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January 23, 2021

Kansas has a birthday next week on January 29th

Kansas entered the Union as the 34th state on January 29, 1861. I am a 4th Generation Kansan and I am proud of my heritage and proud to be a Kansan. Here are some fun facts about Kansas!
  • Dodge City, Kansas is the windiest city in the U.S
  • Kansas has the largest population of prairie chickens in North America
  • This state has the second most instances of tornadoes in the U.S
  • Helium was discovered at the University of Kansas in 1905
  • There are over 528 caves in the state
  • 88% of the land in Kansas is farmland

What’s Happening

There is a noticeable sense of urgency on the part of Leadership and Senate members to make efficient use of our time and get about our business quickly and responsibly.  We have been in session for 12 days and, as of Friday, January 22nd the Senate has introduced 59 Bills and the House has introduced 112 Bills.  I know this because we get a report each week that records all of the Senate and House actions including a listing of the Bills, which committee is working on that particular Bill, and a sentence summarizing the Bill’s purpose.

Committee Work

Financial Institutions/Insurance – (Same committee members, same Chair). We had a hearing this week on :
  • SB 15 A bill enacting the Kansas Economic Recovery Loan Deposit Program, updating the field of membership requirements of Credit Unions and allowing Privilege Tax Deductions on Agricultural real estate loans and single family residence loans.
  • Additional bills we will have hearings on this next week. 
    • SB 29 – Updating the version of Risk-based Capital instructions in Effect. 
    • -SB 30 – Establishing the Securities Act Victim Restitution Program.
    • SB 28 – Updating the National Assoc. of Insurance Commissioners Credit for Reinsurance Model Law, the Insurance Holding Company Act and Codifying the Credit for Reinsurance Model Regulation.

Education – We have had many presentations and bill introductions.   Next week we will have a hearing on:
  • SB 43 – An Act creating the Kansas Promise Scholarship Act to provide postsecondary educational scholarships for certain 2-year Associate degree programs, Career and Technical education certificates and other stand-alone programs.
  • There will also be a hearing on expanding Tax Credits for the Low Income Student Scholarship Program.  This bill has no number yet, which is highly unusual.  The content of this bill was presented last year in House K-12 Education Budget Committee.  I voted to not pass it out of committee.  This is the same bill.
  • SB 32 – Authorizing school districts to pay the tuition for a student’s dual or concurrent enrollment in a postsecondary educational institutions and requiring a tuition waiver for foster children who are dually or concurrently enrolled.

Federal and State Affairs – We have had many presentations and bill introductions.  Next week we will have a hearing on:
  • SB 34 – Sun-setting administrative rules and regulations 5 years after adoption unless extended by the legislature.
  • SB 35 – Removing the option of extension of the time for receipt of advance mail ballots after the third day following an election.

Transportation – As in my other committees, we have had many presentations and bill introductions. This week we had a hearing on SB 33 – Providing for display show licenses under the Vehicle Dealers and Manufacturers Licensing Act.
Next week we will have a hearing on:
  • SB 36 – Permitting employees of salvage vehicle pools to perform vehicle identification number inspections and salvage vehicle pools and dealers to apply for ownership documents for vehicles that are disclaimed by insurance companies.
  • SB25 – Prohibiting the use of a mobile telephone while operating in school or road construction zone or by individuals less than 18 years of age.
  • SB 18 – Permitting U.S. and NATO country military surplus vehicles to register with the division of vehicles for road use.

COVID Vaccination Information


 Here's the latest on where and how to get a COVID Vaccine In Kansas:


For Shawnee County: Individuals or organizations that fit the criteria and are interested in receiving a COVID-19 vaccine as part of Phase 2 are encouraged to complete the following survey:

For Wabaunsee County:  contains useful information from the Health Department.

To get on the Vaccination Call list go to , click on the COVID-19 button and find the link on the left-hand side of the page for a COVID-19 Vaccination Request for Wabaunsee County Residents.   Fill out the form and hit submit. It’s that simple! You will be on the list for Phase 2 when the vaccine becomes available!

