Beavertown Transmission: Two skeletons in Gamma Ray suits listen to a radio signal
Feast your eyes on the first virtual blast of all things Beavertown. On this voyage to your inbox we'll be bringing you the latest news from the brewery including special releases and exciting events, plus some fun exclusive content just for you. We'll be showing you more of what makes us uniquely Beavertown; sharing art, music and stories that we love. But first, a word from our leader, Mr. B.

Logan here, CEO and founder of Beavertown. Firstly, I want to give you a warm welcome to our first newsletter! From experimenting with a 50L rice pan eight years ago, to delivering liquid gold across the country, it still blows me away how far you've all come on this journey with us. In these strange and scary times, I hope this regular correspondence will blast a bit of joy into your inbox.

Beer is at the heart of everything we do, I've always said I want to live in a world where there's great beer on every street corner. Bearing that in mind, we’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline that I can’t wait to share with you when the time is right. But for now, stay safe and stay home.
4PM With Beavertown: The 4pm Cheers Website

We’ve created a new virtual event every Friday to celebrate your first beer of the weekend! To keep community spirit alive while people can’t socialise face to face, #4pmWithBeavertown is a chance to get together with other beer fans across the UK and crack open your first ceremonial can of the weekend. Expect the unexpected as each week brings a new activity to your screen.

It all started with a virtual ‘Beavertown Cheers’, a mass Zoom gathering that invited you to raise a can with virtual friends after the first week of isolation, including a surprise visit from a Mariachi Band to lift our spirits. Since then we’ve hosted a drink-and-draw session with our Creative Director, a beer yoga class with a pro Yogi and live DJ set packed with funk and soul bangers from DJ Bunny Bread. This week we're hosting BTWN Cribs: Inside the Brewery. A live tour hosted by our brewers!

To join in with the socially distanced fun, all you need to do is grab a beer and head to or click the link below.
Three Skeleton heads pop up over a case of beers


We’re fully stocked and ready to deliver! Whether you want 24 cans of straight up Neck Oil or fancy a Mixed Case to suit your mood, we’ve got you covered.

Add a lil' yee to yo' haw. A Gamma Ray man rides a spaceship and is swinging a lasso rope

Are the lockdown blues really starting to kick in? We've put together some of our favourite feel-good tunes guaranteed to shift any bad mood.
Two skeletons are knocked over by an explosion. They stand up and stare. One says: Bright, isn't it?
A close up on the skeletons' faces. The other replies: Yes.
The Beavertown Skull Logo
A Beavertown Serial | Chapter 1, pt 1

The mission was simple: to go where no brave person had gone before. No, that’s not right… Ah! To retrieve the Holy Grail. Wait… not that one either. Oh yes! To seek new forms of life. The year was 4020, and in a bid to defeat the evil swarm of Lupuloids who have taken over planet Earth, two humans are sent on a covert mission to seek out any sign of life who may agree to form an alliance and help the human race reclaim their planet once again.

No other species have been contacted in 150 years. The world’s fate lies in the hands of GAMMA3786 and GAMMA1321 (for the sake of ease, we’ll call them Sabro and Simcoe). They were unremarkable people, which made them perfect for the mission. Unremarkable meant undetectable, and undetectable meant they were able to evade capture.

The plan was set, but dire circumstances meant the mission would have to go ahead earlier than planned. Sabro and Simcoe followed their instructions set by resistance group HOPS (Humans Of Peace Society) to a perfectly normal standard – they were unremarkable, you remember – but there was just one catch. Neither of them had finished a course in spaceflight; their lessons were undertaken in secret, not to mention played out in a broken ship left for scrap, meaning after the initial theory of lift-off process neither of them knew how to pilot a spaceship... To be continued.

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