Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Welcome to the second virtual blast of all things Beavertown! We’ve jam packed this Transmission with a bumper amount of content as it’s something of a celebration, so we suggest you grab a beer from the fridge and raise a can with us (unless you’re reading this at 9am, in which case, stick to tea).

After months of researching, planning and testing, we are thrilled to present:

NANOBOT. A low alcohol 'Super Session' IPA.

Here's what Logan, AKA Mr. Beaver, wants you to know:
Beavertown is about taking the drinker on an adventure through a plethora of beer styles, from big juicy IPAs to decadent Imperial Stouts. Many of our beers are big hitters, in flavour and in ABV. So, we set ourselves the challenge of creating the most sessionable beer we could, whilst maintaining those punchy characteristics of IPAs and not holding back on flavour and aroma. Nanobot is our new baby, our 'Super Session' IPA, a beer that we are so proud and excited to bring you. It has all the hop character of an IPA but comes in at a super sessionable 2.8% ABV. We hope you enjoy Nanobot as much as we do. Cheers to the small but mighty!"

Want to crack open a beer with the man himself? Tune into our Instagram Live on Friday 1st May at 4pm for a real-time Nanobot tasting!

There’s been a clear growth in demand for low alcohol beers as more of us look for additional options to accommodate our daily lives. However, there’s been an increasing preconception that low alcohol = low quality in most cases, and we’re here to tell you that just isn’t the case.

Nanobot is our take on a low ABV IPA, a style we've affectionately termed 'Super Session'. Brewed to a perfectly poised 2.8%, it provides the same satisfaction and hop forward aroma of a 5% IPA, just at a lower ABV. The newest member of our core range was created to give you even greater choice among your usual drinking options, without having to compromise on quality or flavour.

We’ve packed it with citrus notes of grapefruit and tangerine, a tropical twist of pina colada and a refreshing piney bitter finish all from a Sabro and Simcoe dry hop to leave you with a full-bodied beer at an ABV that you can session for hours.

This pint-sized powerhouse is ideal for a summertime afternoon session, a weeknight treat, or pretty much any other occasion you can think of (once lockdown has ended, of course).

If Nanobot is sounding like your new tipple of choice head to our Webshop - it's available right now in single cans and cases of 24! Go on, you deserve it.

Want to know what makes our Creative Director tick? We asked Nick about his inspiration behind the Nanobot artwork and the process behind designing a new beer label.

 Keep an eye on our Twitter page next week for more Nanobot activity to be in with the chance of winning a case for yourself and a mate!
The eagle-eyed curtain-twitchers among you will have noticed the first appearance of a Nanobot on our Instagram feed last week, and it seems they’re here to stay.
It’s the little things in life that keep us going, like fresh air and a change of scene. Window Spotting is our small way of offering people a playful alternative reality while we all need to stay indoors.
A Beavertown Serial | Chapter 1, pt 2

Once again, we follow our unremarkable heroes, Sabro and Simcoe, on their mission to find new life and form an alliance, saving humankind from the Lupuloids. Under instruction from HOPS (Humans Of Peace Society) they hijack a spaceship that neither can pilot. What could go wrong?
Inside the grounded ship, both stare at the controls, silent. Sabro nudges Simcoe and gestures at the dashboard. “Go on! We should get out of here before we’re… pelletised”, they gulp. A pelletiser, dear reader, is a tube-like pistol that a Lupuloid carries at all times. One wrong move and you’re dust, or rather, pellets.
Simcoe takes a deep breath and presses a button at random. Nothing, except for a muffled rumble at the stern of the ship. “Huh,” Simcoe shrugs. “So, mission is off?” PING! A flying ball of metal and arms crashes into the dashboard. Buttons light up, the ship’s computer sparks on, rockets sputter to life and they’re off!
Both cover their eyes expecting the ship to swerve out of control. Except it doesn’t. Peeking over gloved fingers, Sabro locks eyes with their getaway driver. A tiny Nanobot, covered in dust. Nanobot’s many arms flip switches, guide the controls and tune the radio until an appropriately hardcore metal song comes on.
As the ship clears the atmosphere, Nanobot turns around. BLEEP. They blink, neither have moved since lift off. Nanobot rattles, forgetting that humans are mostly useless. It points to the holsters in their chairs holding ray guns. These Gamma’s are going to need ‘em. Simcoe lifts one, inspecting it closely. ZAP. One hand sizzles, all that’s left is bone. “My… hand…”
Nanobot whirrs to action around Simcoe’s skeleton fingers. In a few moments, it’s like nothing happened. A perfectly gloved appendage remains. “Put that down! It’s not safe,” Sabro exclaims, as they hurtle into deep space. To be continued…

We're incredibly excited to announce that we're now supporting The Covid Arms! Every Saturday at 7pm (BST), a stellar lineup of comedians perform at this  hilarious virtual comedy night to give us a all a much needed laugh in these trying times. All the money raised from tickets goes to support the performers and UK charity The Trussell Trust.

We've pledged to raise at least £5,000 for The Trussell Trust this year, helping those in poverty who rely on food banks. Want to show your support? Check out the limited edition Covid Arms prints on our webshop, with £25 from each sale going directly to Trussell Trust. Click the image above to purchase a print, or the button below to book Covid Arms tickets.
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