Farewell to Summer
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Hopefully this finds you well and you have had a delightful Thanksgiving with family and friends. 

Hard to believe summer has come and gone and another year is fast approaching.  

It's been a very busy and productive summer, and now looking forward to some well needed studio time.

Be it the end of the year this is just a quick recap of some of this summers activities. Please feel free to follow any links provided to read the full story.


May - Favorite Spots


Throughout the year and in between my travels I make it a point to go to some of my favorite local spots. Places like Vinalhaven, along with New Harbor, and Port Clyde, Stonington, Friendship, Blue Hill, Rockport, Camden, this list gets pretty long, one of the benefits of living here in Maine. No shortage of inspirational subject matter.

No place quite like Vinalhaven. William Lester Stevens  painted here frequently.

Across the border but always find time to get together with this guy. Mr John Stobart, what a delightful talented man this is, 93 and still at it! What an inspiration!


July - Workshops

Started off in early July with an All Levels workshop as well as an Advanced workshop later that month. This was the first year since being in Maine that I branched off on my own. Much smaller classes, more personal, and more enjoyable, will be doing the same for 2023.

Thanks to all of the folks that attended! It was a very exhausting but fun four days. The weather cooperated and we enjoyed some really nice locations, helps having the smaller classes, parking in New England can be challenging. 

I also added in a Scholarship Award to a student from the local High Schools, which as long as there is a desire I will continue to have one spot as a Scholarship Award. It really was nice to have some younger peopled involved in the workshops. It definitely brought a different level of energy to the class.

The workshops will be in July and August, still waiting on final confirmation from my inside back up weather location, we did not utilize it this past summer but it's a good idea to have it just in case. My apologies.

The Workshops will run for 4 days, 9:00-4:00, located in the mid coast area, and lunch is included.

I will be posting the dates hopefully before years end. 

This is a link you will be able to follow for next years workshop
information once it is posted as well as some testimonials from this summers classes.  I will be starting off the 2023 season with a "Figure in the Landscape" workshop March 4 and 5 at Jackson Art Studio in New Hampshire.


Mid July - Cape Elizabeth Land Trust 

I  was fortunate enough to participate in the CELT Land Trust for Cape Elizabeth. It was nice to be "live" again this year versus online. Always a delightful event, well hosted, and well attended. 

I chose to paint in the Two Lights area of Cape Elizabeth. Edward Hopper painted various scenes in this same area in his day, so as always, it is fun to try and follow in his footsteps. Below is a image of a painting of the lighthouse at Two Lights done by Hopper.

Hoppers painting above-

I opted to do a nocturne this year of that same lighthouse, challenging but fun. 

This was my entry for the exhibit- “Beautiful Evening in Cape Elizabeth”  30x40 SOLD $8000 (sorry for the poor quality iPhone image)

As always I have a morning and an afternoon painting going on at the same time. As well as a midday piece, which is not shown here. Below is my alternate piece that was not exhibited, only one painting can be submitted to the auction.

"Hopper's Hood". 24" x 36" Oil on Linen - Not Exhibited - $4500

This scene, as one can tell by its title, obviously brought Edward Hopper to mind.


No Month Required 

Between all of my obligations and travels we still find time to keep up with B Ball. It seems to go all year no matter what month it is. It has been fun watching Westen develop into his Senior year of High School Basketball, let the season finally begin.


August - Skipton, England

In August I headed to Skipton England, the Yorkshire area, to paint.

I have never been to the UK and wasn’t sure what to expect. I was absolutely surprised and delighted by the English countryside. I have spent many summers in Italy but this was quite different. 

The skies were amazing, just like what I have seen in the paintings by Edward Seago, a phenomenal British painter 1910 - 1974.

The old stone walls dissecting the green fields of the countryside littered with sheep and a few cows were absolutely breathtaking. Really quite lovely and very charming. 

To see more photos and read more about this trip please follow this link to my website.


Early October - Cape Ann

In October I was happy to be juried into the only plein air event I applied to this year, Cape Ann Plein Air.
I have done this event for a few years now.

I really love the area of Cape Ann. It has been painted for many years, and for good reason, by many painters. There is a very rich deep legacy of art history there, easy to feel inspired.

