn't see a lot of studio activity but nice to have the space and also gave me the chance to meet and chat with some of the local folks that would drop by. Thanks again to Michael Fuller, Christa, his better half, and Robert More for this wonderful opportunity!

A couple of the other Artists also in Residence. Heather Van Der Breggan (top) and my new art buddy Eileen Hennemann.

I do believe it was Bill Rogers, Canadian Painter, and I that truly started the lounging on the porch thing, not the gals. : )


Delightful Read

During my downtime in the evenings I was able to read a couple of wonderful art books, highly recommended.

"The Private Lives of the Impressionists" by Sue Roe was easily identifiable.
I have studied the Impressionists at length some years ago but have rekindled my interest in them through this delightful tale of the inner conversations between them as well as what they were trying to do as artists during that time in history.

All the different personalities and styles make me think of my own circumstances during this day and age, especially with all of the plein air events. Very intriguing.

Also it has caused me to analyze my thoughts about the subject matter I have been choosing and why.

During that time in history artists painted many scenes based on religious or historical subject matter and only when the Impressionists began going out on location to capture the world around them did this subject matter begin to change.
Again a great read if you have any interest in the Impressionists.

The second book entitled "Side by Side" by Kim Yesis is a wonderful take on just that, as far as being an artist in today's world as well all the ups and downs between a couple on their road to finding their true selves, very engaging and inspirational.

Peter Yesis, a fellow painter, and his wife Kim are the main characters. It just so happens that Peter is my partner in crime for many of my Vermont trips as well as local Maine ones.
Again a very entertaining read.


Recent Work

Here are some available pieces from my travels.

"Evening in Rockland"  12" x 16"  Oil on Linen Panel

"Cape Split, Nova Scotia"  18" x 24" Oil on Linen

"Peggy's Cove"  12" x 16"  Oil on Linen Panel

"Quiet Night in Town"  12" x 16"  Oil on Linen Panel

"Setting Sail, Rockland" 12" x 16" Oil on Linen Panel

"Evenings Last Light" 15" x 30" Oil on Linen

"Peggy's Cove" 8" x 16" Oil on Canvas

"Chickens and Laundry" 12" x 24" Oil on Linen - Revisited

"Storm Approaching" 30" x 24" Oil on Linen

Wishing you a delightful Fall!

Thank you for your time!
Warm regards~
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