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Wrap up of Week 11
in the Kansas Legislature

Most committees finished meeting as of Friday, March 26th and it has been a very busy week!  I will continue to have Committee meetings next week, however.  We will be in session Monday – Wednesday with floor debate scheduled beginning on Monday, March 29th at 1:30.  The Senate will gavel in at 10:00 am on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Virtual Meetings for the Week of March 22nd

  • Monday, March 22nd – Early Learning Caucus
  • Wednesday, March 24 – Alliance for a Healthy Kansas
  • Task Force on ESSR II and EANS federal dollars for schools

My Committee Work

  • Hearings on:
    • HB 2247 — Designating a portion of K-67 highway as the COII Trenton J Brinkman memorial highway, designating bridges on U.S. highway 54 as the Max Zimmerman memorial bridge and the Jack Taylor memorial bridge, designating a bridge on U.S. highway 77 as the PFC Loren H Larson bridge and designating a bridge on U.S. highway 166 as the Tyler A Juden memorial bridge.
    • HB 2245 — Permitting the division of vehicles to collect emergency contact information for registration purposes and permitting law enforcement agencies to use such information in the case of an emergency.
    • HB 2295 — Exempting municipal motor grader vehicle operators from Kansas uniform commercial drivers' license act requirements.
    • HB 2201 — Decreasing the Eisenhower legacy transportation program alternate delivery project threshold, authorizing usage of federal stimulus funds and KDOT bonding authority.
    • SB 305 — Requiring each law enforcement agency that utilizes automated license plate recognition systems to adopt and maintain a detailed, written policy relating to the use and operation of such systems and prescribing restrictions and requirements relating to the collection, storage and sharing of captured license plate data.
Financial Institutions and Insurance
  • Hearings on:
    • HB 2134 — Updating the national association of insurance commissioners credit for reinsurance model law and codifying the credit for reinsurance model regulation.
    • HB 2136 — Updating certain statutes relating to the regulation of the business of insurance; granting the commissioner of insurance certain investigative powers.
    • SB 218 — Providing restrictions, lender reporting and other requirements for alternative small installment loans made under the UCCC.
    • SB 199 — Providing for short-term, limited-duration health plans.  Final Action  on SB 199.
  • Informational Briefing:  Payday Lending under the Uniform Consumer Credit Code (UCCC)
  • Confirmation hearing on: By the Commissioner of Insurance: Securities Commissioner; Office of the State Securities Commissioner Daniel Klucas, effective upon the date of confirmation by the Senate, to serve at the pleasure of the Commissioner.

Fed and State
  • Hearings on:
    • HB 2058 — Allowing reciprocity to recognize out-of-state licenses to carry a concealed handgun.
    • SB 181 — Creating the elevator safety act to require inspections of elevators and licensure for elevator installation and repair.
    • SCR 1611 — Article V Convention to propose amendments to limit federal power.
    • SB 187 — Prohibiting internet social media terms of service that permit censorship of speech.
    • HB 2183 — Prohibiting the governor, the executive branch and the judicial branch from altering election laws or procedures and limiting the authority of the secretary of state to enter into consent decrees with any court absent the approval of the legislative coordinating council.
    • HB 2339 — Expanding the crime of election tampering to include changing or altering votes cast, manipulating computer hardware or software or vote tabulation methods or producing false vote totals.
  • Hearings on:
    • HB 2039 — Requiring students to pass an American civics test in order to graduate with a high school diploma.
    • HB 2085 — Creating the students' right to know act to provide information on postsecondary education options.
    • HB 2287 — Establishing the Kansas Promise Scholarship act to provide scholarships to students who attend postsecondary educational programs that correspond to high need career fields

This Week at the Statehouse

Final Action the Week of March 22nd

HB 2071:   Would amend the definition of the crime of stalking to include intentionally engaging in a course of conduct targeted at a specific child under the age of 14. The crime would occur when a reasonable person - in the circumstances of the targeted child or an immediate family member of such child – feared for such child’s safety.