Also was fortunate enough to stay at the Sharksmouth Estate in Manchester By The Sea. Gorgeous place! John Sargent actually visited there many years ago with Isabella Stewart Gardner on one of his trips to see Charles Hopkinson, portrait painter out of Boston who has a home and studio at Sharksmouth as well. Hopkinson is the grandfather to Charles Shurcliff, a living Cape Ann artist whom I have met and painted with in Cape Ann. A very kind, talented, and generous person.

Was honored to receive an award for  "The Best Nocturne" by Patrick Saunders, this years judge.

To see more photos and read more about this event please follow this link to my website.


October - Madrid, Spain - Joaquin Sorolla

In October I found my way over to Madrid, Spain finally to study the work of Joaquin Sorolla. What a treat that was. Talk about feeling inspired!

His home and studio have been preserved like a time capsule since his passing back in the 1930's. Thanks impart to his wife who created the Sorolla Museum. It has a great selection of his work and the gardens are open to the public to sit and enjoy, with everything looking as it did during his time.

Sorolla Museum

Of course while being in Madrid, seeing the work of Diego Velazquez at the Prado 1599-1660, was equally important to me seeing that he inspired many of the painters I so deeply admire, such as John Singer Sargent as well as Sorolla who both spent time copying the work of Velazquez. 

So as one can imagine this trip was incredibly inspirational on so many levels.
To see more photos and read more about this trip please follow this link to my website. 


Feeling the Inspiration


After returning from Madrid, even though I had a long list of things to get going on, it was impossible for me to do anything else except to start a few copies. There were a couple of Sorolla's pieces that I had studied very intently and wanted to retain as much of that information in my head as possible. Over the years I found this to be very helpful for me. Here are two copies that will be finished off shortly.

Like I mentioned earlier, this trip was incredibly inspirational and I am so grateful I was finally able to make it a reality.




I was honored to have judged the Dexter Plein Air Event in Dexter Michigan back in August (sorry no photos) as well as the Rockport Art Associations National Exhibit this December.

During the Dexter Plein Air Event I was able to stay and spend time with my dear friend Greg LaRocks little sister and her family, what an absolute treat that was! She is just like her brother, so naturally we hit it off.

Dexter Plein Air also had Greg's wife Laurie come and select the "Greg LaRock Legacy Award". Spending time with Laurie was very special, we had a delightful and heartfelt time reminiscing about our beloved Greg. Miss that guy.

For the Rockport National Exhibit it was co-juried event with myself and Linnea Lemmings (photo below) who is an abstract artist. We had a delightful time trying to sway each other into our own camps of thought. It made for a more diverse show and interesting afternoon selecting our favorites.

Congratulations to all of the participants as well as award winners! Thanks again to RAAM and Dexter Plein Air for the wonderful opportunity.


Happy Holidays

I was chatting with a dear artist friend of mine who said they are having a Holiday Sale. 20% Off of 20 paintings that they chose.

I thought that was nice. And in the spirit of the Holidays have decided to do something similar. However instead of me selecting the paintings to be offered at the discounted price I decided to let the collector decide which one they might be interested in. 

So with 20 Days to go until December 25, 2022 the first five pieces to be purchased will receive a 20% discount. This applies to any work that is available on my website.

Link to Website

Framing and domestic shipping is included.

Here are some new pieces, with Handcrafted Hackman Frames.

Beautiful Light, Passing Storm 18" x  24" Oil on Linen - $3200

A Hopkinson Morning  18" x  24" Oil on Linen - $3200

Full Sail  9" x  12" Oil on Linen Panel - $975

Random Verses  20" x 16" Oil on Linen - $2400

Afternoon in Essex  8" x 16" Oil on Linen Panel - $1200

Quiet Harbor Thru the Trees  12" x 24" Oil on Linen - $2400

A Day in Perkins Cove  18" x 24" Oil on Linen - $3200

High Tide  12" x  16" Oil on Linen Panel - $1600

Evening Sails   24" x  36" Oil on Linen - $4500

Beautiful Day on the Canal   18" x  24" Oil on Linen - $3200

The Great Room   9" x  12" Oil on Linen Panel - $975

The Paint Shop  18" x  24" Oil on Linen Panel - $3200

Norman's Farm   12" x 16" Oil on Linen on Board - $1600

Afternoon at Sharksmouth  12" x 16" Oil on Linen Panel - $1600

Warm Fall Afternoon 12" x 16" Oil on Linen Panel - $1600

Thank you for your time and wishing you all a Joyous and Healthy Holiday Season!

Warm regards~
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