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Wrap up of Week 10
in the Kansas Legislature

We had a full week of Committee meetings and debate in the Chamber this week. Next Friday, March 26th will be the last day non-exempt Committees can meet.

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Virtual Meetings for the Week of March 15th

  • Wednesday, March 17th – Mom’s Demand Action Zoom meeting regarding firearm’s legislation.
  • Thursday, March 18th – Meeting with APRN’s regarding pending legislation changing the requirements for physician agreements with Advance Practice nurses.

My Committee Work

  • Briefing:  Kansas County Treasurers Association
    • SNCO Treasurer, Larry Mah presented to our committee.
  • Hearings on:
    • HB2014 — Permitting military surplus vehicles to register with the division of vehicles for road use.
    • SB158 — Prohibiting the towing of vehicles outside the state of Kansas without prior consent, requiring an interstate search of registered owners and lienholders prior to sale of non-repairable vehicles and vehicles less than 10 years old and requiring publication in the newspaper seven days prior to sale of vehicles and property at auction.
    • SB146 — Providing that the highway patrol will provide the administration and oversight of state certified ignition interlock manufacturers and their service providers.  
    • HB2165 — Providing for all vehicles more than 35 years old to qualify as an antique vehicle.    
    • HB2167 — Permitting concrete mixer trucks and requiring dump trucks to display license plates on the front of vehicles.   
    • SB278 — Requiring recipients of a distinctive license plate fee to file a report detailing money received and expenditures.
    • HB2166 Substitute for HB 2166  - Providing for the Braden's Hope for Childhood Cancer, Proud Educator and Alpha Kappa Alpha distinctive license plates and providing distinctive license plates for current and veteran members of the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard and Space Force and modifying the requirements to begin production on distinctive license plates.
Financial Institutions and Insurance
  • Hearings on:
    • SB245 — Providing for the financing of electrical corporations through the issuance of securitization bonds.
    • SB199 — Providing for short-term, limited-duration health plans.
Fed and State
  • Hearings on:
    • SB292 — Limiting who may return an advance voting ballot and the number of such ballots a person may return.
    • HB2332 — Requiring identification of the sender on third party solicitations to registered voters to file an application for an advance voting ballot.
    • SB293 - Creating the transparency in revenues underwriting elections act to criminalize the receipt and expenditure of private moneys by election officials.
    • HB2264 — Permitting student athletes at postsecondary educational institutions to receive compensation for the use of their name, image, likeness rights or athletic reputation.
    • HB2008 — Providing for the attorney general to coordinate training for law enforcement agencies on missing and murdered indigenous people.
    • HB2005 — Excluding hot water supply boilers that have a nominal water capacity not exceeding 120 gallons from the provisions of the boiler safety act.
  • Briefings on:
    • Jag-K Program
    • KU Achievement and Assessment Institute
    • State Assessments
    • School Social Workers, Counselors, Psychologist

This Week at the Statehouse

Final Action the Week of March 15

SB 40: This is the Kansas Emergency Management Act which passed with a bi-partisan vote of 31-8.  It passed the House by a 118-5 vote. The measure now goes to Gov. Laura Kelly for consideration. I voted YES.
HB 2066:  This legislation is designed to help military families obtain work by easing the process of obtaining professional licenses. Improved professional licensure reciprocity will allow Kansas to honor professional licenses in good standing earned in other states when licensees relocate to Kansas. This practice would allow Kansas to follow suit with many other states where service members, and their families can easily join the community where they are stationed. HB 2066 passed 36-2, with one passing. I voted YES.

Sub for SB 267:  The Senate took the first step to pass a budget for FY 2022, adopting Sub for SB 267 by a vote of 24-13. I voted YES. The budget includes adjusted funding for fiscal year FY 2021 and FY 2022 for state agencies. The Senate budget does not currently include full funding for K-12 education, as that will be addressed at omnibus. Remember, this is only the provisional budget. The legislature will return after the April Break and the April Consensus Revenue Estimates to pass an omnibus budget, where we will make education whole.  By that time, we should have some additional guidance on how we can use the federal stimulus dollars, which will help us better allocate funding to schools. The courts still have jurisdiction in the Gannon decision and we MUST meet that standard. Some important pieces of the budget:
  • It keeps its promise to fund KPERS, without jeopardizing future payments. This is huge for the number of state employees and retirees in our district. 
  • It restores $25 million for higher education
  • It fully funds the transportation plan, which is a priority for many businesses and employees in our community. 
SB 37:  This is an Insurance Department bill.  It would amend provisions governing agent licensing and renewal licensure requirements in the Uniform Agents Licensing Act and in the Public Adjusters Licensing Act and would also amend a statute governing the examination of applicants for agent licensure. The bill would also provide for an exemption and extension in complying with the continuing education requirements of licensed insurance agents serving on active duty in the National Guard or armed services of the United States for a specified period of time. SB 37 passed 31-6. I voted YES.
HB 2078:  Would suspend the provisions of the speedy trial statute in the Kansas Code of Criminal Procedure until May 1, 2023, in all criminal cases and would remove a provision in the statute authorizing the Chief Justice to issue an order to extend or suspend any deadlines or time limitations and requiring trials to be scheduled within 150 days of termination of such order. This proposal does not impact constitutional protections in regard to speedy trials, it merely suspends statutorily imposed speedy trial provisions. This is to allow the courts to “catch up” due to delays caused by COVID-19. HB 2078 passed 32-7. I voted YES.

