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Monday Motivation for You!
July 22, 2019

Hi to everyone this Monday morning!

Thank you for subscribing and opening this email today - I promise you it will be worth the time you spend reading it :)

And I will be sending these to you every two weeks this summer (bi-weekly) - so we will both "Take It Easy" this summer -:)

Today we will talk about FOOD Idioms - you will get hungry just reading these! :)

How many food idioms do you know?  Maybe you use them in your everyday conversation, but don't even realize it? Or maybe you have heard them and don't understand what they mean ... well here are 15 of the most common food idioms and what they mean when we use them in conversation.

Now remember, an idiom (or idiomatic expression) is a phrase that is used figuratively to explain or highlight something - it's not meant to be taken literally. So if I say, "that's the way the cookie crumbles..." I am NOT talking about a cookie and how messy they are :P I am saying something about life, in a funny figurative sense, and maybe my listener understands and laughs with me about the ups & downs of life. is this week's Q&A video and the 15 expressions we use - comment in YouTube about which one is your favorite and I will reply back! 

Do you want the 15 food idiom sheet I mention in the video?? Then reply to this email and I will email it to you!

Hope you enjoy the videos and are having a great summer too! :)


I will be doing more online teaching and test prep this summer - if you know anyone that is NOT local to Raleigh, NC but needs a good online teacher - send them my way :) The commute is awesome and all you need is time and desire to learn - so if you want my summer discount to my online students - reply and tell me what you want to accomplish this summer! :)


And...if you have American English questions - anything you want to ask -
now's the time to send them to me - reply here to have your question added to the list of questions I have to highlight in each newsletter!
I will pick one question each time and you could be featured! :)

And for my American friends - or anyone with other suggestions - how do YOU learn a second language best? What have you tried that has worked for you?? Please reply and let me know! :)

That's all for this week! Hope you enjoyed it - pass it on if you did :)


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