The penalty for the new provision would be a severity level 7, person felony for a first conviction and a severity level 4, person felony for a second or subsequent conviction. The Johnson County District Attorney testified that the bill closes a loophole that was identified in a recently widely publicized case in Johnson County. Law enforcement was also strongly supportive of this bill. Passed unanimously.
HB 2008:  would authorize the Attorney General to coordinate training regarding missing and murdered indigenous persons for law enforcement agencies throughout Kansas, in consultation with Native American Indian tribes, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center, and other appropriate state agencies. Passed unanimously.
HB 2014: Permits military surplus vehicles to register with the division of vehicles for road use.  Passed 40-0.
HB 2321: Would require certain electric utilities to take steps before exercising eminent domain to acquire an interest in land related to the construction of an “urban electric transmission line,” as defined by the bill, or before beginning work on such land. Passed 40-0.
HB 2022:  Would amend law concerning the filing of complaints and investigations pertaining to abandoned wells, responsible parties for plugging abandoned wells, and funds used by the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) for plugging abandoned wells. Passed 40-0.
SB 2:  Would amend law related to the consumption of alcohol on the grounds of the Kansas State Fair and collection of associated liquor taxes, allowing for the consumption of alcohol at the State Fair in more situations. Passed 31-8. I voted YES.
S Sub 2102:  Would update Kansas Egg Law regarding repackaged eggs. The debate went “over easy”. Passed 40-0.
HB 2137:  Would expand the categories of alcoholic liquor licensees who can sell cereal malt beverage (CMB), would allow temporary permit holders to sell CMB along with alcoholic liquor, would provide for the removal of CMB from the licensed premises of clubs and drinking establishments in opened and unopened containers, and would allow CMB to be consumed in common consumption areas. Passed 31-8. I voted YES.
HB 2172:  Would amend the Kansas Water Appropriation Act by expanding the opportunity for the establishment of multi-year flex accounts (MYFAs) for groundwater water rights to water right holders who did not have water use between 2000 and 2009. Passed 40-0.
HB 2178:  Would vacate lots dedicated for a college and a park in the original town plat of the City of Americus from that dedication. The bill would also confer fee simple titles to the lots to the City of Americus, of which the city’s governing body could dispose of at its discretion. Passed 40-0.

HB 2270:  Would place a limit of $100,000 on deposits into the State General Fund (SGF) each fiscal year from moneys from a levy placed on each fire insurance company doing business in Kansas for the purpose of maintaining the Office of State Fire Marshal. Continuing law requires the State Treasurer to credit 10.0 percent of moneys from the levy to the SGF. The bill would direct the remainder of this levy to be distributed as specified: 64.0 percent to a fee fund of the Office of State Fire Marshal, 20.0 percent to the Emergency Medical Services Operating Fund, and 16.0 percent to Fire Service Training Program Fund of the University of Kansas Fire and Rescue Training Institute. Passed 40-0.
H Sub SB 99:  Would amend law regarding vehicle dealer license requirements and vehicle display shows. Passed 37-1.
HB 2007:  Would update statutes related to the regulatory authority of the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) with regard to motor carriers. Passed 40-0.
HB 2026:  Would establish a certified drug treatment program for certain persons who have entered into a diversion agreement pursuant to a memorandum of understanding. Passed 40-0.
HB 2126:  Would amend the COVID-19 Response and Reopening for Business Liability Protection Act by replacing the definition of “adult care facility” with the following definition of “covered facility”:
  • An adult care home, as defined elsewhere in statute, except that covered facility would include a center approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as a program for all-inclusive care for the elderly that provides services only to PACE participants;
  • A community mental health center and a crisis intervention center, as defined elsewhere in statute; and
  • A community service provider, a community developmental disability organization, and an institution, as defined in the Developmental Disabilities Reform Act.
The bill would replace an affirmative defense available in certain circumstances for an adult care facility in a civil action for damages, administrative fines, or penalties for a COVID19 claim with immunity from liability for a covered facility in a civil action for damages for a COVID-19 claim if such facility was in substantial compliance with public health directives applicable to the activity giving rise to the cause of action when the cause of action accrued. Passed 30-7.  I voted YES.

HB 2155: Would replace and update current law regarding soil and water pollutant releases and cleanup. Passed 36-4. I voted YES.