 Senate Debate

This week we voted on Senate Confirmations on Thursday, January 21st.
State law in Kansas requires that certain appointments by the Governor or other state officials be confirmed by the Senate prior to the appointee exercising any power, duty, or function of the office. If a majority of the Senate votes on the question of confirmation of an appointment to an office and the appointment is not confirmed, the office shall become vacant at that time (KSA 75-4315b). When the Senate is not in session, a standing committee of the Senate —the Confirmation Oversight Committee—reviews appointments and makes recommendations.
We confirmed a long list of appointments to Boards, Commissions, and other positions within Kansas government. These appointments had previously been vetted by the Committee on Confirmation and Oversight and recommended for approval. Most of these appointments are made by Governor Kelly or Attorney General Schmidt. The list is as follows:
Board/Entity Appointee  Vote
Department of Credit Unions Vickie Hurt 36-0
Crime Victims Compensation Board Richard Samaniego 36-0
Crime Victims Compensation Board Stuart Hite 36-0
Employment Security Board of Review Valorie Jacobs 36-0
Commander, KS Air National Guard  Chris Ioder 36-0
Board of Healing Arts Tucker Poling 36-0
State Corporation Commission Andrew French 36-0
Kansas Human Rights Commission Christal Watson 36-0
State Lottery Commission Margaret LaRue 36-0
State Lottery Commission Pete Brungardt 36-0
KPERS Board of Trustees James Zakoura 36-1
Kansas Racing & Gaming Commission David Moses 37-0
Kansas Racing & Gaming Commission Larry Turnquist 37-0
Kansas Water Office Constance Owen 37-0
Pooled Money Investment Board Dennis McKinney 37-0
Pooled Money Investment Board Tracie Thomas 37-0
State Board of Tax Appeals Thomas Browne 37-0
State Civil Service Board Thomas Wright 37-0
State Banking Board Mary Berry 37-0
State Banking Board Irvin Mitchell 37-0
State Banking Board Lea Tatum-Haskell 37-0
State Banking Board Leonard Wolfe 37-0
University of Kansas Hospital Authority Monte Coffman 37-0
University of Kansas Hospital Authority Greg Graves 37-0
University of Kansas Hospital Authority Talal Khan 37-0
University of Kansas Hospital Authority Elizabeth King 37-0
University of Kansas Hospital Authority Maureen Mahoney 37-0
University of Kansas Hospital Authority Robba Moran 37-0

Senate Confirms Amy Cline
to Kansas Court of Appeals

By a vote of 36-0-1, we confirmed the nomination of Amy Fellows Cline to the Kansas Court of Appeals.  Amy Cline was nominated by Governor Kelly and received a hearing from the Senate Judiciary Committee, who recommended her nomination favorably.  There was no discussion on her nomination on the floor of the Senate.

Amy Cline is a graduate of Wichita State University with a degree in political science and earned her law degree from the University of Kansas. She has a wide breadth of experience, arguing a wide variety of cases including consumer protection, construction, employment, personal injury and business disputes. She also has argued in front of both the Kanas Court of Appeals and the Kansas Supreme Court.

Senate Does Not Confirm Carl Folson
to Kansas Court of Appeals

In May of 2020, Governor Kelly nominated Carl Folsom, a public defender, to the Kansas Court of Appeals. During the Special Session in June of 2020, the Kansas Senate voted on the nomination of Mr. Folsom. After a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee and a vote of the Senate he did not receive the 21 votes necessary for confirmation.

Governor Kelly again nominated Mr. Folsom to the Kansas Court of Appeals to a different vacant position.  The Senate held a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee, which forwarded his nomination to the floor without recommendation.  The Senate thoroughly debated his nomination.  I received numerous emails and recommendations from constituents, attorneys and judges in support of Carl Folsom. He was supported by the US Attorney from Kansas, Stephen McAllister and former Republican Vice-President of the Kansas Senate, Jeff King. The vote on the nomination of Mr. Folsom was 18-17-3. The 3 votes were recorded as a “pass”. 21 votes were required for confirmation, and as a result, Mr. Folsom was not confirmed. I voted YES.

Follow our work in the Legislature

In this time of COVID and a lack of public access to our Chambers, if you are interested in actually seeing what we are doing, then I encourage you to find us “virtually.”

Here are links to help you:

Kansas Legislature YouTube – Here you can follow the legislature live as it happens, or access archives of past sessions and committee meetings.

Kansas Legislature Audio – Here you can listen in on session or committees when they are in session, or access prior committee meetings, as well.

Kansas Legislature website – - has extensive information on legislators, committees, bills, and past sessions.

Contact Me

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