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Today's newsletter is all about  knowing your own power. You don't need somebody else's greatness. You don't need their power. You don't need their spear.  You need yours.   Today's newsletter includes a story about Tasman and Gryphin  knowing their powers, and Lugh of the Tuatha de Danann making use of his. Check it out below!  You can also help me decide where to take our quest next. So read on!

Death at the Edge of the Forest

 “It won’t work without two more elementals.” Tasman pleaded with his younger brother. The younger faerie just grinned mischievously.

“You just want to spend time with Alyth. Just try it. PLEASE!” Gryphin’s green eyes glimmered in excitement. “We’ve been practicing for weeks, and together we are REALLY good.”

The blue-eyed faerie sighed. “Yes, with wind and fire. Those are OUR elements. You’re trying to cast a spell where we control all four elements at the same time. And what if we get caught?”

“That will only happen if we bring in other people.”

“Hi! What are you up to?” Alyth appeared from nowhere. Tasman had known her just a few months but thought about her a lot. His younger brother teased him mercilessly.

The younger fae questioned the black-haired pixie, “Were you stalking my brother?” The smile shrank from her lips.

Since pixies could shift from a diminutive 4 foot stature to a mere speck of light, Tasman wondered if she HAD been following them.

“I would never do that to such a sweet guy…”

Tasman blushed. He was certain that was not true. He just didn’t know if it was true THIS TIME. “So, Alyth, whatchya up to?” Tasman tried to walk the conversation back to safe territory.

“I figured we could do something fun together.”

Tasman looked at Gryphin for consent, but the younger fae was not going to let a girl get involved in this sensitive spell. “Sorry—no fun here!”

“We promised to do …something … for someone.” Tasman’s eyes pleaded with Alyth to understand. He had promised Gryphin he would go to the edge of the forbidden Felorffeas Forest and try this spell. That was the closest place they could find the vines they needed. They had been practicing for weeks using the gifts of the King. He had bestowed parchment in a gathering and a quill and ink, telling them that together their spells would be powerful. Indeed, the spells had been amazing so far. Sometimes spells they had never even written would appear on a page.

The pixie interrupted Tasman’s thoughts. “Ok. Catch you later!” She shrank to a mere dot of light and disappeared.

Tasman stuttered. “Th-That was close. Now, to find water and a vine. Why did you create a spell with the word ‘vine’ in it anyways?”

“It rhymed with ‘mine’!” Tasman rolled his eyes.

The heat beat down on them, and although the forest offered shade, there was a heaviness in it, and the boys did not enter. “Why is it forbidden?” the younger fae inquired.

“They say something evil holds dominion there.” Nothing stirred. Tasman felt as though someone were watching them, but saw no one.

The green-eyed brother pulled the parchment from his satchel and then the ink and quill. “I’ll write it and you read it. My handwriting is better than yours.” The older faerie shrugged. He couldn’t argue that. He also liked speaking the spells, because he could take his time and begin when he was ready.

Though they had practiced this spell several times, each time they wrote the spell again, the previous version of it disappeared. So, there was never more than one version of the spell in their book of shadows.

The young fae slowly wrote the spell again,

     Air is yours. Fire is mine

     Give us flow of water and growth of vine!

Tasman cast it aloud... As the air elemental, Tasman was already swirling his wand and growing a small wind funnel. Gryphin, the fire elemental, controlled the fire as it spewed from his fingertips, racing the air. It seemed there would be no other elements moving today, until a bright light flashed and Alyth was standing next to the boys.
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The Garden and the Goblin

Learn about how the faeries got their grimoire in the first place by checking out The Garden and the Goblin at Every Day Fiction.

Where does the portal take you?

You began your quest in search of your friend by heading to the kingdom of the woodland elves, and heard a scream. You searched for its source, happening upon a girl bound on the floor, and a dwarf lying to wait to attack you. You decide to cast a portal spell...

It will take all of your concentration, but it’s time to try your second-ever portal spell. The first time did not go so well. You must consider the location you want to go firmly in your mind. If you change your mind mid-spell, the results can be disastrous. You lucked out last time, and you only dropped into the ocean, but you did not know where you were. Other outcomes could be deadly. You might find yourself in a cave with a red dragon. You could find yourself in the middle of an elemental melee challenge as an opponent… STOP. Focus on where you DO want to go. The girl shrieks. The elves fling open the door, and the dwarf leaps at you.

As you touch the girl, and cast the spell, you clearly think of the safest place you know.

Do you think of 1) the home of the old witch, 2) the King's garden, 3) the edge of the forbidden forest, or 4) the tree where Lady Vivian, the elf spirit, lives?

 Cast your vote for the next story here.

The Tuatha de Danann: Lugh’s Spear


As we talked about last time (check out Dagda's cauldron here and The Sword of Nuadu here), the Tuathe de Danann are from Celtic mythology and are called the people of the goddess Danu. They came from four cities and brought magical artifacts with them. We have already talked about Dagda’s cauldron and the Sword of Nuadu. Today, we’re discuss Lugh’s Spear which came from Gorias.

Lugh was a young warrior and courageous. He is known for many skills and talent. One of his names was Ildánach , meaning “skilled in any arts”. He possessed several magical artifacts, including a sling, a sword and a fiery spear. It is said that no one could stand against this spear or the one who wielded it!

The spear represents knowledge and mental skills, as well as the skills necessary to become wise.



Learn more about Lugh’s Spear here!

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