Sub HB 2166:  Would add several types of license plates, would add reporting requirements for organizations sponsoring distinctive license plates, and would amend requirements for distinctive license plate development, continuing distinctive license plates, and personalized license plate backgrounds. Passed 31-5. I voted YES.

HB 2243:  Would change the frequency of the actuarial experience and cost study performed by the Board of Trustees of the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System from once every three years to once every four years. Passed 40-0.

S Sub HB 2252:  Would amend and create law related to fulfillment house licenses, farm winery licenses, electronic submission of records by special order shipping license holders, residency requirements for certain liquor licenses, and licenses that can be held by an alcoholic liquor manufacturer. Passed 30-8. I voted YES.

HB 2298:  Would provide that a plaintiff may serve a defendant by paying a fee to the Secretary and providing to the Secretary a copy of the summons, petition, and order, and the last known address, residence, or place of abode for each defendant. The Secretary would be directed to immediately mail a notice of service and copy of the summons, petition, and order to each defendant by return receipt delivery. Passed 37-3. I voted YES.

SB 77:  Would enact the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Interstate Compact. Passed 38-2. I voted YES.

SB 145:  Would authorize the Secretary of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism to purchase a portion of the Southwest Quarter of Section 05 and a portion of the West Half of Section 08, Township 28 South, Range 09 West of the 6th Principal Meridian, Kingman County, Kansas. Passed 33-7. I voted YES.

SB 158Would prohibit a person providing towing services from towing a vehicle to a location outside of Kansas without the consent of the driver or owner of the vehicle, a motor club of which the driver or owner of the vehicle is a member, or the insurance company processing a claim with respect to the vehicle or an agent of such insurance company. Passed 40-0.

HB 2070Would allow private, not-for-profit postsecondary educational institutions in Kansas to collect a surcharge on credit card payments. Passed 39-1.

S Sub HB 2072: Would create the Utility Financing and Securitization Act, which would allow for the securitization of utility assets to recover energy transition costs for electric public utilities whose retail rates are subject to the Kansas Corporation Commission. The UFSA would also allow electric and natural gas public utilities whose retail rates are subject to the KCC to pursue securitization to help finance qualified extraordinary expenses, such as fuel costs incurred during extreme weather events. The passage of the bill was due to the tremendous work of multiple parties finding a reasonable solution that would help ratepayers in Kansas, retire certain facilities at the end of their useful life, and help Kansans be able to cope with the gigantic energy bills resulting from the February cold spell.  Passed 33-7. I voted YES.

S Sub HB 2104Would reauthorize the statewide school finance levy and amend law related to the list of eligible county appraisers, appraisal standards, Board of Tax Appeals administration, property valuation appeals, judicial review of property tax disputes, BOTA membership, and school district budget certification. Passed 39-0.
HB 2112: Would revise the Self-service Storage Act as it pertains to liability claims and the contents of storage agreements. Passed 39-1.

HB 2145:  Would exempt from the definition of “public utility” the marketing and sale of electricity purchased through a retail electric supplier in such supplier’s certified service territory for the sole purpose of the provision of electric vehicle charging services to an end user. Passed 38-2. I voted YES.

HB 2254:  Would increase the monetary cap on irrevocable prearranged funeral agreements, contracts, or plans, on and after July 1, 2021, to $10,000, which would increase in an amount equal to the average percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index each year. The bill would also amend the documentation a licensed crematory operator or crematory operator in charge is required to receive, prior to the cremation of any dead human body, to only a completed and executed coroner’s permit to cremate, if required under the Uniform Vital Statistics Act.  Passed 38-2. I voted YES.


The Senate confirmed the appointments of Jacy Hurst and Lesley Isherwood to the Kansas Court of Appeals. The votes were both 40-0.

COVID Vaccination Information

All Adults Can Get Vaccines in Kansas Starting Monday.  All adults in Kansas will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine beginning Monday as the state enters its final phase of its vaccination prioritization plan. The final phase makes everyone age 16 and older, about 400,000 additional Kansans, eligible for the vaccine.

You can use the “Find My Vaccine” tool at KansasVaccine.Gov to find a vaccine provider close to you. 

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