HB 2227:  Aids the judicial branch in dealing with the ongoing issues surrounding COVID-19. This bill would allow the Chief Justice to suspend certain time limitations during a state of local disaster emergency, suspend certain verification requirements and authorize use of electronic audio-visual communication to expeditiously resolve cases. HB 2227 passed 34-5. I voted YES.

SB 21: Would retroactively ratify the results of a November 2020 election in Cherokee County that would impose a 0.5 percent retail sales tax for the purpose of financing ambulance services, renovation and maintenance of county buildings and facilities, or other projects within the county approved by the governing body of Cherokee County. The tax would terminate prior to January 1, 2033.
SB 21 passed 34-1. I voted YES.

HB 2063 would revise the benefits for members of the Kansas Police and Firemen’s Retirement System (KP&F) who are Tier II members, meaning those employees hired since July 1, 1989, who are disabled and ultimately die due to a “service-connected” condition. The bill would apply to deaths that occurred on and after January 1, 2017 and would designate these amendments to law as the Michael Wells Memorial Act. HB 2063 passed 35-0.

HB 2124:  Would clarify the authority of healing arts school clinics to provide healing arts services. The bill would allow schools statutorily exempted from State Board of Regents approval requirements to be exempted from the prohibition on the corporate practice of medicine.  This primarily applies to the Cleveland Clinic. HB 2124 passed 35-0.
SB 208:  Would create the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act and require interscholastic, intercollegiate, intramural, or club athletic teams or sports that are sponsored by public educational institutions to be designated based on biological sex.  KSHSAA has had a transgender athletic policy in place for 10 years which allows local districts to determine what makes sense for their own schools and teams.  NCAA also has a policy in place that clearly states no transgender students are to be assigned to a team for a competitive advantage.  There are no examples of transgender athletes excelling in athletic competition due to any physiological advantages in Kansas. No one has claimed this is an issue for our state. Out of 100,000 student athletes, we have 5 transgender athletes at the high school level.  This was a very emotional debate.   I voted to support local control. As a former Superintendent, I know each school district is different and the parents and Board of Education in that district need to decide what is best for the students there.  SB 208 passed 24-10, with 5 passes.  I voted NO.

Do You Need to Renew Your Driver’s License?

KDOR’s Division of Vehicles asks Kansans using temporary Driver’s License and ID Card Extensions to begin the renewal process. During the Pandemic, the Governor temporarily extended the deadline for Kansas Driver’s license and state identification card renewals. You are asked to first consider renewing using iKan, the agency’s online driver’s license and vehicle registration renewal system. Online renewals can be accessed by going to

COVID Vaccination Information

Governor Kelly announced that the state will officially move to Phase 3 and 4 of the COVID-19 vaccination plan on March 22, according to a statement released by the Office of the Governor. The new phases add Kansans ages 16-64 with pre-existing conditions and non-health care employees who cannot work from home.

According to the Governor’s Office, the plan is to create additional vaccination sites to speed up the vaccination process. Kansas is expected to enter its final vaccination phase by May 1. You can use the “Find My Vaccine” tool at KansasVaccine.Gov to find a vaccine provider close to you. 

Follow Our Work in the Legislature

In this time of COVID and a lack of public access to our Chambers, if you are interested in actually seeing what we are doing, then I encourage you to find us “virtually.”

Here are links to help you:

Kansas Legislature YouTube – Here you can follow the legislature live as it happens, or access archives of past sessions and committee meetings.

Kansas Legislature Audio – Here you can listen in on session or committees when they are in session, or access prior committee meetings, as well.

Kansas Legislature website – - has extensive information on legislators, committees, bills, and past sessions.


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