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St. Jacobi Tidings
October, 2022

Tidings is published monthly and sent out on the first of the month.  If you have anything to add to Tidings please contact-

Jerry Eisner at 414-534-1750 or (
Sue Rogahn at 262-628-2022 or (


Council News
Council is pleased to announce that Jerry Eisner has agreed to join us as our Interim Minister starting on September 1st.  Please take the time to welcome him and thank him for his services!

Thought of the Month

The Power of Touch
Recently, one of my devotional readings (Mark 5:21-43) discussed how two people were saved by Jesus’ touch: Jairus’ daughter and a woman who suffered with a bleeding illness for 12 years.  As you may recall, Jesus was accompanying Jairus to visit his dying daughter.  A large crowd followed the two men and the woman was in that crowd.  She secretly touched Jesus’ cloak and was healed immediately.  When Jesus and Jairus got to Jairus’ home mourners were wailing loudly.  Jesus took the girl by the hand and said, “Little girl, . . . get up!” and she got up immediately.

This story from Mark got me immediately thinking of our current pandemic, which is, fortunately, waning. People were not and still are not being allowed to accompany their family members and loved ones when they go in the hospital for covid-19 treatment.  Whether the patient is in a hospital, nursing home, VA hospital, or emergency room, family members are not being allowed to accompany their loved ones.

As a result, they cannot touch their loved one.  A touch that would convey “I love you” and in some cases, “Good-bye.”  How sad!  

From the time a baby is born, they are taught how important it is to be touched.  A mother’s finger is naturally grasped by the child.  The baby wasn’t taught that; it simply accepts its mother’s love through physical touch.  As adults, our touch communicates tenderness, compassion, love, gratitude, and happiness in mere seconds. 

Even though our current pandemic is waning, we cannot ignore the 1.05 million who have died in America and are continuing to die.  Nor can we ignore the millions of family members who are not getting the closure that is often so important and necessary when someone dies.  For the survivors, let me offer this prayer:  

Heavenly Father, please help the survivors know that Jesus is greeting their loved one with His healing touch as they come home to Him.  Also, please help them know that Jesus is greeting them with a hug – a loving hug that offers them His grace, mercy, and peace.  And as their loved one walks with Jesus, please let the survivors know that Jesus is holding their hand, patting them on the back, and putting His arm on their shoulders.  And if their loved one is young, let the survivors know that Jesus is picking them up and holding them in a loving embrace. Survivors, know that your loved ones are at home with the loving touch of Jesus Christ.  Please help the survivors have the closure they are looking for.  I ask this in your Son’s name.  Amen.

School Supply Drive

Thank you to all those who participated in this year's School Supply Drive for Valley View Elementary School.  

Rummage Sale - Thank you to everyone who participated in the rummage and bake sale.

Fall Cleanup Day - If you are available, please plan on helping with a Fall Cleanup day on Oct. 22.  We'll begin at 9am and will be working on the church and the prayer garden.  Please bring any yard clean up tools you may have.

Food Drive - Our next food drive runs from October 2 through November 6.  At this time, most needed items are cereal, oatmeal, canned fruit, canned chicken and tuna.  Of course, gift cards to Pick n' Save are always welcome.

Sunday School
St. Jacobi Sunday School is looking for students! We would like our members to ask around to their neighbors and friends if they know of any school age children that would like to learn about Jesus, and invite the children/parents/grandparents to visit our church.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let Julie know.

All Saints Day - On November 6 we will have our annual All Saints Day Remembrance.  If you lost a family member or friend in the last year, please add his/her name to the sheet in the rear of the sanctuary so we can remember them on All Saints Day.

Operations Christmas Child - Again this year we will be participating in Operation Christmas Child.  Their current needs are sewing tote bags, making cross beaded necklaces, or assembling necklace kits. The shoebox packing event will be on Nov. 11 (5:30 – 7:30pm) and Nov. 12 (9-11am) and more on that later.  Volunteers are also needed for Collection Week (Nov. 14-21) and also more about that later.  See Kathy Stowers if you’d like to help now with their current needs.
Hat and Mitten Tree – It’s that time again!  The hat and mitten tree will soon be in the sanctuary waiting for your handmade or store bought creations.

Prayer Requests
We pray for all our members, friends and family having health issues.
We pray for peace in the world.
We pray for the people of Ukraine.
We pray for all of our members and families that have lost a loved one.
We pray that we may love as Jesus taught us all the year through.

If you have someone to add to the prayer requests, contact Jerry Eisner, ( or 414-534-1750.


October 2 - 10am Worship
October 4 - 5pm Book Club
October 9 - 10am Worship
Ladies Guild after Service
October 16 - 10am Worship
October 22 - 9am Fall Clean-up Day
October 23 - 10 am Worship
October 30 - 10am Worship


Need a cup of coffee to get your Sunday started?  The pot will be made before worship at 9:30am.  

Book Club  

 Please consider joining us on October 3.  We will be meeting at the Pleasant Hill Tap in Richfield at 5 pm to discuss the October selection.

Here are the selections for the remainder of this year:

October - Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng
November - The Things We Cannot Say
by Kelly Rimmer
December - The Bookwoman of Troublesome Creek
by Kim Michele Richardson





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If you have a prayer concern or a pastoral emergency, please contact Jerry Eisner ( or 414-534-1750.

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